30 Bad-Ass Websites To Find Free High Quality Stock Photos

    30 Bad-Ass Websites To Find Free High Quality Stock Photos

    Stock photography is hella pricey right?

    If you’ve browsed stock photography websites offering high quality photos for $33.00 a pop, you gag.

    Forget those “fancy schmancy” stock photo sites…

    Check out these 30 bad-ass websites with the freshest and 100% FREE high quality stock photos.

    (they’re totally legit and legal too btw.)

    Websites To Find Free High Quality Stock Photos

    I know the struggle…

    If you’re new to blogging and can’t afford paying for stock photos or a subscription, I hear ya. That was once me. Heck, I still love using free stock photography to cut costs. 😉

    It’s crucial your new blog and social media has stunning images that make people instantly want to share your new blog post. Also she a tweet without even visiting your site. (it’s true)


    This is my hand-picked collection of free photo websites that have creative large high quality images you can download for FREE.

    • Large photos – perfect for trending parallax backgrounds
    • Videos – another huge web design trend I’m loving
    • Vector / Illustrations 
    • High Quality 


    (all links tested and working as of 10/1/2016)

    1. PEXELS

    This free photo website has stunning images. They also add 100 new photos every day. This site keeps getting better. I’ve been using it for the past two years.

    2. Pixabay

    This site is my “go to” for downloading free videos for my web design. I mentioned the parallax web design trend, go here. There’s also nice illustrations and vector graphics all for FREE. Yay! I can always depend on this site’s powerful search tool of I can’t find an image anywhere else for free.

    3. Gratisography


    This has some attention grabbing images that are kinda bizarre but cool. Perfect for attention grabbing tweets, pins, and blog post header images. I’ve seen a lot of blogs use this website.

    4. Picjumbo

    I appreciate that this free image site has original photos. All nice big high quality photography. This website has some nice photo categories. I like checking out their tech photos when I blog for an IT company website.

    5. New Old Stock


    If you need vintage photography, this is the website for you! Black and white photos and even sepia colors, you name it. Searching is easy peasy. Fun creative photos to change up the mix.

    6. Snapwire Snaps

    You have to check out the photo collections on this website. I love how it’s organized. Cooking, Coffee, Silhouettes, Smiles, Fitness, Fashion…and so many more! its all nicely organized. Amazing images.

    7. Splitshire


    More creative video background downloads and free photos. Very creative and useful original collections. I highly recommend these photos for your blog. They’re clean and high quality. Very professional looking photography.

    8. Jaymantri


    All these stunning photography were taken by Jay Mantri. Probably the most unique free photo website in this collection. Lots of architecture and close ups of doors,textures… perfect for someone out there.

    9. Stokpic

    Its a great site with easy to navigate categories. Only bummer, you have to register. Worth checking out. I wish they showed more photos per page. I love their fashion collection. I could see these images being used on pinterest.

    10. Unsplash

    Interesting free photo website that keeps growing. Be sure to browse the featured collections, especially the “stock diversity: women” Photos of real women un photoshopped, from all ethnic backgrounds, finally! yay!

    11. ISO Republic


    Another great free photo resource for web designers that need high quality images. I also love their category of free textures.

    12. Picography

    Just a collection of unorganized photos, however they’re high quality. I wish these free photos had categories. Some real weird photos but hey everyone needs a little weirdness now and then right?

    13. Get Refe


    Great photos, I just don’t like the website usability. There’s some really unique images that catch your eye!

    14. Foodies Feed


    If you have a food blog… or as they say foodie blog 😉 this site’s for you! Also great if you’re the owner of a health blog, fitness blog, or just need free food related photography. Great hidden gem.

    15. Travel Coffee Book

    Jaw dropping images of traveling, nature, architecture. Everything is on one long page, sorry no search function. This site has such lovely graphics, you might get inspired to travel too.

    16. Magdeleine

    Lots of elegant images free to use on your blog. I like that it has categories and you can search by color.

    17. JeShoots

    This site is bad-ass for having free mockup photos and free photoshop .PSD files. Great if you need a photo of someone holding an iPhone and you want to change the screen etc.

    18. CupCake

    A small batch of free photography by Jonas Nilsson Lee. Fun to check out. Many scenic photos.

    19. MorgueFile


    This free photo site has tons of photos, all unique. I love how it displays how old each photo is. Check out the most popular / most downloaded images. There’s some great shots. So many images! I searched, typed in “colorful” and was delighted how amazing this site is.

    20. Kaboompics


    Clean, high resolution free photos that are all tagged and easy to find. I love the collection of desks with paper, pencils, phones all neatly placed.

    21. Freeimages


    This website contains a very large selection of photos, but also videos! They offer the opportunity to contribute and get paid for it as well.

    22. Life Of Pix

    I’m happy to find this free photo site, good layout and they even have free videos! Beautiful images I’m sure you’ll want to place some of these images into your blog.

    23. StockSnap


    I thought this was pixels for a second. This has amazing photos… omg. The business category has nice photos. I’ll defiantly be using these in the near future. I love their categories, especially that they share what’s trending. There’s always something good.

    24. FancyCrave


    The best part of this site is that they offer free photo collections! It’s amazing. In the nav, click on photo packs. You can get an entire image collection, perfect for consistency if you want to place multiple styled images on one page for a professional look and feel.

    25. GoodFreePhotos


    If you’re in search for location based photos, this is your ticket. Every country is organized on the left navigation. This website does have images I’ve seen on other free photo websites but this is organized. Many as you know are not organized this nicely.

    26. LibreShot


    Nice big website with a clean layout. They all have some sort of muted tone or styled filter applied to each photo.

    27. Idpinthat

    A great free photo site for bloggers that want to create beautiful pinnable images for pinterest. This website can help everyone build a great pin. The website name says it all!

    28. Negativespace


    This free  photo site just uploaded a ton of free christmas photos. Worth checking out if you’re going to do seasonal marketing.

    29. Stocktookapic


    Lots of beautiful free photography. Just make sure you click on the photos with the little cloud icon.

    30. MMT


    Gorgeous one-of-a-kind photos by Jeffery Bettes. Nice categories. If you like one photo you’ll love them all. Check out his New York free photo collection. Love it!

    31. IM FREE


    Great categories such as Occupation, Icons, Beauty, Fashion, Technology, Business, Recreation, BW, Ambient, People, Templates, Buttons, and more! Check it out already! 😉


    WOW, so many websites to choose from with free high quality photos!

    Which are my faves you ask…?

    Hands down my fav images sites:

    1. Pixels.com – For high quality professional images
    2. Pixabay.com – for video
    3. fancycrave.com

    Here’s some examples of the stunning images you get for free online. Click the image to go to the source.

    free stock image sites


    free photos

    free photography

    I hope you found a new favorite free photo site that’s perfect for your blog!

    Did I miss a great photo site?
    Which is your fav free high quality stock photos website for your blog?

    Please let me know in the comments!

    Jen Ruhman

    5 Benefits of Blogging For Your Business

    5 Benefits of Blogging For Your Business

    When you think about it, a blog for your business is one of the most useful things you can build.

    It’s powerful, valuable, and so many benefits… it’s worth it!

    It’s like having a 24-hour sales person working for you.

    You still don’t have a blog for your business? Say Whaaaaat?! No worries! Let’s make it happen!

    benefits of blogging for your business

    The benefits of blogging for your business have never been better!  If you don’t have a business blog, now’s a great time to hop on the blogger expressway. Let’s go… (I saved you a seat)

    There’s so many NEW tools such as plug-ins, and exclusive SEO advantages that only blogging can accomplish.   By the time you’re done reading about all these benefits, you’re going to start blogging up a storm. (I promise)

    1. Helps Convert Blog Traffic into Customers

    Business is all about gaining good leads and blogging casts a net of opportunity. Let’s use fishing as an example. The bigger a fishing net you cast out to sea, the better chance you have catching more fish. The more content your blog has, the better chance you have gaining leads.

    Every blog post is another opportunity to gain a new customer. Place a “Call to action” on the bottom of your blog post. For example If you have a blog post:  “10 Signs Your Computer Has Spyware” Have a call to action on the bottom offering computer support or sell a solution to the problem such as anti-spyware software.

    Pro tip: You should blog often, to create more content that your potential customers find useful and sharable.

    2. Helps Establish Your Business as An Industry Expert

    You know what experts get? Business! When you share helpful content, people see you as an expert. It’s ok to give away your “secret ingredients” Too many business bloggers keep the good stuff a secret… You shouldn’t – just about everyone has access to the internet and they’ll find it somewhere else… so why not you?!

    This is true, your content may help answer someone’s question. They’ll see you as an expert, you may have a helpful blog post and the see all the steps involved. They may not feel confident about fixing their problem but they would love to hire your business to fix it for them!

    Pro tip: Make sure your blog has these elements to make you look like an expert:

    • Blog posts about helpful topics
    • Receives tons of shares on social media
    • Responds to comments
    • Sharable infographic or Pintetest graphic
    • Email subscription
    • No misspelled words 😉

    3. Creates Sharable Content for Social Media & Newsletters

    Blogging gives you the perfect sharable content for twitter, Facebook, pinterest… you name it! Also, if you’re building an email list (you better be) it’s another way to gain traffic from your subscribers. They already like you so they’re most likely going to check to see what’s new on your business blog and website. For example, if you’re a clothing company…. share your latest blog post titled “30 Trending Fall Outfits to Wear Now” This is another great example of an irresistible heading to write for your blog post. Your blog post can talk about how fashionable it is right now to wear boots, neutral colors, etc.

    Pro tip: You’ll want to have many pinnable images of people modeling these looks. Because you’re a clothing store, people will want to purchase from you! Plug-in recommendation: I use sumome for collecting email addresses etc.  https://sumome.com You may have noticed it on this site, try hilighting some text on this page, a social share box comes up! Hover your cursor over an image, share buttons pop up. It’s also great for collecting email addresses and so much more! Blogging benefits your business with backlinks and shares on social media. The share you receive on pinterest help boost your SEO. You may start seeing tons of traffic coming directly from Pinterest!

    4. Gives Your Website Long Term Traffic

    I have blog posts that I’ve written years ago that maintain healthy website traffic. It amazes me how creating one high quality blog post can be turned into a marketing machine. Once you create content, it’s there to stay on the web as long as you maintain your domain and web hosting. 😉 It really pays to create great useful content. over time, you’ll receive a ton of shares on all different social media platforms. Heck! I have an old pinterest image that has over 100k shares… Pro tip: Always place a sharable pinterest graphic on your website.

    5. Boosts Your Website’s SEO

    This is HUGE. Blogging regularly can be your ticket to help improve your website’s overall search engine rankings. When you blog often, Google’s bots visit your website more often. Every fresh new page added to Google’s index gives you another chance to show up in search results. When you blog consistently about a topic, Google sees you a high quality expert. Pro tip: Pump up the jam by sprinkling some internal links to your other related useful posts and really see a gain of traffic. See my own example below. 😉

    Related: How Often Should I Blog for My Business

        Many business owners are finally seeing the importance and benefits of blogging for your business. Take a look at your competition. I bet they have a blog… study their blog posts that have the most shares. What works for them can work for you, just make sure your content is more helpful and has sharable features. There’s so many benefits of blogging, but I’ve kept it to the top 5 most important.

    Thanks for reading, I hope this gets you excited about blogging for your business! If you have any questions or want to add some of your favorite benefits, please list them in the comment. Go for it! Start your own business blog. Get ready for website traffic! Need help starting your business blog? I can help.   Jen

    70+ Ad Networks to Join – Make Money Blogging Today

    70+ Ad Networks to Join – Make Money Blogging Today

    Join one of the 70 awesome Ad networks to make money blogging.

    You have a blog, now get paid for your blog posts!

    It’s true. The fastest way to start making money from your blog is by using paid blogger networks.

    Ad Networks to Join to Make Money Blogging

    Paid blogger networks are sponsored post agencies. This is where you can make money publishing blog posts such as reviews and articles.

    Why use networks? It saves time so you don’t have to find companies on your own to work with.

    *It’s great making money online, but be honest by ALWAYS including a disclosure in your blog post that you are earning money for your blog post.

    As promised, here’s the list for 2016:

    (All links working and tested 9/16/2016)


    1. SponsoredReviews 
    2. SocialSpark
    3. ReviewMe
    4. LinkFromBlog
    5. LinkWorth
    6. LinkVehicle
    7. BlogsVertise
    8. Amazon Associates Affiliate Program*FAV
    9. Share A Sale
    10. Swag Bucks
    11. Blogdash
    12. Bloggy Moms
    13. Blogsvertise
    14. Boost Insider
    15. Bookieboo
    16. Collectively
    17. Cooperatize
    18. DepositPhotos
    19. IStockPhotos
    20. Ebates
    21. iConnectInfluence
    22. Global Influence
    23. Green Moms Meet
    24. Influenster
    25. IZEA
    26. Linqia
    27. Mami Innovative Media
    28. Markerly
    29. Mom Central
    30. Mom It Forward
    31. The Motherhood
    32. Mami Innovative Media
    33. Mom Select
    34. Parents
    35. Pollinate
    36. PubExchange*FAV
    37. Savings DealPro Network
    38. SITS Girls
    39. Social Fabric
    40. Socialix
    41. Shop At Home
    42. Social Insiders
    43. Sponsored Reviews
    44. Sverve
    45. SIXPushMedia
    46. Ultimate Bundles
    47. WeChooseVirtues
    48. $5Dinners

      Popular Ad Networks

    49. Google Adsense*FAV
    50. ClickBank
    51. CJ
    52. Ad Media
    53. Sovrn
    54. Tomoson
    55. Walmart Affiliates
    56. Target Affiliates
    57. Affiliate Window
    58. Flexoffers
    59. Avantlink
    60. Revenuewire
    61. rakuten

      Popular for Beauty and Fashion Bloggers!

    62. RewardStyle
    63. ShareASale
    64. Beso
    65. SHOPBOP
    66. eBay affiliates
    67. OSAP
    68. Estarer
    69. Romwe
    70. ShopStyleConnection
    71. HouseofCB*FAV
    72. AgaciStore*FAV
    73. Forever21
    74. CharlotteRusse
    75. FashionNova
    76. Sephora
    77. SigmaBeauty
    78. JuiceBeauty
    79. SallyBeauty
    80. Wantable


    It’s super easy monetizing your blog!

    There’s a blog network that works for every niche. Take a look at each of these paid blogger networks. Every blogger can earn money online! Everybody such as stay at home moms, dads, fashionistas, foodies, travelers, you name it. They all earn money from at least a few of these paid blog networks.


    “But I think it’s too complicated…”

    I talk to tons of bloggers and many say their blog brand is not established enough or they think it’s difficult or they’re not tech savvy enough.

    But they’re wrong.

    No blog traffic yet?
    Monetize your blog now because eventually you WILL get traffic!

    Imagine waking up realizing one of your pinterest pins went viral and one of your blog posts went viral.

    What are you waiting for?

    I DARE you…

    Join one of these 70 Ad Networks to Make Money Blogging


    The best two networks to get you started:

    I highly recommend everyone join Google Adsense and Amazon Associates.

    If you don’t get approved for Google Adsense, you can always TRY Amazon’s NEW cpm ads!


    Enjoy! And good luck!

    Jen Ruhman

    How Often Should I Blog for my Business

    How Often Should I Blog for my Business

    How often you should update your website’s blog?

    The more frequently, the better!

    Did you know your blog freshness and SEO go hand in hand? Lets talk about how often you need to update your blog.

    You need lots of great high quality content and it needs to be pruned like a rosebush 🌹 by updating the content, adding new information, not just creating new blog posts.

    Don’t let your rosebush become overgrown and uncared for 🥀 .

    If you want to drive traffic to your site I’ll tell you the trick for combining blogging frequency for SEO benefits. (below) 😃

    how often should i blog for my business

    It’s true, blog posts that rank well in Google have these five traits in common:

    • Blog updated often
    • High quality content
    • Sharable content
    • Fast loading
    • Mobile friendly
    • In-depth content
    • Great user experience

    If your blog has all 7 of these characteristics, your blog is going to be booming with traffic! Unfortunately, these 7 traits take a lot of work to make happen. Just getting “into the mood for blogging” can sometimes be your biggest obstacle!

    Why You're NOT Getting Traffic from Google

    Related: Free WordPress Plug-ins to Speed up your Blog

    You need to blog as often as you can (keeping quality in mind)

    Don’t blog for the sake of having a new post

    Don’t publish crappy / short blog posts. If your blog post does not have all five traits, you’re just going to be wasting your time and your dedicated reader’s time. Your blog post most likely won’t rank well in google either.

    When you take time to write a new blog post, you want to make sure it lands on google’s first page. Taking your time to write a well written blog post that someone will actually learn something from and want to share – that’s your best bet. If you can make this happen, run wild and update daily! If you can’t, take your time with your blog post, even work on it throughout the week to develop the blog post into that high quality slam dunk.

    How often you should update your website's blog

    The trick for combining frequent blog post updates For SEO benefits

    It can be overwhelming cranking out a fresh new blog post everyday, so don’t! Just rewrite / update the old ones. I have some tips how you can combine a frequent blog post strategy for maximum SEO benefits.

    • Blog about one main keyword and naturally add long-tail keywords – Let your blog post have one specific question and answer it from all aspects. This helps you concentrate on one topic rather than getting overwhelmed about sub topics.
    • Link to related content in your blog post – If you have a blog post about “How to use instagram for your local business” write another blog post “10 Creative ways how to use instagram for your business.” Now link these blog posts together and you’re cooking with fire!
    • Go “in depth” on one topic – As you see on this blog I have many posts about instagram, this casts a wider net for SEO. The more content I have about the topic, gives me my website authoritative points for being a social media maven.

    Why You’re Not Getting Search Engine Traffic
    10 Reason’s why you’re not getting Google search engine traffic

    Blog freshness?

    Websites that update often, (once a week) sends a ranking factor to Google to come back and crawl your content regularly. This can help your other blog posts gain momentum and boost their ranks. I have also experimented by slightly rewriting an old blog post and republishing it – changing the time stamp. The blog post that was once old was new again and gaining lots of blog traffic like it once did.

    Stale Blog?

    Blogs that have not updated in a long time (3 months or more) usually see a decline in blog ranks. However, this is not the case if your content is being shared on social media! If you’re constantly promoting your content, you might even see an increase in traffic.

    I hope I helped answer how often you should blog for your business. Remember, the more high quality content you have, the better chances you have receiving organic google traffic to your website. Having a blog that has hundreds of high quality posts also ensures you gain a boost in website traffic. Overall, a good rule of thumb is to publish at least one high quality blog post a week.

    Thanks for reading!

    Jen Ruhman

    10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Search Engine Traffic

    10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Search Engine Traffic

    how to get ranked in google

    Why You’re Not Getting Search Engine Traffic you deserve
    . You spent a lot of time carefully writing your latest blog post and it’s not generating any
    website traffic. Worst of all, it’s not showing up in Google search results
    . Why?

    Don’t worry, it happens when you’re new at blogging. I know your frustration. Yes, I have spent hours writing the perfect blog post and included stellar photography and blogged my little heart out.

    I hit publish and hoped to gain a ton of new traffic, but to my surprise I myself couldn’t even find my new blog post typing in my desired keywords.

    What’s up Google? Why don’t you like my brand new blog post? It took me a while to figure it out and now I have my quick fixes why you’re not getting search engine traffic. So, I’m sharing my personal checklist why you’re not getting search engine traffic or simply not being indexed by Google.

    Here’s 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Search Engine Traffic and How to Fix your Blog Post Fast

    #1. Your blog post isn’t indexed by Google

    The fix: You need to manually submit your blog post URL to Google and your sitemaps

    If Google’s bots haven’t discovered your new blog post, you’re not going to show up in Google’s search results. It can take a while but there’s a way to speed up the indexing process and cut in front of the line. Once Google receives your page and its bots examine the content, Google will decide where your page deserves to rank in Google SERPS (search engine Results Page) Once you’re indexed, your blog will start to receive search engine traffic.

    #2 You’re Not Using Longtail Keywords

    The fix: Be more specific with your keywords longer is better

    • Instead of “Laptop repair San Diego.”
    • Try “Dell Laptop repair San Diego”

    It’s true, you’ll receive more website traffic from long tail keywords. Have a computer repair shop in San Diego? Instead of just going after the keywords “Computer Repair San Diego” (which has a ton of competition) Go after a specific laptop you repair, try “Dell Laptop Repair San Diego”  It’s working for my client. Hyphenet shows up on the first page for “Dell Laptop Repair San Diego. Wooo hoo! 🙂

    #3 You’re Not Catering to your Target Market

    The fix: Find your target market

    You have a niche website and you need to know your audience. What would they want to read about and what other content would spark their interest while they’re browsing your blog?

    • What kind of personality does you brand have? –  Caring? Funny? Serious? Creative?
    • Demographics – Income level? Gender? Kids? Education? Age? Marital status?
    • Does your Title and Meta description speak to your target market?

    #4 Your headlines are boring and lack SEO

    The fix: Try headline generators

    Did you know headlines are the single MOST important part of your blog post? Make sure your headline is a long tail keyword, second, make sure it’s wrapped in an <H1> tag. Third, it needs to be interesting and irresistible to click. Don’t worry, it’s actually easy. There’s many headline formulas proven to drive traffic to websites. Try my favorite headline generators and bring a touch of interest and psychological triggers to your headlines.

    #5 Your Blog Post Are Not Long Enough

    The fix: Answer all your audience’s questions

    Are you writing new blog posts as fast as you can? Slow down there buddy. Keep it about quality and length rather than spitting out a quick blog post for the sake of having new content. You want to carefully craft content that has valuable information and answers all your user’s questions. It should also have nice images.

    • Google prefers a blog post that’s 2,000 words in length rather than 200 words length
    • Longer blog posts are shared more often

    #6 You’re Not Producing Sharable Blog Posts

    The fix: Create a richer user experience and add quality resources

    Think of all the types of blog posts you share with friends. It’s usually high quality, helpful, controversial or perhaps visually engaging.

    Here’s some characteristics of sharable content:

    • Professional Graphics / Visually translates your content
    • Vertical graphics with the headline are great for Pinterest traffic
    • Useful information that answers questions
    • Appealing headlines that spark curiosity or instant gratification
    • Appeals to you target market
    • Controversial
    • Make sure your blog has social media share buttons
    • Case studies
    • Free content / ebooks

    Related: How often should I update my company’s blog?

    #7 You’re Not Adding Internal Links to your Blog Posts

    The fix: Sprinkle related content throughout your post

    Internal links help Google learn what your website is all about and rank it accordingly. Users will also appreciate seeing internal links to more in depth content on your blog. Internal links usually flow within the content, making it useful if the blog covers terms you’re unfamiliar with.

    • Make sure your internal links open in the same window
    • Internal links make your website easier for search engines to crawl
    • Internal links will improve your CTR (click through rate) beneficial to your Google Adsense revenue

    Why You're NOT Getting Traffic from Google

    #8 You’re Not Using the WordPress Platform

    The fix: Hire a website designer to give you a head start

    WordPress is a website platform that’s optimized for quickly indexing your new blog posts. WordPress will signifigantly help your blog posts rank quickly. There’s so many good reasons I build my client’s websites on WordPress:

    • You don’t need to know HTML
    • Log in from any computer
    • Plug-ins for enhanced functions
    • Easy to use
    • Many SEO benefits
    • Many themes to choose from
    • Easy to make responsive

    #9 Your Website is Too Slow

    The fix: Utilize plug-ins and watch image file size

    Google won’t rank your website on the first page especially if your website takes longer than five seconds to load. Users will get frustrated and click the back button to previous search results. You need to optimize your WordPress website and perform regular maintenance.

    • Install plug-ins to speed up your WordPress Site
    • Optimize your images keeping the file size low but quality high as possible
    • Place your long tail keywords on your image ALT tags and Title for image search traffic

    #10 Your website looks Spammy

    The fix: Remove low quality links and remove excess keywords

    You’re doing things that make your website look low quality and spammy. I recommend the WordPress plug-in Yoast SEO. It will help keep your blog post within Google’s guidelines. It will also make sure your keyword density is not in excess. You may also have thousands of spammy backlinks. Don’t do the following:

    • Don’t keyword stuff
    • Don’t link to tons of affiliate links
    • Don’t link to lots of low quality links
    • Use Google’s disavow tool to remove spammy back links

    #11 You don’t have quality backlinks

    That’s right. Backlinks are like the bread and butter to your SEO. Some great ways to gain quality backlinks – Do this!:

    • Build quality, helpful content
    • Have sharable images / infographics
    • Guest post
    • Build a useful tool

    Hey bloggers, thanks for reading 10 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Search Engine Traffic. If this blog post helped you, please share this post.

    why your website is not getting search engine traffic