How often you should update your website’s blog?

    The more frequently, the better!

    Did you know your blog freshness and SEO go hand in hand? Lets talk about how often you need to update your blog.

    You need lots of great high quality content and it needs to be pruned like a rosebush 🌹 by updating the content, adding new information, not just creating new blog posts.

    Don’t let your rosebush become overgrown and uncared for 🥀 .

    If you want to drive traffic to your site I’ll tell you the trick for combining blogging frequency for SEO benefits. (below) 😃

    how often should i blog for my business

    It’s true, blog posts that rank well in Google have these five traits in common:

    • Blog updated often
    • High quality content
    • Sharable content
    • Fast loading
    • Mobile friendly
    • In-depth content
    • Great user experience

    If your blog has all 7 of these characteristics, your blog is going to be booming with traffic! Unfortunately, these 7 traits take a lot of work to make happen. Just getting “into the mood for blogging” can sometimes be your biggest obstacle!

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    You need to blog as often as you can (keeping quality in mind)

    Don’t blog for the sake of having a new post

    Don’t publish crappy / short blog posts. If your blog post does not have all five traits, you’re just going to be wasting your time and your dedicated reader’s time. Your blog post most likely won’t rank well in google either.

    When you take time to write a new blog post, you want to make sure it lands on google’s first page. Taking your time to write a well written blog post that someone will actually learn something from and want to share – that’s your best bet. If you can make this happen, run wild and update daily! If you can’t, take your time with your blog post, even work on it throughout the week to develop the blog post into that high quality slam dunk.

    How often you should update your website's blog

    The trick for combining frequent blog post updates For SEO benefits

    It can be overwhelming cranking out a fresh new blog post everyday, so don’t! Just rewrite / update the old ones. I have some tips how you can combine a frequent blog post strategy for maximum SEO benefits.

    • Blog about one main keyword and naturally add long-tail keywords – Let your blog post have one specific question and answer it from all aspects. This helps you concentrate on one topic rather than getting overwhelmed about sub topics.
    • Link to related content in your blog post – If you have a blog post about “How to use instagram for your local business” write another blog post “10 Creative ways how to use instagram for your business.” Now link these blog posts together and you’re cooking with fire!
    • Go “in depth” on one topic – As you see on this blog I have many posts about instagram, this casts a wider net for SEO. The more content I have about the topic, gives me my website authoritative points for being a social media maven.

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    Blog freshness?

    Websites that update often, (once a week) sends a ranking factor to Google to come back and crawl your content regularly. This can help your other blog posts gain momentum and boost their ranks. I have also experimented by slightly rewriting an old blog post and republishing it – changing the time stamp. The blog post that was once old was new again and gaining lots of blog traffic like it once did.

    Stale Blog?

    Blogs that have not updated in a long time (3 months or more) usually see a decline in blog ranks. However, this is not the case if your content is being shared on social media! If you’re constantly promoting your content, you might even see an increase in traffic.

    I hope I helped answer how often you should blog for your business. Remember, the more high quality content you have, the better chances you have receiving organic google traffic to your website. Having a blog that has hundreds of high quality posts also ensures you gain a boost in website traffic. Overall, a good rule of thumb is to publish at least one high quality blog post a week.

    Thanks for reading!

    Jen Ruhman

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