Why SEO Results Don’t Happen Overnight

Why SEO Results Don’t Happen Overnight

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of improving the visibility and organic search results of a website so that it may rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs). The main goal of SEO is to generate more website visitors, but why does it seem to take so long to see results?

Why SEO Results Don't Happen Overnight

SEO Is Not Instantaneous

SEO does not produce instantaneous results like some other marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The goal of SEO is to improve your website’s visibility and organic search results over a period of time, so that when people search for keywords or phrases related to your business, your website will rank higher in the SERPs. Depending on the competitive landscape and the age of your website, it could take months or even years to achieve high rankings in the SERPs.

SEO Requires Continuous Effort

To maintain high rankings in the SERPs, continuous effort is required. Once you have achieved high rankings, there is always the danger of losing those rankings if you stop investing in SEO. This is because your competitors are likely still investing in SEO and they may eventually overtake you if you stop trying to improve your visibility. That being said, even if it takes a long time to see results from SEO, it is still a worthwhile investment because it can produce long-term, sustainable results.

The short answer is that there’s just no way to fake good SEO.

Good SEO takes time, effort, dedication, and skill. There are no shortcuts when it comes to building a solid foundation for your website’s search engine ranking.

  • Keyword research: You need to find the right keywords that people are actually searching for. And then you need to include those keywords throughout your website, from the titles and headers down to the blog post tags and image alt tags.
  • On-page optimization: All of your website’s content needs to be well-written, keyword-rich, and easy for both users and search engine crawlers to understand
  • Link building: One of the most important ranking factors for any website is backlinks. Backlinks are links from other websites that point back to your website. The more high-quality backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the better your chances of ranking well in search engines.
  • Continuous content creation: A big part of SEO is creating new, high-quality content on a regular basis. This could be anything from blog posts and articles to videos and infographics. The more keyword-rich content you have on your site, the better chance you have of ranking well in search engines.
  • All of these things take time – there’s just no way around it. So if you’re looking for immediate results, SEO is probably not the right marketing strategy for you. But if you’re willing to play the long game, then SEO can definitely pay off in a big way by driving more traffic – and more customers – to your website over time.

SEO can be a long and difficult process, but it is worth the investment for any business that wants to achieve long-term success online. While other marketing strategies may provide quick and easy results, they are often not sustainable in the long run. With SEO, you may have to wait awhile to see results, but those results will be more likely to stick around if you continue investing in SEO over time.

Make Sure You’re Doing It Right

Of course, there is such a thing as bad SEO—and if you’re doing it wrong, you will never see the results you want, no matter how long you wait. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you’re doing it right from the start. Here are a few tips:

  • Do your research: There is a lot of information about SEO out there; make sure you’re reading from reputable sources so you can separate fact from fiction.
  • Hire an SEO expert: unless you have significant experience with digital marketing, it might be worth hiring an SEO agency or consultant to help get your campaign off the ground.
  • Set realistic expectations: remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day; the same goes for successful SEO campaigns. Don’t expect to see immediate results; focus on playing the long game and you will eventually see the fruits of your labor.

Thanks for reading why SEO results don’t happen overnight.

If you’re patient and willing to put in the work, then SEO can be a great long-term investment for your business. Just don’t expect results overnight – they’ll take some time coming.


I receive a lot of requests for my SEO services and this is one of the top questions and concerns I receive.

Ready for an SEO strategy? Let me do the work for you!

Hey 👋 I’m Jen and I’m a local SEO expert in San Diego, CA. That’s right, I have my own SEO company in San Diego and I meet with business owners regularly to discuss their SEO and how I can help rank their products and services higher in Google search.

SEO tips to get your pages indexed

SEO tips to get your pages indexed

Do you have a website that needs to rank high on google, but your pages aren’t indexing? Ugh, this is a popular problem, luckily, I’ll be talking about the ways to fix this issue. new websites especially have this problem. I know it can be frustrating but don’t worry – I have experience fixing this indexing issue on websites.

Let’s get your pages indexed in google and ranking!

SEO tips to get your pages indexed

You’ve probably spent a lot of time sharing your knowledge by creating helpful blog posts. You’re on the right track. That’s great news, let me tell you why.

The only way to organically grow traffic is with SEO. Without indexability, your hard work will go down the drain and you won’t be able to see any benefits from all that time spent on creating compelling content for people searching Google’s pages! The key isn’t just filling up keywords in accordance with what they want but also making sure everything has been done properly including formatting tags as well as images – otherwise known as ” HTML-coding.”

The more pages you rank in search engine results, the higher your site’s ranking.

That means improving indexation is key to success on SERPs! Here are eight tips from a leading SEO expert in San Diego, myself – Jen. I provide SEO services that will help boost Googlebot’s ability to find and understand content across all pages on our website without any hassle or problem whatsoever. So let’s get this SEO party started. ( You can tell I’m fun to work with – right?)

My #1 tip to get pages indexed:

1. Blog on a regular schedule

I know it’s hard to get time to craft amazing content. But you can find time eventually and schedule your content to post on a monthly schedule so it looks like you’re really on roll. The benefits of this regular blogging tip are HUGE!

Posting regularly is a great way to keep your site accessible and indexable. Search engines will crawl it more often if you post new content on a regular basis! The key to success on Google is posting regular content. Maintaining a schedule will make your site more visible and increase the chance that it gets indexed by search engines like google, yahoo or bing!

This will also help boost your site higher in google!

2. Resubmit your pages to Google Search Console

If you have a stubborn page that isn’t indexing after months of waiting, do this: Make some changes on the page such as updating the content, adding a helpful image or video, now resubmitting the page to the google search console. Thank me later! Give it a month for Google to think about it.

3. Write longer more in-depth posts

The days of writing a cute little 500-word blog post are long gone. You need to now cover everything in your blog post. Posts need to be at least 1K words to compete for google’s love and attention. Google wants to rank high-quality content that can help the reader find the best solution to their problem. To reach that amount of length, try outlining your blog post with a numbered list of points, that should keep your blog post flowing. Once you get typing and are “in the zone”, you may think of additional points to the list to add along the way!

Don’t forget to add internal links! Creating high-quality content with a lot of related internal links will get those Google bots crawling. This is an easy way to improve the indexing issues you may currently be experiencing!

4. Switch to a responsive website theme

Most website owners should have a responsive website by now. There are still a lot of old websites online that are definitely not mobile-friendly. There’s an easy fix available. You can change your theme to a responsive one, and there are a ton of free responsive website themes for WordPress. Even if you don’t want to change your theme, there are also plug-ins to make your site mobile-friendly.

With half of all searches done on mobile devices, your website needs to be responsive. This ensures that everyone gets a good user experience and you’ll rank higher with Google search results too!

5. Speed up your website

Nobody likes a slow website, especially Google! If you want to make sure your site gets noticed by Google bots, then it needs a fast speed. In order for their algorithms to see the content of pages as soon and clearly as possible – try compressing photos or other visuals on-site. There are so many options such as using a CDN (content delivery network) Smush – an image compressing plugin. You could also be on a shared server. You could even be dealing with a hacked site – Contact your hosting provider to double-check!

6. Submit your sitemap to every search engine

There, that’ll show ’em! Submit a site map to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools for indexation benefits.

To this day, one of the best tips for indexation remains to submit a site map to Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. You can create an XML version using a free tool like Yoast SEO or manually do it through their respective websites by tagging each page that contains duplicate content on your website with its Canonical URL.

7. Make sure the page is linked from another page and accessible

Is it easy for a website visitor to find this page using your own linking structure? Is it a deep-linked page? Fix your site structure. Is it still not indexing and being stubborn? If a webpage on your site or subdomain is not being crawled, you can get it indexed with an external link.

These tips should fix your indexing problem. 

OK, now it’s time for me to toot my own horn. Here I go…

I have to write this stuff below so you know I’m the real deal. 🙂

Jen Ruhman SEO can help you achieve higher rankings by creating a site that is optimized for search indexation.

Jen Ruhman SEO is a premier San Diego-based company that specializes in search engine optimization. With decades of experience, I can help you create and optimize your website for better ranking on Google!

You know you want to outrank the competition, but don’t have time or money for expensive SEO services? Let me help! I offer affordable SEO package deals tailored just right for your business.  Call or text me today. I don’t bite.







SEO is not Fast Cheap or Easy – Storytime

SEO is not Fast Cheap or Easy – Storytime

SEO is not Fast Cheap or Easy

Yes, I too get spam from random people promising me fast SEO services at a fraction of the price.

Keep in mind, I do SEO every day and these people don’t research who you are, they just scrape (tech term) your information off the internet and send out a massive email blast that looks legit.


Dear (your name here) I am writing because I offer SEO services and I noticed that your site: sitenamehere is not ranking in google search results. Please reply promptly because we rank websites fast in google for a very low price. Would you like to be #1? Google attracts customers to your website and provides revenue and new business oppertunities…..

So for someone as seasoned as I to hear these offers, I know for a fact they’re too good to be true.

This really hit me hard. But… 😒

Today I’d like to share a story about a former client that was fed this big fat promise from some random SEO person on the internet. Unfortunately, they took the bait. My former client was promised fast SEO results in as little as a month for less than $100.

  1. That’s crazy was my first thought.
  2. My second, was wow what a big fat lie.
  3. And my third…. people actually fall for this?! 🤡 

Ouch, it hurt to hear my former client was going to tip-toe away with this “thief in the night” other SEO company.

Well, all I could do was get back to work for my other SEO clients and live my life.😎

All roads lead back to Mrs. Wonderful… Hello! 👋

Six months roll by fast and guess who’s calling me to see if they can come back as my client again.

That’s right. So I ask what happened with the “hot shot” SEO guy? Well, that guy and he did SEO for 6 months and nothing happened. I said wait a minute… that guy promised you fast results in a month?! Well….? Ya that was all talk to get him to take the bait. And that’s what I thought.

Keep my name out of your mouth other SEO company dude…

This other SEO guru extraordinaire… actually had bad intentions to look up my clients and lowball them. (Taking legal action) They slandered my good name and promised ridiculous results at warp speed. (those results that never 👎 happened.)

OK, that being said, feels like a rant blog post. However, I want this to be helpful.

Key 🔑 Takeaways

  1. SEO is not fast – it’s a strategy that needs consistency.
  2. SEO is not cheap. It takes tedious hours and hours. There’s no SEO secret “thing” someone can do to get instant results.
  3. A reputable SEO expert will not contact you by throwing another SEO company under the bus.

If you are interested in SEO services, your best bet is to search for an SEO professional yourself. Good SEO companies have established clients for themselves and are usually busy working. People find or are referred to them. Research them!

If you have SEO companies cold-calling you, they’re not busy doing SEO. They should be doing SEO for themselves so they can get their own organic website traffic and clients right?! They should be receiving inbound leads, not working desperately trying to steal other SEO companies’ clients.

Who am I anyway?

Hey 👋 Thanks for reading this blog post. I’m Jen, ( the lovely woman that’s on many pages of THIS site. Yes, I’m an SEO expert in San Diego, California. I really love doing SEO and that’s why I started my own SEO company in San Diego. The freedom 🇺🇸 to travel all around this beautiful city where I can stop by my local clients’ businesses for a meeting or grab a coffee with them is enough for me to never turn back to working for someone else in a stuffy office ver again. Woo-hoo. I do have a great work ethic and I wouldn’t be here standing strong if I didn’t.





Get featured in the news for FREE

Get featured in the news for FREE

YES! You can get featured in the news for FREE. Here’s how:

We’ve seen logos on the websites we visit for seen on Fox News, as seen on the Chicago Tribune, the New York Times, Mashable Refinery, ABC. We see those little badges and we’re thinking, wow, this is a legit website. They know what they’re talking about. It builds immediate trust. I mean, you look more professional.

example what I’m talking about:

Who do I want that?

Well, you know, you can get those for free. That’s right. For free. I’m going to tell you how this website you can visit.

Visit: Help a reporter (sign up as a source)

Is it really 100% FREE? YES

It will cost you your time.

However, you can also pay for a service on there. I like to subscribe. You can get these email alerts for free or you can reach out to these field reporters. Here’s what’s going on with that.

Okay, so there’s about 75,000 journalists and bloggers that are looking for people like you that are experts in something, whether you are a dietitian, a doctor, a psychologist, a schoolteacher, an entrepreneur, an SEO expert like myself. There’s so many people that these journalists and bloggers are looking for to interview. Okay? These people are writing news stories. They want credible sources.

They want to give you in return a link back to your website, a mention of your name, your business, it helps them. It helps you. Everybody wins, everybody’s happy. You get a logo on your website. Yay.

Now that website is helpareporter.com. It’s known as horror as helping reporter out. They have, of course, there’s some subscription packages. You can join it for free. And this works, guys, you can join for free.

How it all works…

Sign up. You’ll get an email every day. It could be annoying, I know. But you can see in that email. Okay.

If you’re someone like myself, an SEO expert, I keep an eye out for my clients. I’m like, okay, I’m looking for anything for my psychiatrist lady. I can send her this email, say, hey, can you go ahead and respond to this reporter? He’s looking for a source. Do you want to write about this?

Is this worth your time? And the submission in this email, they will usually disclose which website they will feature this on, which could be a blog, it could be a major news outlet. It really depends if you’re new, if you need some good backlinks, I would go for anything. Guys. Just you want to get a website that is getting traffic, you want to be cited, you want that citation, that backlink.

It helps. Most of the time these links are permanent, but depending on the website, those links can get flushed out. I’m just being very transparent. I’ve had a link on sites like Market Watch. I am featured organically in the New York Times bustle Business Insider.

News reporter did find me through my content. That’s why I always stress having a blog, have content that potential news reporters can find on Google. They’ll want to ask your permission to cite your content. They want to use your name. A lot of times they’ll put your photo on their website.

get featured in the news free

Yes, I’ve had features in the news too

For my old beauty blog. It happened to me when I got discovered for the New York Times. They sent a field photographer out to take my picture. I got interviewed by someone on the phone. It’s in New York. It was a lot of fun.

I think every business owner should experience this. You’re an expert in your field, you want to get cited all around the world for your expertise and in return, you get to put one of those cute little badges on your website helps gain you that credibility. Once again that website I mentioned is helpareporter.com. I’ll have it linked in the description of this podcast. But looking at you guys you can always call up your local news.

If you have something new going on in your business call your local news station, let them know hey they might show up to your news. You want to be on the morning news. How fun would that be? And also if you want to go if you have deep pockets you can always hire a PR agency that can help you get something newsworthy to your business and published all over wherever you want. Those PR services are usually they’re going to run you could be a couple thousand or around $300 for one published post.

Yeah, it is what it is. So anyway it’s worth poking around checking out helperreporter.com. Go ahead and register. What do you have to lose? Get those daily emails to see if you can get your name, your website, your company mentioned in the news.

Did this work for you too? Please let me know!

It’s a lot of fun. Alright thank you so much for listening. Hope you have an awesome day. Tata.

BTW, 👋 I’m Jen Ruhman the queen of SEO.. 😂 sure why not? I have an SEO company in San Diego, CA. Called Jen Ruhman SEO. Feel free to check out my SEO pricing and hire me for my SEO services today!

SEO Rules and Instagram Drools

SEO Rules and Instagram Drools

That’s right, I said it. SEO Rules and Instagram Drools.


seo is better than instagram

I talk all about this in my latest SEO podcast (it’s pretty GOOD 👍 )

Part 2:

Alright, the word on the street is true.

Confirmed. I got some beef with Instagram. We’re gonna talk about it right now. We’re going to spill that tea on this episode of Jen Ruhman SEO Podcast.

Seo. Starting NOW,

Can we talk about where your marketing dollars are best spent?

Is it on Instagram or purchasing monthly SEO?

You’re paying someone to run your Instagram account?

Now, when we’re talking about Instagram, I have a lot of clients that say, Jen, right now, I’m forking out about $500 a month.

Somebody’s managing my Instagram account. They’re just making some cute little images and posting them on my behalf. I don’t have to worry about my social media. They got a lockdown and I love it. And I say, hey, that is great.

You have social media in the works running for you. That’s just marketing dollars, not ads on Instagram. Here’s where there’s some issues. If they’re a new client, I ask them, are you getting lots of sales from Instagram? Is it worthwhile for you right now?

In other words, why are you calling me?

Their response is usually a big fat no. And I know why. I run SEO reports all the time for my clients and I can track conversions. Where do I see the majority of conversions come from?

I’m not being biased. I’m just looking at the data. The majority of all the conversions are always coming from organic SEO. Another real world fact, ladies. Did you know that Kylie Jenner one of the Queens of Instagram?

So be it. Whatever. 10% of her traffic comes from social media. Now, of that 10%, about 4% of that traffic is just from Instagram. And she’s a billionaire.

Allegedly, she has deep pockets to buy whatever she wants. And guess where most of her traffic is coming from? It’s coming from her website. Coming from? Excuse me, it’s coming from Google.

It’s organic.

So she’s a billionaire. Maybe someday you’ll be a billionaire. Who knows? But what does that tell you from just the perspective of having all that money. She’s a Queen of Instagram, and most of her traffic is not even coming from Instagram.

Does that help? Does that put your marketing dollars into more better perspective? Sorry, I’m a little tongue-tied. I don’t really like Kylie Jenner. Well, let’s face it, I am actually on Instagram.

Here I am on instagram:

Why the heck am I on instagram if I don’t like it?

I’ll tell you why. I’m trying to help you guys out. You business owners, entrepreneurs selling services or products. I’m there.

Hopefully, since you’re there, I don’t know why you’ll find me and I can convince you there while I’m in your head. The benefits of SEO, why you should get off of Instagram and join the party over on Google. Organic searches. That’s right. Having SEO on your website brings magic.

And I hear you. You got cute little dancing videos on your Instagram. You got some cute pictures, all the little cutesy Loopsy, images and pictures of your services, which is good, which is good. But you should take that content that you have on Instagram and place it into your website and enrich your SEO efforts. For example, it’s very easy for my business owners to create video content using their phone and Instagram.

It’s a Win Win situation. However, they can put those videos, those helpful videos and put them into their website. And I’m going to give you a great example. There’s a lot of beauty medical spas all over Instagram. Sure, they get lots of likes.

Here’s why SEO is better at conversions than instagram

But there’s actually more people locally searching for those services that want to find your business on Google Search instead of Instagram.

Check this out. When people are searching with buyer intent, meaning they are more willing to go find a local business to get a service done in Google than they are just discovering things in Instagram. Someone’s researching cool sculpting before and afters.

How it works, what’s the downtime, all that kind of stuff. They’re going into Google, searching for it, learning. And guess what? They’re also going to be searching for cool sculpting near them, cold sculpting in their city. That’s like some kind of nonsurgical fat removal eliminating process.

So when you’re at a research mode, you’re looking for a local service provider to do the service that you can drive to. That’s where Google search organic searches win. So people are going to type that into Google with buyer intent. Cool Sculpting, San Diego, Cool Sculpting, La Jolla, Mirami, whatever, wherever you are. And hopefully on your website.

Related post: Instagram post ideas that don’t suck

You can add Instagram videos / images to your website pages for SEO benefits

If you’re doing SEO, you have a city landing page catering to those keywords. Now, you can put your little Instagram video code embedded into that post into that page to help enrich it. But the page should be more focused on text and answering any questions the client might have. And the page should have additional content like before and after pictures, as well as content that helps clear up any objections a potential client might have about you as a doctor, your history, what they can expect, the whole entire procedure. And your page should also be a hub to showcase your verified reviews.

This helps boost your conversions as well as provide an easy, accessible, easy to use contact form. And all your contact information should be right there, all nice and handy. Now, let’s compare that to getting an email or phone call from a potential client that’s ready to work with you. Ready to buy. Compared to some potential clients sending a DM to someone in charge of your Instagram account who’s going to get that information sooner?

The answer is most likely nine times out of ten, your inbox your email from your website. People want an immediate reply. That’s how you win customers a lot of times and stop them from shopping around when they go to a DM, you know how long that DM is probably going to sit there before your social media manager gets to you oh boy, that could be actually costing you, right? I hope that helps you understand the importance of SEO. Another thing to keep in mind is that your SEO is there for you.

Where will you turn to if your instagram gets hacked?

It’s going to stay evergreen the content that you create on your website is yours controlled by you. All your time you spend on Instagram creating all your real images and all that stuff. What happens if your Instagram gets hacked? What happens when that algorithm no longer favors you? Where do you turn?

Well, you’re probably going to call me. But if you do, I’m here helping you get ready for SEO. Thanks guys. Thanks for listening. Have a great rest of your day.


Thanks for reading! BTW, If you didn’t catch my name, I’m Jen and I’m a SEO specialist in San Diego, CA running my own SEO company in San Diego.

Blog Post Writing Tips To Drive More Traffic

Blog Post Writing Tips To Drive More Traffic

Hey there! 👋 Jen here with some blog tips that will help you drive more traffic to your website.

Blogs are your ticket to getting more quality content added to your website that people will spend time reading.

Why I LOVE ❤️ blogs… Every blog post has the potential to drive traffic to your website and boost rankings for other pages.

-Jen Ruhman SEO

The key is knowing which type of blog posts will generate the most interest and convert visitors into leads for your business. In this article, we’re going to discuss the types of blog posts that you can write today in order to drive more traffic and increase conversions on your site!

1. Write a blog post that is relevant to your niche

The content on your website will help Google better understand what you’re an expert at, what types of products or services you sell etc.

This idea will depend on the industry that you work in or are focusing on your blog post content. However, one thing is for certain: If you want to be successful with a blog post, it needs to be relevant and helpful to those who visit your site!

Here’s My favorite SEO blog tips:

  1. Most be at least 500 words
  2. Must have a focused keyword
  3. Must contain an image(s) with alt tags
  4. Must be relevant to your niche
  5. You need to add a category to the post
  6. Add internal links to and from the post you want to rank the highest
  7. Add an external link
  8. Frequently add new blog posts (at least once a month)
  9. Share your new post on social media (I made an instagram reel with 5 of these tips!)
  10. Share it again months later!

For example, if you have a beauty-related website of any kind then consider writing a blog post focused on some common skincare problems like how to get rid of acne scars or under-eye circles. This type of article has many potential benefits including being informative while also driving traffic and increasing conversions because people are looking for solutions when they read this information.

2. Make a List blog post

Lists blog posts help drive traffic because people like to be told what they should do. They are a way of being proactive in their own lives. The content is broken down into bite-size, easy-to-digest pieces and it’s usually accompanied by graphics that make the information more appealing to look at!

Lists blog posts help drive traffic because people like to be told what they should do. They are a way of being proactive in their own lives. The content is broken down into bite-size, easy-to-digest pieces and it’s usually accompanied by graphics that make the information more attractive to read about!

Including visuals also helps attract readers since many prefer reading on screen rather than holding an actual book or magazine

3. Post a video with tips for your readers

Place a video in your blog post with tips for your readers.

This is a video 5 tips to improve website SEO:

Video Content: The best way to drive traffic online is by producing original content that’s relevant, useful and engaging. That’s why SEO marketing has become so popular because it helps people find what they’re looking for in order to increase their revenue potential from Google AdSense or other advertising platforms like Facebook. It also ensures there are no duplicates of information when someone searches a particular keyword term and they receive an article that already contains all the details! This will only lead to frustration on behalf of the reader who will then bounce off your website without clicking any other articles. By using keywords strategically you can ensure that more

4. Share posts from other bloggers in your industry and provide feedback or comments about them 

You can allow other bloggers in your nice to guest post. Or you can just write about them yourself. Either way, this is a great strategy for driving traffic to your website.

Additionally, you can use blogger outreach as an effective way of reaching new audiences and building relationships with other bloggers in your industry which will lead to more opportunities in the future! This works really well if you have any guest posts on reputable sites that are relevant to topics discussed by the blogger who has expressed interest in featuring you. You could also reach out about sponsorship opportunities or advertise alongside them using Google AdSense advertising solutions.

In each case be sure they’ll attract readers from outside of their own platform but don’t forget to keep these people reading when they get there! It’s not just important how many visitors come through?it’s equally crucial what those visitors do once they

5. Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote new posts when they are published.

On Facebook: Add a post on your personal profile and share it with friends of yours who are interested in the topic. Followers will see that you have shared an article from this blog, but they won’t be able to view it without clicking through.

On Twitter: Tweet about a new blog post or use hashtags like #bloggingtips for maximum visibility. It’s worth tweeting more than once if you want more people viewing your content!

Which of these posts would be a good fit for your audience and align with your business goals? Have you tried any of them before? What feedback have you gotten from readers so far about each one? Let us know if there’s anything else our team can help with!

On Instagram, add a link to your story!

Did you learn any new SEO blogging tips you haven’t heard of before? I’ve been doing SEO for so many years. I still have more tips but we’ll save that for another blog post!

BTW, I’m Jen, and I have an SEO company in San Diego, CA.

I’m always working on helping fellow businesses in San Diego rank higher in google. My clients are awesome and I’m going to get back to work on their sites now.

Thanks for reading!

Jen Ruhman

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