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How to Change Titles and Descriptions Fast Yoast SEO Tools Bulk Editor

How to Change Titles and Descriptions Fast Yoast SEO Tools Bulk Editor

Yoast SEO Tools Bulk Editor is the best way how to change titles and descriptions FAST!

This is included in the free version of Yoast. Yay!

How to Change Titles and Descriptions Fast

Also known as “META TAGS”, every SEO expert in the world knows how to add META tags but most don’t know how to change them in bulk.

Yoast is by far the best way to change META tags in bulk.

SEO audits always discover META errors…

They will also warn you about “missing META tags” or “duplicate META tags”…

Heck, sometimes you just need to refresh your titles and descriptions to something more enticing aka clickbait.

Instead of going into each and every blog post and page to fix the problem… (spending hours) There’s a faster way to make edits.

Why Would I want to update my meta titles and descriptions?

It’s a great element to test. For example, if you’re not receiving many clicks on your blog post, you may want to experiment by making the title and description more enticing. You could add some sales copy that triggers your target market. Second, you might want to update it if you included a previous year in the title. Time to update the year to make it look current and update your content.

So How do I quickly change my Meta Titles and Descriptions?

Allow me to introduce you to a free solution. If you have the famous free YOAST SEO plugin, you already have this META tag tool. However, most people have not discovered this feature when using the plug-in. It’s the quickest way to add/update your meta titles and descriptions all listed accordingly.

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Where’s the YOAST Bulk Editor?

Go to your WordPress left side navigation panel > SEO > Tools > Bulk editor

Bulk editor
This tool allows you to quickly change titles and descriptions of your posts and pages without having to go into the editor for each page.

Click on “bulk editor”

Here, you’ll discover the missing titles and descriptions. Ta-da!

How to Change Titles and Descriptions Fast YOAST SEO Tools Bulk Editor
notice that the first description on the list is missing? Let’s type one in now!

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Here’s where you add or edit a new description

editing the YOAST Meta description
that was easy.

Hit Save all, and you’re done!

Yes, you could open up each page or blog post and edit the meta tags one by one. You could scroll down to the Yoast plugin and make the edits there.

I will say one thing I noticed about Yoast’s bulk editor, sometime it does not save all the new titles or descriptions you just made when you hit “save” or “save all”

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Don’t want to use Yoast’s Bulk Editor?

Here’s how you can manually go into Yoast and change each meta title and description. It may take a little longer to do but, you’ll be able to make sure your title and description is the perfect length. Second, you can make sure you’re adding your keywords into the meta title and descriptions. Simply click on the preview to make it become editable down below.

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That’s all, I hope you found this post helpful.


Blog Post Promotion Checklist

Blog Post Promotion Checklist

I have the ULTIMATE 2021 blog post promotion checklist for you right here!

Here’s a bunch of unique ways to promote your new blog post that nobody talks about.

Alright, you just hit that “Publish” button on your blog post, now what?!

Hey, you need to promote your blog post whether it’s free promotion or paid promotion! That’s what!

Blog Post Promotion Checklist

Why Do I need to promote my blog post?

Your blog post needs to be promoted to rank well in search results. PERIOD. If you don’t promote your blog post, it may lay dormant and undiscovered for a long period of time. Promoting your blog post helps create buzz that there’s something new and exciting people should be reading!

  • It’s the fastest way to get traffic to your new blog post
  • It may take time before you see your blog post indexed by Google’s search results
  • The fastest way to start earning backlinks on your new blog post (you need backlinks)

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How much time should I spend promoting my blog post?

The odds are NOT in your favor to just rank out of nowhere. I’m sorry to tell you this but it’s the big fat ugly truth. I know it’s horrible…

In fact, you should spend more time promoting your content than writing it!

“What the heck Jen?! I don’t have time for THAT!”

Hush-up buttercup! I don’t know why I talk like that.

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Not promoting your new blog post is the number one mistake I see rookie bloggers make.

The days of “post and pray” are long gone. With so much competition out there, you HAVE to promote your blog posts. Don’t worry, you can promote your blog posts for free, I’ll show you the free options and the paid methods you can spend $5 on OK?! If you follow this easy blog post promotion checklist. This is what I use for clients after I publish a blog post and it works.

👋 Do you have a Shopify store? You can use this checklist for new store products + add these Shopify SEO Tips

Follow along with my 2021 Blog Post Promotion Checklist:

Post On Social Media Multiple times!

I know you’re tired of hearing you should post your new blog post on social media, but it’s true. Here’s some extras nobody talks about. You can use a service like meetedgar or buffer to automate your social media. Side note on meetedgar, I like that you can add a post with different titles and automatically reshare at random. The beauty of adding this automation is first, you’ll look like you’re constantly updating with fresh content. Second, you’re giving your content a second chance to be discovered. Third, you’re giving your content a Google social ranking signal that it’s being shared on social media. Hopefully, your post will gain likes and shares. If it does, Google will help increase your rankings.

Pick 5 items on this Blog Promo Checklist:

  • Pinterest: Make sure you create a custom image to share on Pinterest that has a text headline that solves a problem. Use Canva to create it!
  • Twitter: Post your link with a photo and some relevant hashtags.
  • Facebook Fan Page: Post your link with a photo and great headline.
  • Personal Facebook Account: Share the post from your fan page onto your personal FB account.
  • Facebook PAID: Boost your post on your FB fan page for $5 and retarget people that liked/interacted with your post.
  • LinkedIn: Post your link with a photo and great headline.
  • Reddit: Find a subreddit where you can post. You may need karma points before you can do this.
  • Instagram: Share this blog post link in your story if you’re able. (have large enough following)
  • Instagram bio link: Share your latest post in your bio with a https://linktr.ee/ link. (you can have multiple links this way!)
  • YouTube: That’s right Use a free program like Lumen5 to generate a video from your blog post. Publish on YouTube with a link to your post!
  • Ask your friends on social media to share your post.
  • Podcast: Create a new podcast on your blog post since you will already know what to say! Embed the podcast into your web page so people can listen to your new blog post instead of read. This will also increase the dwell time on your page! A Google ranking signal.

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Blog Post Promotion Checklist

Don’t let this checklist get you overwhelmed!

I know this an overwhelming ULTIMATE list of FREE ways to promote your blog post. So feel free to pick a few to start with. You don’t have to do every item on this checklist. In fact, it’s good to just concentrate on a few instead of stress yourself out over promoting your new blog post. This post is sole intended to show you a huge checklist of ways to promote your blog post that you’ve never seen anyone talk about.


  • If you have an email list set up or just want to send out to your friends/family, do it!
  • Use your free Mailchimp account to automate a new blog post to your subscribers each time you publish a new post! Grab your RSS feed. Piece of cake.
  • Add your blog post to your email signature. It’s super cute and adds a personal touch of charm. The example below: (why am I so adorable?) LOL
blog post promotion in your email signature

Internal Links

  • Got popular blog posts already? Add an internal link on the popular blog posts back to your new blog post. This gives a little “link juice” to you new post.
  • Add internal links on your new blog post to other related posts. This will help your CTR (clickthrough rate)
  • I LOVE internal links and write about MORE internal link benefits here.

External Links – You NEED backlinks

Part of off-page SEO, you need links pointing to your blog post. You need backlinks from high domain authority websites to pass link juice to your blog post. The bad news, nobody is going to want to link to your blog post if it’s not helpful. The good news, you can hire me to get links for you! If you know a lot of blog owners yourself, go ahead and shoot them an email asking for a link.

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Web 2.0 / Social Bookmarks

Add your new blog post to web 2.0 sites. You can simply copy and paste your blog post into Medium.com as long as you use a canonical link. This will help you gain backlinks to the post as well as gain traffic to your blog post from these high traffic websites. For example on LinkedIn, leave out a last tip and make the user have to click on a link to your blog post for the final details.


Sometimes, a super long blog post can be better as a visual. Get an infographic created for your new blog post and share it to an infographic directory. This will gain you backlinks, as well as traffic.

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Ask and you shall receive

In your blog post’s conclusion, ask your readers to share it! Why not!

Ask your readers to subscribe to your email list if you have one!

blog post promotion guide

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Overall conclusion

Big thanks for checking out my blog post promotion checklist.There’s so many benefits to promoting your blog post that I’ve covered here. If you’re not promoting your blog posts, you’re missing out on a HUGE element called online marketing and off-page SEO.

Many small business owners think that if you post fresh blog posts regularly, that’s all you need to succeed with Google. While it’s beneficial to post regularly and on a schedule, it’s not enough.

Thank you so much for reading my latest blog post. If this helped you, I’d greatly appreciate it if you share it! (as mentioned above LOL)

Fun fact, your Youtube videos also need backlinks – follow my advanced SEO tips for Youtube.

If your website needs a little or a LOT of SEO help, I’m here to give your website a tune-up.

As an SEO guru, I love to look at your Google Analytics data / Search console and see where we can improve! Let’s talk!


SEO Friendly Directory Websites for Instant Backlinks

SEO Friendly Directory Websites for Instant Backlinks

Finally, a list of SEO friendly directory websites for instant backlinks!

Got ZERO Backlinks? This List of Backlink Opportunities is for You!

This list of directories is perfect for new websites to start building trust with Google. Especially if you have a small local business. Don’t worry, this is a safe white hat link building strategy for your websites.

SEO friendly directory websites list

If you have a new website that’s still in the “Google sandbox” (not indexed yet) you don’t want to be aggressive with building anchor rich backlinks.

That could flag your website as spammy! I recommend you wait a few months before slowly getting “money keywords” as anchor text. Be patient when adding new links, quality backlinks pointing towards your “money site” is far better than low quality / spammy links.

You want natural, high authoritative (high DA), quality backlinks for your website’s SEO foundation as all SEO experts want for their back-link building strategies.

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Benefits of adding your business to this list of Directory Websites:

  • Permanent backlink
  • Getting a high DA website backlink
  • Safe and trusted backlink source
  • Helps build you a solid backlink profile
  • Fastest backlinks to obtain by yourself
  • Can help improve your Domain Authority
  • Can help rank your business higher in Google Maps
  • Source for constant link building opportunity
  • Most are do-follow links

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If you Have a New Business Website, First Concentrate on Building “NAP” Backlinks

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • (website URL)

Why Does your Business Need so Many “NAP” Business Citations?

  • First of all, you want to make sure your “NAP” is consistent and kept up to date.
  • Second, a well maintained “NAP” can help you rank higher in Google’s 3 pack in Google maps.
  • More High DA business citations = more quality backlinks pointing to your website
  • More QUALITY backlinks pointing to your website means a higher domain authority

You need Domain Authority

Yes, you do need great backlinks from a diverse and high number of domains. Don’t believe me? Go to google search and check out the top-ranking websites’ backlink profile. The top search results usually have the highest amount of quality backlinks and domain authority.

That being said, if you’re trying to rank for keywords while you have low domain authority, chances are simply put – you most likely have a low probability for ranking on the first page of Google search results.

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You Want Niche Directories With Your City

When you add your “NAP” to the directories, you want to make sure you select the right city and business category. Some directories may not have your specific industry available but that’s OK. Just select as close as you can. As long as you have your “NAP”, you’re OK.

Ideally, you want to make sure you’re getting directories for your niche business AND the City your business is located. (BIG thanks to https://chrispalmermarketing.com I learned this tip from this SEO guru)

Here’s how you can search for specific directories in Google: “allintext: directory plumbing San Diego”

Yes, they will give you a small and very specific list of directories.

directory listings in google search

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Are you ready for the BIG list of SEO friendly directory websites?

Have this list of things ready in a text document and folder labeled “Directory Backlink Campaign” It just helps because you won’t be making all these backlinks in a day. You’ll most likely want to spread out gaining these new backlinks dripped to your website through a few months.

Make sure you keep a record of the username and password you use to set up these directories because if your business moves or changes the website, etc, you need to update it everywhere! Below is a list of items you need in order for your directory submissions. Some directories don’t need all these items, but it’ good to be prepared because some give you these opportunities.

Most of all, you want to keep your information consistent!

directory list for backlinks

Here’s what you’ll need for your directory citations:

  • A high-quality image of your logo
  • A few images of your business or service images/products/menu items
  • Short business description
  • Make sure you have a consistent URL such as “https://www.yoursite.com or yoursite.com”
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Consistent address
  • Consistent wording for your business “Buckboards BBQ & Brew or Buckboards Barbecue and Brew”
  • Any social media account usernames/addresses
  • Access to your business phone/email if some listings need verification

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add your business listing
Be on the lookout for these directory listing opportunities
screenshot of adding a business to a directory
Here’s an example screenshot what the fields look like for entering your business information

FREE SEO Friendly Web Directories List

Submit your link to this list of directories:


Premium Directories (paid listings) :


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SEO friendly directory websites list conclusion:

I hope this massive list of backlink directories does not intimidate you.

Take your time and grow your citations slowly aka drip them. If you have SEO clients. These links may take a while for Google to crawl and discover. It’s best to let Google naturally discover them. And if you’ve got links still on your mind, don’t forget to give your internal links an SEO boost.

ATTN: Shopify store owners – Don’t forget to add these directory backlinks to your eCommerce store. + add these Shopify SEO tips.

PS: Guess what? Your Youtube videos need backlinks too! Follow my Youtube SEO tips here.

If you’re looking for an SEO expert that can submit your “NAP” across the web, contact me!

Thanks for reading my SEO friendly directory websites list. You know what would make my day? If you shared this blog post.

5 Tips to Improve Your Website’s SEO – Boost Traffic

5 Tips to Improve Your Website’s SEO – Boost Traffic

Follow these EASY 5 Tips to Improve Your Website’s SEO. (BOOST website traffic)

5 Tips to Improve Your Website's SEO

Interested in increasing your SEO rankings for free?

Once you make these improvements to your website, you should see a dramatic increase of traffic and in about 30 days.

The best part is that this strategy works on all WordPress blogs.

These tips are especially important for you to take action and follow if you own a business and need more leads.

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Publish a niche of quality content

If you are creating quality content about a focused topic, Google will see you as an authoritative.
Your reward? Higher rankings!

If you keep up the good work, you’ll become a valuable resource to your audience.

All sorts of great things occur when you create great content in which Google rewards you for:

  • Increase of dwell time (time spent on your site)
  • Increase of click-thru rate (CTR)
  • More social shares

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Use Alt Tags

An Alt tag (Alternative text) is a descriptive label given to each image.
Since Google can’t see the text on images or understand what the image is about, you need to describe the image in text. Alt tags help the Google bots “see” your image.

You’d be surprised how many websites do not give every image on their website an Alt tag. You can gain a competitive edge! It takes 3 seconds to type in an image label. Just as it helps to add supportive images to your blog post and service pages, it makes sense to label them so Google understands them too!

You can also be rewarded by Google since many people search in Google’s image search!

People may discover your content by clicking on photos from Google images.

Adding Alt tags is also helpful to users that use text-only web browsers. These are usually people that are visually imaged.

Since we’re talking about adding alt tags, might as well tell you how to add them!

It’s so EASY!

Here’s how to add an Alt tag to an image in WordPress:

Go to “Media” > “Library” > Click on the image you want to add the Alt tag to > Add the descriptive text in the text box field labeled “Alt Text”

Add Properly Named Internal Links

The days of adding links on your such as “click here” are long gone!

There are zero SEO benefits when you add a link that does not describe the content of the linked page.

I LOVE internal links so much I wrote more about internal link SEO benefits here.

Here’s an example how to properly add an internal link:

If you’re new to blogging, you’ll want to use an SEO checklist for blog posts to help each new blog post rank higher.

The internal link example above adds search engine optimization, simply by adding keywords to the blog post.

Make sure all your internal and external links are working! You can easily check for broken links here: https://www.drlinkcheck.com/

Add Fresh Content

When you visit a website that has not been updated in a very long time, it leaves a bad impression.

Stale content tends to make a website look almost abandoned and irrelevant.

Even if you have not published an entirely new blog post, you can go back into old blog posts and add “last updated – date here”

Fresh content on the other hand, keeps the Google bots visiting and crawling your website more often.

Geez, how often should I be writing new blog posts?

With fresh content, you gain domain relevancy.

An easy way to gain domain relevancy is by blogging on a schedule and actually sticking to it!

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Gain Backlinks to each blog Post

Many people simply think blogging frequently will boost your SEO, while it’s part of the equation, you need backlinks and social shares.

Actually, you should spend as much time promoting each blog post as you did writing each blog post!

There’s an easy way to get backlinks and an easier way how to get social shares.

The first is by creating an infographic for each blog post and submitting each infographic to a FREE infographic directory.

Second, you can schedule your blog posts to be shared continuously by using a service called Meet Edgar. It’s amazing, and Here’s my Meet Edgar review. (not sponsored)

Speaking of backlinks, you also need backlinks to your Youtube videos. That’s right! Check out my Youtube Advanced SEO Tips here.

Thanks for reading my awesome and effective SEO tips.

I understand these SEO tips can take time to do and if you’re working for a small business, time is money!

It can be difficult to convince the owner of a business to invest either time or money into SEO services or time in allocating an employee to do SEO.

That’s why I wrote the article SEO Facts Business Owners Overlook.

Sharing this with your boss can help convince them why SEO is so valuable.

And as always, if your SEO can use a little tune-up, I’m here to help your website! Remember, I’m an SEO Specialist in San Diego here to help.



Infographic Submission List – Gain Backlinks FAST – FREE DOFOLLOW High DA

Infographic Submission List – Gain Backlinks FAST – FREE DOFOLLOW High DA

Infographic Submission List

Looking for an Infographic Submission List?

Submit your infographics here for fast backlinks!

Bookmark this page and use it for all your websites.

Gain quality backlinks FAST!

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I’m sharing a list of high DA (domain authority) Do Follow backlinks

You can gain links FAST from sharing your inforgraphic.

If you have an infographic on your blog post, you have a huge backlink advantage for white-hat link building SEO purposes.

This SEO strategy is a part of my top 5 Tips to Improve Your Website’s SEO

You can simply post your infographics on various submission sites to gain a backlink to your blog post / website.

Best of all, the backlinks index fast and you gain domain authority for your website fast!

Even if you only have 1 infographic on your website, you can submit it and gain a backlink from many different high DA domains.
Many of these websites are blog 2.0 sites where you can also benefit by registering your brand and creating a profile with a backlink to your main domain.

Each infographic you submit will gain you a backlink to your blog post! Yup this list has many DO FOLLOW backlinks that pass link juice to your website!

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Some of the websites on this Infographic Submission List require you to enter 150 words of an original paragraph with your free submission, along with waiting a few days to hear back if your infographic is accepted. The first 9 websites listed below are super easy to gain a backlink for your infographic. The rest take a while to process but can be worth wait.

Here’s the LIST:























TIP: Be sure to Place embed code below your infographic to encourage people to copy /paste it onto their website!

I will be adding to this Infographic Submission List and updating each website’s DA and if it’s a DO Follow or NO Follow.

If you know any other quality infographic submission websites, please let me know in the comments below.

There’s plenty of infographic submission websites but after researching, many are paid posts and low quality DA.

That’s why I created this list of website for free infographic submission. The most I am interested in are High DA websites with Do Follow links.

If you want to have your cake and eat it too, be sure to follow my internal link strategy now too!

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SEO Blog Post Checklist for Beginners

SEO Blog Post Checklist for Beginners

SEO Blog Post Checklist

Hello new bloggers. I just created this easy SEO blog post checklist for beginners.

By following this SEO checklist, you’re already taking the right first step before writing your first blog post.

Please bookmark this page each time you create a new blog post until you’ve mastered these SEO blog post tips.

It’s true. Doing a little SEO research is like creating a blueprint, giving your blog post’s SEO a solid foundation for success.

Many bloggers will just write a lengthy blog post and hope it ranks.

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They might look into doing SEO after their post is finished, but I know it’s best to blog with a checklist as you go!

There’s some super long SEO checklists that can be overwhelming! This checklist is perfect for beginners because I made it simple and to the point.

Follow My SEO Blog Post Checklist for Beginners:

Research Your Keywords for Each Blog Post

Whether you call them your keywords or keyphrase, you want to target high volume / low competition keywords.

I recommend you use a free tool: Ubersuggest

If you have a new site with low domain authority, you will want to go after low competition keywords. The low competition keywords may have a lower monthly search volume, but if you’re a newbie website this will be what you’re most likely to rank for. This is something I have to stress to all new bloggers. If you have a new website without authority, you will not be able to compete with big-name retailers.

On the other hand, you don’t want to go after keywords that are not even being searched for!

Heck, it makes me mad when SEO agencies show a client a list of low volume keywords they rank #1 for.

Yes, you rank #1 for keywords nobody is using. You don’t want to waste time and good money on those SEO efforts! Feel free to reach out to me for a keyword consultation. I’m great at finding keywords that will help you rank!

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Place Your Keywords in these Specific Areas

Whatever you do – don’t keyword stuff! Simply write your posts naturally! Place your keywords 3 times max in your article.

In addition, place the keywords in the “backend” of the post. This can easily be done by installing the SEO Yoast plug-in!

To make sure Google understands the main focus of your blog post, you need to place those keywords in these specific areas:

  1. Your blog post title aka <H1> tags
  2. In your URL formatted “yourwebsite.com/these-are-your-keywords”
  3. Meta Description
  4. Mention your keyword once naturally in the first sentence
  5. Image alt tag
  6. Image filename
  7. Place synonyms of your keyphrase in a subheading

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SEO checklist

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Format Your Blog Post

  • Make sure you use sub-headlines to break up your content. This helps organize each section so people can skim your site easily. It also helps Google understand how in-depth you wrote your content.
  • Use bulleted lists or numbered lists. Your content will be enriched and may appear In featured snippets.
  • Add helpful images. Try an infographic or an image that communicates a subheading.
  • Make sure the quality is 100% and make sure your post is at least 800 words
  • Add some internal links to other related posts
  • Keep your blog paragraphs short – 3 sentences max
  • Make sure your post is responsive for mobile use
  • Add a YouTube Video if necessary to explain the topic

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Optimize for Speed

Make sure your image file size is small – use Free Image Optimizer to compress your images and help make your page load faster!

I think Yoast should add page speed to the test because usability is a Huge ranking factor!

Place Your New Blog Post in Your Old Blog Posts as a “Related Post”

You can leverage the traffic you already receive and improve your CTR – click through rate.

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Experiment with Your Blog Post’s Title

Your blog post’s title needs to be enticing!
Think of a description that triggers the user to click on.

Alright, did you follow along in this SEO checklist for beginners?

This guide should help newbs add some basic SEO to their blog post without getting too technical.

When you’re ready to get more advanced, be sure to check out my 5 Tips for Boosting Your Blog’s SEO.

Or if you’re ready to take your Youtube channel to the next level, read my advanced Youtube SEO tips.

Are you a business owner? I also have a more advanced SEO checklist for you. Take a look at this related post:

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Whether you want to accomplish these SEO tips yourself or hire a professional,

I’m an SEO Guru in San Diego ready to help improve your SEO.

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