Why Every Business Should Invest in SEO in 2022

Why Every Business Should Invest in SEO in 2022

5 FAT Reasons – Why Every Business Should Invest in SEO in 2022 🔥

2022 is right around the corner and you still don’t do SEO on your website?! 😖

Guess what? 🤔

SEO ain’t going anywhere. In fact, SEO is getting more popular because it’s now a necessity! 😎

If you’re still not convinced that SEO is hotter than a sidewalk on the fourth of July, here are 5 BIG FAT reasons why EVERY business should invest in SEO in 2022. (and beyond). Cue the mic drop. 🤚 🎤 💥

your business needs SEO

SEO in a nutshell.

Search engine optimization is the strategy of making a website rank higher on organic listings, which are free. Organic rankings appear below-paid ads and pages earn these sought-after spots as results from good SEO. It’s not easy to get there though – many factors go into this process such as keywords, links (both inbound and outbound), page content quality & structure, domain authority/rankings etc. All websites, no matter the platform they’re on can implement SEO. I add SEO to WordPress, SquareSpace, Shopify, HTML sites, Yelp, YouTube videos, and Google my Business Pages.

1. Organic Search Results Convert BETTER!

Here’s the fattest fact first. BAM! 💥 The truth just slaps you in the face, and it hurts a little. Google is the preferred search engine for most people, and as a result of this fact SEO has become an incredibly important marketing strategy. The leads generated via SEO have a much higher conversion rate compared to other online marketing strategies, which means that if you target your keywords wisely and get your content ranked on Google then you’ll see a spike in conversions. More conversions will give more sales, profits and increase revenue – making it one of the best investments available. (I’d drop the mic 🎤 again but I’d probably break it at this point)

2. FAR Less Expensive

I hear 👂 ya. You want to implement SEO, but you’re cheap or your boss is cheap. FEAR not! I have some additional reasons why any business owner should invest in SEO (from a business owner’s perspective 💰 ) Check it out below! 👇

SEO Facts Business Owners NEED to Understand ✅😎

SEO is cheaper than other online marketing channels because it relies on ranking factors and algorithms that have nothing to do with Google ads or paid advertisements. Organic results appear on Google due to good SEO, content, and high-quality backlinks which takes time but doesn’t cost you a penny unless you outsource your task or hire an agency (an SEO agency is even more expensive – psst … hire ME instead!). Even so the money spent hiring an SEO company pays off in the long run.

The words on top of organic listings, often called PPC ads or paying-per-click (PPC), are much more expensive. SEO is cheaper and will give you results a lot faster because it doesn’t rely solely on the search engine to come up in rankings for your business.

For example: if someone was typing “pizza place near me” into Google they would get two options; one being an ad from Pizza Hut that costs them money every time somebody clicks through while another free listing finds itself at number eight with all sorts of other pizza places below it as well above them making some people think twice before clicking away from their desired location just because there’s no cost! (BTW – robots and competitors often click on ads to screw with you.) Heck, I click on ads of the competition to research for my SEO clients. I need to see what your competitor is paying for. Then I can study them and look at their data to see if anything they’re doing is a good idea to replicate better. If you are going to use Google AdWords and notice a ton of clicks and no conversions, try https://www.clickcease.com they help prevent click fraud.

3. SEO is the Biggest Source of Traffic

With more than a billion searches every day, Google is the number one search engine in the world. The number 1 result on organic listings gets 33% of clicks and receives 75% of the traffic- which means SEO can be your largest source for traffic if you leverage it wisely!

Google drives 8 times more traffic than all social media networks combined.

– Growth Badger | source: https://growthbadger.com/traffic-study/

Instagram is a popular social media platform, but not when it comes to driving traffic. A study shows that only 1% of the visits for all niches come from Instagram and even less (5%) are coming specifically from fashion or beauty brands driven by influencers such as Kylie Cosmetics launched on the app itself. This seems like an issue since search draws in significantly more visitors with 10 times their monthly visit count at about 60%.

Let’s dive a little deeper.

Here’s the Niches that depend on organic google search results the MOST:

Why Every Business Should Invest in SEO in 2022
Image / data source: https://growthbadger.com/traffic-study/

4. SEO Increases Your Trust and Authority

The online world is competitive and crowded with information. So how can you get a business to notice your website? One way that works well for many businesses today is SEO, or search engine optimization.

How does it work? First of all, we need visitors in order to have customers! And the more people who visit our site means higher rankings on Google’s SERP page (search engine results pages). It sounds simple enough when broken down like this:

SEO includes building trust and credibility via content marketing; link building through guest blogging; social media marketing—and much more. Once these activities are done consistently over time, they lead to brand development which increases visibility online AND leads directly back into conversion rates.

SEO is a long-term investment for building your reputation. It takes time, but it will pay off in the end with people visiting your site directly because they trust you and know what to expect from you when they arrive.

SEO is evergreen


Building a strong SEO campaign can take months or even years of work, but the payoff will last as long as you maintain your rankings. The other important factor to consider is that once you rank well on Google for an extended period of time, it becomes very difficult for competitors to outrank you and steal away potential customers from your site. You see this in competitive niches where one website might have been ranking 1st page all year long until they were knocked off by another company who recently came into the market with their own product line targeting those same keywords.

Building up an effective SEO campaign takes some serious dedication – after all, search engine optimization requires continual attention and care if we want results that’ll stick around!

🤓Newbie to SEO? Easily Publish an Optimized Blog Post – Here’s How ✅

OK – those are my 5 FAT examples why EVERY business should invest in SEO in 2022 and beyond 🚀 !

If you have not started SEO on your business website, have no fear! You can start doing your own basic SEO moves here. Also, if you want to go above and beyond because you want to get serious and dominate, hire an SEO expert such as myself. I’m ready to help you with your SEO.

How does SEO optimization help a business or website?

How does SEO optimization help a business or website?

How does SEO optimization help a business or website?

Your business needs SEO optimization for two BIG reasons. The first is to improve the search engine rankings of your website, which will help it get more traffic and a greater number of conversions. Combined with good content strategy, SEO optimization can also increase visitor retention rates by improving user experience through relevancy in ranking results.

Studies show that people who land on pages at or near the top of SERPs stay longer than that whose landing page isn’t as high up on the list (62% vs 47%). (basically, you want to rank in the top 5 search results) So, here’s how SEO optimization helps a business or website:

Blog posts

How blog posts help a business drive traffic

Blog posts can help your company with any of the following:

-Increase awareness for you or your business in general

-Improve rankings so that more people are exposed to what you have to offer

-Generate leads, prospects, and clients

-Provide educational value through content such as how to guides or tips & tricks. This is great for B2B services and other knowledge-based industries!

👋 Got a blog? Be sure to check out my blog post promotion checklist

search engines

How search engines work

A search engine’s algorithm ranks a website by its relevancy to the searcher. For example, if someone is looking for “How to cook rice”, then they might have already typed in that word before their query and are just refining it with something more specific like “cooked” or “how”. That means there will be certain words on your site that you want people to find in order for them to know what your business does!

In this case, those words would include: how, cooked, rice. The higher up these keywords appear on the page (without being hidden) the better chance of getting exposure from SERPs through relevance.

landing pages

Landing pages

How landing pages help drive website traffic

A landing page is a standalone web page that appears in response to clicking on an online advertisement or when doing other types of searches. These pages are typically designed as advertising, and they should include compelling graphics with words like “discount”, “sale” and “now”. Landing pages should also have a clear call-to-action (CTA) such as: “call now!”

These kinds of websites can be used for email marketing campaigns, lead generation practices, social media posts, etc.

Your messaging has the power to make people feel something—anything from happiness to anger; frustration to wanting more information about your product. The way you phrase things will determine how receptive people are able to relate with what you say which will ultimately impact.

SEO optimization

What is SEO optimization?

Promoting your site through search engine optimization (SEO) is a popular way to make sure that people can find it. This practice involves making changes to your website so that it’s more likely to show up when someone searches for the type of information you offer.

-Improve inbound links: One easy way to improve SEO ranking is by building external backlinks on other sites, which will help increase the number and quality of inbound links pointing at your own domain.

-Publish content regularly: Publishing new posts on a regular basis boosts not only page views but also Google rankings as well. Your best strategy is publishing one or two pieces per week and focusing on optimizing them with long-tail keywords.

Those SEO tips are the tip of the iceburg as they say. That’s why I put together this fabulous gem 💎 of a post:

💎 5 EASY tips to improve your SEO now – EASY for beginners

website traffic

Benefits of optimizing your site for the best possible results in search engines:

-Increased traffic: If your site is optimized with the right keywords and content, you are more likely to rank high on search engine results pages. As a result, it will be easier for people to find what they’re looking for in Google or Bing searches. The increase in organic visitors can lead to higher conversion rates as well because prospects are more apt to buy products after being referred from an authority website like yours.

-Higher quality leads: Your company also has access to better-qualified leads that have already shown interest by finding your business through their own research instead of relying heavily on cold calling techniques which only reach out those who happen upon your site while browsing online at random.

-Less customer churn rate: Customers come back often

Search engine optimization helps make a website more accessible

More accessible to people who are looking for it on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc. to find products they need. This means that people searching for your company in Google or Bing searches will be more likely to see the website you created and it can also increase organic visits which lead to higher conversion rates because prospects are more apt to buy a product after being referred from an authority website like yours.

It also helps with customer churn rate management because customers come back often when coming through search engine optimization channels, making it easier for them to purchase again.

-Higher quality leads: Your company has access to better qualified leads that have already shown interest by finding your business through their own research instead of relying heavily on cold calling techniques which only reach out those who happen upon your site while browsing online at random.

-Less customer churn

SEO optimization is a great way to generate more traffic from search engines, which can lead to increased sales for your business. These days there are many tools and services that make it easier than ever before to optimize websites, but you’ll need an SEO expert who knows how – or at least has experience in the field if you want any hope of being successful. If this sounds like something you might be interested in exploring further, let ME know! I offer my clients world-class SEO consulting and digital marketing assistance as well as PPC management.

Your favorite SEO expert living in San Diego,


Here’s a photo of San Diego for you:

San Diego
Advanced Shopify SEO Tips

Advanced Shopify SEO Tips

Your Shopify store needs to rank in the top 5 google search results to have a chance at making sales!

After all, if your product can be found on Amazon, you’re most likely competing against Amazon and big-name brands!

I’m managing many new and old Shopify stores right now and I see what’s working to drive traffic. 🔥

I had to write this advanced Shopify SEO tips post because there are not enough advanced Shopify store SEO tips online. Most Shopify SEO tips are pretty basic like… “research your keywords, be sure to optimize your meta description, and look both ways before crossing the street. 🙄

shopify seo

When I give SEO tips, I imagine you know what SEO is and it’s not your first day doing SEO. Moving on.

1. Your Shopify store NEEDs lots of Text – Add more Text

Most Shopify stores I visit, there’s not enough text on the page. A good way to tell if your store is lacking text, pretend there are no images on the website – would you still understand the store category and product features? I say pretend there are no images because Google does not know what your products are – BTW – sorry, Google can’t see how pretty your site is. Google reads the text it’s supplied on your page. Google is learning images (getting there someday) . Until that day when machines take over etc, please add more text. It helps categorize your website, products, and adds a 🥊 punch of quality to your website that the competition overlooks.

Q: Jen, where’s a good place to add more text without making the site look messy?

A: Product descriptions! Second, add more text to your collection pages!

2. Be sure your product text is ORIGINAL

OK. This needs to 🛑 STOP! I see so many Shopify stores that use the “canned” product descriptions that everyone else is using. It makes your site look like you’re lazy. Secondly, it looks spammy to google. Many drop shippers will take the product descriptions from Aliexpress and import them into their Shopify store without changing a thing. I see it every day in newbie stores. It’s bad because most of the time the descriptions are written by non-native English speakers (most likely Chinese) and the grammar is sometimes comical. 😂

If you take time to write your own Shopify product descriptions, you can help add related keywords and other words that naturally occur with instances of the keywords of the product you’re selling online.

Heck, you want to include these top product descriptions that sell.

What Makes a Killer Shopify Product Description?

  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Describe the product benefits
  • Emotional triggering words that boost sale conversions 🔥 🛒
  • Your shipping time, free shipping
  • Related products the customer may need for the product to function or popular paired items
  • FAQ
  • Social proof is hot, like “Hurry, This product is seasonal only…etc.
  • Speak to your target market in their “lingo”

3. Images

Yes, name your images the product keyword. For example: “leather-earrings-pink.jpg

Add an Alt tag to each image. (description text for images) As mentioned above, Google can’t see your product image, so it relies on Alt tags.

It’s amazing how much naming your images and adding alt tags helps boost your Shopify SEO. You can even rank better in Google’s image search. Most Shopify store owners are way too lazy to add alt tags to their images and name them properly.

If you can also do your own product photography, you’re ahead of the game. Most product photos are copied, or even sometimes stolen from other websites selling the same product. For example, using your own model for T-shirts, or product photography in natural lighting is phenominal. Professional photos are always best.

4. Testing Meta Title Descriptions

Most Shopify store owners write the meta tile once and leave it to go stale. If your product IS RANKING in Google search, but nobody is clicking on the product, try changing your meta title/description. Be sure to make an excel spreadsheet with titles you’ve tested. Things you may want to try adding for a test:

  • Add your keyword in the beginning
  • Free Shipping
  • OFFICIAL Licenced merch
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Free Returns
  • Add an emoji 🔥

5. Google My Business

Do you have a physical store location? This can help you rank in the Google 3 pack and get your brand some exposure. If your store is located around your target market, you have a BIG advantage. You’ll rank locally.

Don’t have a physical store? No problem. You can rent a local office space, get the verification postcard and you do the math. No, you can’t use a P.O. box.

6. Links of all kinds

You should have business citations aka backlinks pointing to your home page. Get your business on directories for credibility! (link has a massive free list you can join now) Get that sweet backlink to your Shopify store. Your product collection can also use some link juice too! Social bookmarks and more.

Second, treat new products as you would treat a new blog post. Gain backlinks to each product. Be sure to check out my blog post, SEO post checklist. Treat the post checklist just as you would a new product. Yes, I said it again because it’s important!

Thirdly, add internal links to your products! I see this being underused BIG TIME. If you place SEO internal links from your blog to your products, it works wonders with Shopify SEO. I like to spy on your competitors and if they have a blog that’s ranking high with products embedded, I do the same for you! I also try to actively outrank their blog posts too! 🥊 💥 🤩

7. Social Media

Post your products on Pinterest, Instagram, and good old Facebook. Heck, if you can get into a Reddit group, that would be amazing too. People trickle down to your website in so many ways. If they’re not searching for it on google, they’re discovering your Shopify products on social media. Links to your products coming from social media are a ranking signal to Google.

8. De-Index Tag Pages

Shopify makes ugly duplicate pages with tags. If you want to bypass them being crawled by google bots, add this code to your Shopify theme.liquid

{% if template contains ‘collection’ and current_tags %}
<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex” />
<link rel=”canonical” href=”{{ shop.url }}{{ collection.url }}” />
{% else %}
<link rel=”canonical” href=”{{ canonical_url }}” />
{% endif %}
Creating Collections

Final Thoughts about Shopify SEO

No. This is not an overnight process. SEO takes time to do and months and months to start seeing an improvement in your website traffic. I have plenty of Shopify SEO clients that know how long it takes to rank on the first page of Google search.

OK, kiddos (I dunno why I called you that) that’s all I’m sharing for this free Shopify SEO tips blog post. If you want to get the extra tips, you have to hire me for SEO. 😎

Thanks for reading this blog post, I was only gonna share five quick tips, but I wanted to help someone out there struggling have a fighting chance at their Shopify SEO.

Until next time, this is Jen – Your awesome SEO expert in San Diego, California. I help small businesses and entrepreneurs rank higher in google search. I LOVE doing SEO full time. If you or a friend is in need of ranking their website or Shopify store higher in Google search, I’m your gal. Be sure to check out my SEO pricing if you’re serious.


Advanced Youtube Video SEO Tips

Advanced Youtube Video SEO Tips

Looking everywhere for advanced YouTube video SEO tips? You’re on the right page.

Everyone is talking about the same old YouTube SEO tips…. you know.

“research your keywords… put them in the title…put your keywords into the description… blah blah. 😑

Before you invest in advanced YouTube video SEO tips, please make sure you have the following in check:

Let’s assume your video deserves to rank high! Your video is high quality – helpful, good lighting, good audio, you have longtail keywords in your title, has a nice thumbnail, you actually say the keywords in your video, and you have the right tags.

My awesome client and I had a phone consultation for his YouTube channel. He knows I also do Youtube video SEO services in San Diego so now I’m helping his YouTube channel. He already has the basic SEO tips applied to his channel, so I took it to the next level. Instead of sharing a boring post about advanced SEO tips and strategies. I’m copying and pasting my email recap of our phone call with unique examples applied. So here are my raw advanced SEO tips for any YouTube channel you can implement today! Here is an outline of what we discussed:

Advanced YouTube SEO Tips:

Add playlists:

You have a lot of different topics that can be bundled into playlists. This can help give the users a better click-through rate for finding more useful content on the same topic. You will need to label each video to the specified playlist. You also need to be an authority for topics. The more quality content per category, the more you will be seen as a trusted expert.

For example, based on your current content, I’d make these playlists:

  • football
  • real estate
  • credit repair
  • wealth tips
  • business management 
  • entrepreneurship
  • motivation
  • commercials

Podcast Video Titles:

The keywords ideally should go to the beginning of the title because that’s what people read first and has benefits in youtube SEO. Podcasts titles can look messy. It’s best to keep them consistent. Follow one of the formats below.
Optimized title example:  How to Activate Your Beast Mode for Success in 2021 | Podcast #29 | YMA Nation

SEO title here | Podcast #123 | YMA Nation 
SEO title here | Episode #123 | YMA Nation 
SEO title here | Ep #123 | YMA Nation

Activate locations:

Whether you have a business location or work in a city, you need citations on YouTube.

For example, Rebecca is the #1 Real Estate Agent in Greenville SC – add her city location into the videos when she speaks about real estate. We want youtube and google to note she is an authority for real estate in Greenville SC. Her name, title, and location must have many occurrences online. I’d like to do SEO for this search term.
here’s an example screenshot (blue San Diego text) where the city is shown in the video:

Rebecca, I have an idea for you. You can have a home walkthrough of a property in your city. These videos are huge right now for realtors not only because of covid-19 but because people want to shop online for home or just get ideas what their money can buy them. People will enjoy hearing you talk and discuss the home and may lead to people wanting to work with you.
Rebecca, these are the keywords people are searching in Google right now for your city:

  • homes for sale under 100k in greenville, sc
  • cheap houses for sale in greenville, sc
  • homes for sale by owner in greenville, sc
  • cheap homes in greenville south carolina
  • cabins for sale in greenville, sc
  • investment property for sale in greenville, sc
  • south carolina cheap homes for sale
  • homes for sale in greenville county, sc

An example podcast for you could be:

Homes for Sale under 100k in Greenville SC Rebecca Wallace | YMA Nation

Many people are leaving California and looking for homes on the east coast! 🙂 They can be a target for you.

Working with other podcasters/vloggers

Interviewing another podcast personality in your area that has an established following can help give your channel more exposure. Having their name in your video title and them in the thumbnail.

Reviewing products/services

reviewing a product or service is a common search term. Sometimes you can reach out to the brand and ask them to share your review. Sometimes the brand will discover you and provide you with more products to talk about.

Call to action in each video

Make sure you invite people to your website. Is there a specific service you’d like them to sign-up for – free consultation?

Embed your YouTube video into blog posts:

Place the videos (embed) into web 2.0 blog posts with similar keywords and content. This means the blog post title is similar to your video as well as the text written into the blog post.


Are you surprised? You need links to your videos and to your YouTube channel to be noted as an authority.

Place your YouTube video links into blog posts:

On your videos, click “share” and grab that link. Embed them. You can also place these links on the blog posts mentioned above. Backlinks and other internal SEO links drive link juice to the videos.

Because this is a LOT of work embedding videos, it’s most effective to concentrate on 5 videos that are “evergreen”.

Here’s a list of places to embed your YouTube videos:



Take time to respond to your comments. Viewers will appreciate you responding to their comments and answering your questions. Just making that connection of human contact can help you gain more subscribers and validate the authority of your youtube channel.

And those are my Advanced Youtube Video SEO Tips.

Just as you would follow a blog post checklist, be sure to add these advanced video SEO tips to your YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading my SEO blog, I appreciate it! As an SEO company in San Diego, I look forward to answering your questions.

Internal Links for SEO Benefits

Internal Links for SEO Benefits

Internal links for SEO benefits are real? You can bet your bottom dollar!

The MAJORITY of business blogs I look at – 50% are not LEVERAGING Internal Links!

That’s right – let’s dive into adding internal links throughout your site, the benefits, and how to go about adding internal links the right way!

Hello everyone! Jen Ruhman here reminding you to get your internal link strategy solid and flu shot this year! Pssst… OK make that a COVID shot instead.

Internal Links for SEO Benefits

Here’s a big fat example of internal links in your face now: 😳

(notice the purple hyperlinks in the text below – guys and gals -those are internal links.)

Internal links are not being used enough in my opinion. In fact, I recommend this SEO strategy in my blog post promotion checklist. BTW I just made an internal link there. You may also remember I mentioned internal links in my 5 Tips to improve your website’s SEO. BAM! I added another internal link there too. OMG those internal links up above are beautiful, I’m so proud.

Internal links are a two-way street. I will add internal links to this very page you’re reading now and internal links to other pages from THIS page.

Internal links on your website may feel like high fives from yourself BUT Google really thinks they’re cool!

-Jen Ruhman

👋 I see Shopify store lacking internal links. Check out my Shopify SEO tips here.

Internal Links – You NEED them on your website now.

What exactly are internal links?

Internal links are the links you create to other pages on your website.

For example, you may have a blog post about healthy brands of dog food. And you might have a blog post about recipes to make your own dog food at home. You can include a link to the recipes page in your blog post about brands of dog food. Heck, it makes sense because it’s helpful and may be interesting to the user’s audience.

Internal links are simple – Don’t overthink them!

Internal links vs. external links

Remember, internal links are great but not as stellar as external links. Sure you can score free external links from business directories or even popular infographic directories, but it’s even better to get a hefty backlink from websites that rank higher than yours!

  • You have 100% control of the anchor text / you never know what webmasters will use to link to your site
  • Internal links are 100% easier to obtain / External links from other sites are usually merit of earned honor
  • External links from a high domain authority benefit your website more than internal links.

Simply, add a hyperlink to related content while you’re writing content. (See examples above)

I’m simply recommending you place about related 3-5 internal links max (my opinion) on each blog post.

Why Do I recommend 3-5 internal links per post?

Well for starters, seeing a TON of internal links can look spammy. Second, if there’s just a few per page, they stand out as important.

These links should flow naturally in your text and lead to other helpful content on your site.

You need to sprinkle internal links onto every blog page, especially the blog posts that are receiving traffic or at least ranking high in google.

Also, Yoast’s SEO plugin adds internal links as an SEO ranking signal on their checklist.

Internal links are #2 on this list. Look at my Yoast score – wow I’m good…

How your website’s SEO benefits from internal links:

Be sure to leverage your most popular blog post that already receive a lot of traffic. Simply add internal links on your winning pages to help boost the page ranks of less popular posts.

  • They “POWER-UP” the pages you want to rank HIGHER in Google
  • Internal links boost CTR (click-through rate)
  • They tell google these links are related content and have authority.
  • Pages that have a high number of internal links pointing to them are seen as important pages on your websites.

Doesn’t this sound amazing? 

With internal links, you can optimize your anchor text to your preferred keywords.

Let me explain:

Let’s say you have a website about credit repair services:

  • Your blog will have posts such as “How to Build Business Credit the Right Way”
  • These blog posts about “credit” will gain you the authority in the subject of “credit”
  • the blog posts will have an internal link pointing to your “credit repair services” page 
  • You gain a higher CTR – click-through rate
  • And your blog posts will have an internal link to your home page about “credit repair consultants in Atlanta

How I implement internal links:

  1. I like to take a notepad and make a list of the related blog posts by copy and pasting URLS.(pictured below)
  2. I open up all the blog posts and add the new internal link I want to integrate.
  3. That’s it, nothing too difficult!
internal link strategy

OK, and that’s it for internal links for SEO benefits.

I hope you start implementing this tip. Just as powerful external links help you rank higher in google, internal links from your other high authoritative blog posts (getting traffic) can “power-up” the domain authority of these pages you send traffic to easily with internal links.

Just as easily obtainable backlinks from infographic submission sites and directories are good external links, internal links are even easier.

BTW. If you have too many blog posts that have not received any traffic in the past 6 months – either rewrite them and make them higher quality or remove them and 301 direct those pages to similar pages.

Want to pick my brain and talk SEO?
contact me … I don’t bite

Jen Ruhman

Life as an SEO Expert

Life as an SEO Expert

First of all, I absolutely LOVE doing SEO!

life as an seo expert
Woo hoo I love SEO!

Everyday is an adventure – as in… you never know what mood Google is going to be in. (LOL a little SEO joke there)

– Jen Ruhman

Content is King but… SEO is your Queen!

-Jen Ruhman

It really brings joy into my life helping business owners rank higher in Google and YouTube.

I’ve been doing SEO for years since 2004, but now it’s been my focus – especially during these past six years. (because SEO is very challenging and competitive nowadays)

SEO is not a luxury service, but a must for all small business owners to remain competitive in Google’s search engine.

Now that 1 in 7 people have a website of some kind, you’re in good company with 1 billion website owners that want to rank on the first page.

every morning I wake up to google on my mind

BTW… Are YOU a small business owner? Please read: SEO facts small biz owners need to know

This blog post is going to be rather unique because it’s all about myself and how I really work as an SEO expert here in San Diego, CA.

Yes, sometimes I explain SEO as living a double life in the Matrix…

It’s pretty interesting explaining what SEO is and how I do it. The easy answer… Oh I help websites rank higher in Google search results…

Next, they’re like “but how do you do that?” And I say…

I write content that helps people and at the same time optimize it to make google bots understand I want to rank for certain keywords. Yes, there’s a lot going on in the background you would never dream possible. LOL.

– Jen Ruhman
in the matrix

Let’s dive in and talk about my life as an SEO expert!

Here are my typical work schedule tasks: (everything happens after my cup of coffee)

  • Providing quotes
  • Getting great backlinks/networking with other SEO experts
  • Working on making YouTube videos for SEO
  • Blogging / optimizing blog posts
  • Adding internal links throughout your content
  • Corresponding with clients
  • Creating / editing service pages
  • Optimizing new / old content
  • Making your site faster
  • Updating content as the client’s request
  • Updating google my business
  • Sharing your blogs on social media
  • Writing guest posts to gain you a backlink
  • Updating the client about progress/direction
  • Checking the competition
  • Learning new skills
  • Adding/implementing new technologies and strategies
  • Making a list of items to work on for your website
  • Reports / invoicing / book keeping
  • Cleaning the house
  • Walking my dog
  • Getting dinner on the table! mMMMm.


Yes, I get to wake up on my own schedule and it’s AWESOME of course! I think this is a BIG reason why I’m so happy!

Every morning I check my emails to see if there’s anything newsworthy from my clients or if there’s any problems I need to immediately address. If there’s anything urgent, I make a list of things to do ASAP!

The dorkiest thing I do, is usually checking to see how my well cared for keywords are ranking! Really, I will google my target keywords and get excited to see jumps in search results! 😁 I will do my happy dance and grab a sweet treat and reward myself! Woo hoo! First page!

This pineapple knows what’s up!

Next, I like to check out some of my favorite fellow SEO experts on Youtube and see how their tested strategies are doing. I love listening to them while I’m getting ready in the morning. It’s exciting when someone has a new strategy I want to test on one of my own sites and later on use for a client’s site.

Which SEO experts do I enjoy?

I used to really used to enjoy Neil Patel but now I like Ruan Marinho, Chris Palmer, and Brian Dean.

Next, I go into my garden and nurture my plants and sit back and enjoy my morning water or coffee. It’s really important that I do something nice for myself every morning before I start work and that is usually taking my dog for a walk at the park or just tidying up the house nice and neat to feel grounded for day.


I’m ready to get started doing SEO! Watch out world!

  • Crank up my SEO programs
  • Get out my iPad, MacBook Pro, HP laptop, and my iPhone (because I like testing on all my devices)
  • Review my work order schedule

My work schedule for the month is blocked in such a way that I pick one client for the day to work on their site. Depending on hours, I may work for one client three days in a row. It’s really important to have a plan of action and strategy for each unique client. Three-hour blocks and a 30 minute break time works best for me, heck I work from home – it’s fantastic!


Time for more coffee!
The question is… will I brew it myself or take a trip to get a McCafe (current guilty pleasure – caramel frappe!)

I agree with everything this woman’s coffee cup has to say 😉

Phone calls

This is when I usually schedule times for phone meetings / zoom / onsite meetings

It’s important to me that clients don’t “feel like a number” I really enjoy talking to my clients and genuinely helping them. Attentively listening and taking notes, brainstorming, Some of my clients are so awesome, we will have our meetings at the Cheesecake factory! How cool is that?!


Yes, I like to check my Google Analytics and Goole search console for all my clients’ data

Spy on Your Competitors

My clients have competition and I like to see what they’re working on and what’s beneficial for them that I can emulate and do better!

I will see which blog posts they’re promoting or which pages are their most popular and see how I can steal that traffic! (like a bandit)


I will get far away from my computer and go run errands or spend time with my family, most of all go outside an enjoy the gorgeous weather in San Diego!

Yes, I wake up in the middle of the night thinking about your website!

Yes, I will SEO your website to the top and Yes again, I will pray your website to the top too!

– Jen Ruhman
I call upon my SEO skills and also my faith, why not!?

Sometimes I will wake up in the middle of the night and think about other strategies I can utilize for your website! My mind will “experiment” where to make the changes and run through the process since no two websites are the same. Sometimes I will meditate to see if the universe wants to talk to me and give me insights. Last night I woke up and wrote down a note for myself in the morning. “make sure you do not cache this contact form page – its code is breaking when I minify it. Make a new rule in CloudFlare…”

Sometimes I will even pray for miracles and guidance. I know it sounds strange, but this morning my prayers were answered.

I’m thankful for the SEO clients God has placed into my life and it’s my pleasure to serve them.

Thank you for reading my life as an SEO expert!

Jen Ruhman

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