Thanks for checking out an image SEO case study I am doing for Elizabeth Dawson.

Now, If you know Elizabeth, she’s an amazing financial advisor and also an author here in San Diego.

That being said, she wants to rank for the alternative spelling of her name “Elizabeth Dawon” with a ltter “z” in the name vs an “s”. As common as this name is, I took on the challenge. I discovered some great websites that will help rank her image (including my site here). It’s been roughly 20 days. Here’s what’s showing up in Google as of 6/27/24″

screenshots of Elizabeth Dawson

The top website showing highest rankings for this keyword was unfortunatly a memorial site. Not possible, skip.

Why would you want to rank in Google image search by the way? Credibility, Authority. Why not?

Elizabeth has some stunning photos that were professionally taken, ofcourse I’d want them to appear.

Look at this amazing photo of Elizabeth Dawsom :

Elizabeth Dawson - San Diego

Elizabeth Dawson

In today’s digital world, having your images rank at the top of Google Image Search can significantly enhance your online presence and brand visibility. This case study delves into the efforts made to rank images of Elizabeth Dawson, a prominent financial advisor in San Diego, despite the challenges posed by her common name.

Understanding the Basics of Google Image Search

To effectively rank images, it’s essential to understand how Google ranks them. Google uses various factors such as relevance, image quality, and the context provided by the surrounding text and metadata. Optimizing these elements is crucial for improving image rankings.

The Challenge with Common Names

Names like Elizabeth Dawson present unique challenges due to their commonality. Competing with numerous other images requires strategic planning and precise optimization. Overcoming this involves unique approaches to SEO that can set her images apart from the rest.

Initial Steps Taken

The first step involved selecting high-quality images of Elizabeth Dawson and optimizing them. This included naming the files appropriately with keywords and ensuring that each image was relevant to the content surrounding it.

Alt Tags and Descriptions

Alt tags play a vital role in image SEO. They provide context to search engines about the image content. For Elizabeth Dawson, alt tags such as “Elizabeth Dawson” “Elizabeth Dawson financial advisor San Diego” were used to enhance relevance.

Website Integration

Integrating images into her website with optimized H1 tags and strategic placement was another critical step. Ensuring that the images were placed in contextually relevant articles helped boost their SEO value.

Leveraging Web 2.0 Websites

Using Web 2.0 platforms like Medium, Issuu, and Behance helped distribute Elizabeth Dawson’s images across multiple high-authority sites. These platforms offer valuable backlinks and additional context, which can improve image rankings.

Elizabeth image SEO citations:
  3. issuewire: (️ RANKING)
  4. flickr
  5. pinterest
  6. prlog: (️ RANKING)
  7. patch (️ RANKING)
  8. x:
  9. behance:
  10. (this site ranks a woman named “Elizabeth Dawson”
  13. reddit: 1ddowxx/elizabeth_dawson_the_financial_guru_with_a_heart/ (️ RANKING)
  14. my website:  (️ RANKING)

Patch was the first and fastest site to index her photo within 24 hours I’d say. Will it stay there I have no idea!

Classified Websites and Reddit

Posting images on classified websites and Reddit provided additional visibility. These platforms are often crawled by Google, and ranking on them can indirectly boost the primary image rankings.

Waiting for Google Indexing

One of the most challenging aspects of SEO is waiting for Google to index the efforts. Patience is key, as indexing can take time. Keeping track of which sites are still awaiting indexing helps manage expectations and plan future strategies.

Specific Website Efforts

Efforts on various websites included creating detailed profiles and articles featuring Elizabeth Dawson. Sites like PRLog and Patch showed notable success, ranking images effectively due to their high domain authority and relevance.

Case Studies of Successful Rankings

Analyzing platforms where success was achieved provided insights into effective strategies. For instance, PRLog and Patch offered strong domain authority and relevant content, which helped in ranking the images higher.

Challenges and Setbacks

Challenges included dealing with common name competition and slow indexing times. Addressing these issues involved refining alt tags, using more specific keywords, and continually updating content to maintain relevance.

Future Strategies

Maintaining and improving rankings requires ongoing effort. Future strategies include exploring new platforms, continually updating existing content, and monitoring Google Analytics to track progress.


Ranking images on Google Image Search, especially with common names, is a challenging but rewarding process. Through strategic optimization, patience, and continual effort, it’s possible to achieve and maintain high rankings, enhancing online visibility and brand presence.

Challenges and Setbacks

While our journey to rank Elizabeth Dawson’s images on Google has been largely successful, it hasn’t been without its challenges. The primary hurdle is the commonality of her name. Competing against numerous other Elizabeth Dawsons requires a unique approach to SEO. Slow indexing times by Google have also posed a challenge, as they delay the visibility of our efforts. To overcome these, we’ve had to refine our alt tags, employ more specific keywords, and continually update content to keep it relevant.

Future Strategies

Moving forward, we plan to maintain and improve our rankings through continuous effort and strategic planning. Here are some strategies we intend to implement:

  1. Exploring New Platforms: We will look for additional high-authority platforms to publish images and content about Elizabeth Dawson.
  2. Continual Content Updates: Regularly updating existing content to maintain its relevance and SEO value.
  3. Monitoring Google Analytics: Tracking our progress and adjusting our strategies based on analytics data.
  4. Engaging with Audiences: Utilizing social media and other channels to increase engagement and drive more traffic to our images.
  5. Networking with Influencers: Collaborating with influencers and other notable figures to enhance the visibility and credibility of Elizabeth Dawson’s images.


Ranking images on Google Image Search, especially for individuals with common names like Elizabeth Dawson, is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. Through strategic optimization, patience, and continuous effort, we’ve managed to achieve and maintain high rankings. This process has significantly enhanced Elizabeth Dawson’s online presence and brand visibility.


Why is it important to rank images on Google? Ranking images on Google increases visibility, driving more traffic to your website and enhancing your online presence.

How long does it take to see results? Results can vary, but it typically takes a few weeks to several months to see significant changes in image rankings.

What are the best practices for image SEO? Best practices include using relevant alt tags, high-quality images, proper file names, and integrating images within contextually relevant content.

Can I use the same strategies for different names? Yes, the strategies can be applied to different names, but they may need to be adjusted based on the competitiveness of the name.

What if my images still don’t rank? If images don’t rank, review your SEO practices, update alt tags and content, and consider using additional platforms to boost visibility.

What are the best practices for image SEO? Best practices for image SEO include using relevant and descriptive alt tags, ensuring high-quality images, properly naming image files with keywords, and placing images within contextually relevant content on high-authority sites.

Thank you so much for checking out this fun image SEO test. I may update it from time to time and especially if the client wishes to continue the efforts.

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BTW, since I mentioned Elizabeth, I need to note her disclaimer:

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