You Need to Be Collecting Email Addresses

You Need to Be Collecting Email Addresses

Email marketing is still a must for business websites and even blogs.

There have been many claims email marketing is dead but guess what?

In fact, email marketing is still alive and doing well.

Heck, email marketing is still kicking butt for many businesses.

You Need to Be Collecting Email Addresses

Why should You Collect Email Addresses?

Numero uno – your email marketing is the only platform YOU have 100% control.

That’s the sad truth. If you’re familiar with all the wonky algorithm updates on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you know it’s true.

Second, an email address is still a great piece of contact information to reach your audience. Many people still check their email in the morning simply by skimming, deleting, reading, and opting to read later. Guess what? Just seeing your brand in their inbox rents a few seconds in that person’s mind.

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Many people that visit your website are simply in research mode and not ready to be a customer – you need to keep in touch with them and reel them back in with email campaigns.

People don’t even need to read your emails for them to be effective.

They see them, think about you and carry on – or engage with your email. It’s a win-win.

As long as you’re not spamming them or being annoying with daily emails, email marketing is effective!

Heck, I get emails daily that I subscribed to years ago, some as way back to ten years ago. Do I unsubscribe? Yes but only if they’re annoying! Honestly, I don’t mind an occasional email. It shows your brand is alive and “keeping relevant”.

Third, people are not ready to do business with you. They subscribe because they like your services or products online, but they’re not ready to go forward. They’re waiting for a coupon or waiting to learn more; they’re simply in research mode. It can take as little as a few emails or even a dozen to get an email subscriber to convert into a lead.

How Do I Collect Email Addresses?

I recommend you use one of the following 100% FREE platforms using WordPress, you can add: Sumo Email Capture (the one I use on this site) or Bloom Email Optin by Elegant Themes. These two options simply help you collect email addresses in a pretty and functional platform. Design options such a popup that appears in the lower screen, content unlocks, ebook signups, and more! Next, you’ll need a place to create emails, especially automated emails hence the next step…

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1 -Example of SUMO email capture
2 – Example of Bloom’s email capture
3 -Example of MailChimp’s email capture

How Do I Send Emails to My List?

My recommendation is the 100% free MailChimp. You can use this as an all-in-one email marketing solution by also using it to collect emails like Sumo and Bloom, but they’re not as pretty…yet! MailChimp is great at sending pretty emails using templates anyone can easily use. You can create an automated email response that drips scheduled emails. Or you can simply send out an email blast. Even better, have an automated email sent to your subscribers when you publish a new blog post.

What Do I Send to my Email Subscribers?

Sales – coupon codes
HOT New items for sale
Brand new blog posts
Updated features added to your products / services
How-to guides for your products
News about your business
Happy Birthday Deals
There are so many possibilities


Do not ever buy an email list!
NEVER send emails every day!

The reason, you’ll get flagged for spam! This can affect your future emails!

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Looking to hire someone to get your website started collecting emails?

I’m happy to help add email marketing to your website! I can set up a beautiful email opt-in, set up automated emails, a list of drip emails and more!

Final thoughts

Email is here to stay. You Need to Be Collecting Email Addresses! Don’t rely on social media alone! We have no idea what their platforms algorithms have planned. You’re showing up one day, the next day – you’re nowhere to be found.

Meet Edgar Review

Meet Edgar Review

meet edgar review

Meet Edgar Review

Are you a Social media manager? This Meet Edgar Review is going to cover everything you need to know including: what it does, who’s it geared for, the subscription price, pros and cons.

What the heck is Meet Edgar? – Meet Edgar Review

Meet Edgar is the latest and greatest new social media scheduling application. You can schedule posts for Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

What Makes Meet Edgar so Special and Unique? 

meet Edgar reviewMeet Edgar has the most amazing featureit recycles your posts over and over again. You can save all your posts to a library and have them magically reappear randomly. Just specify the category, and you can stream you social media platforms… forever.

As an example, I’ve added approximately fifty posts to my Meet Edgar library for my beauty blog. Now, every day, my followers get to see what appears to be fresh content. I have around ten tweets going out on my Twitter account daily, along with two on my Facebook fan page. What’s fascinating is that my older posts are rejuvenated and look as if they are brand new. This strategy provides another opportunity for followers who might have missed the initial tweet to discover and click on it. I’ve also applied the same approach to a client’s account, putting their posts on autopilot. This has freed up valuable time for me, and it gives the impression that I’m consistently updating, when in reality, I’m enjoying a cup of coffee while working on other tasks.

Who Should Use Meet Edgar? 

If you have a website that depends on driving traffic with social media, Meet Edgar is what you need. No matter if you have 300 blog posts or 30. You can store headlines and images to your library and recycle the heck out of them.

You should typically spend a few minutes and create at least three sexy headlines for each blog post you want to share and store in your library. Plus add an image and hashtags. Mix it up:

meet Edgar review

meet Edgar review – screenshot of library

“How to Remove Split Ends Fast & Easy” #Hair #HairCare #Beauty

“The Best Proven Method for Removing Split Ends” #DIY #haircare

“The secret how to get rid of split ends forever” #hair #beauty #beautysecrets

How Meet Edgar Works

  1. Create your 1-month free trial account here:
  2. Create some categories,  they have good starter ones like “quotes” I made one just called “beauty blog”
  3. Start creating your library and assign which social media accounts you want them streaming into.
  4. Schedule how often you want to update per day. (you can be specific what time) A calendar of Sunday – Monday will appear
  5. Sit back and enjoy your posts on autopilot
  6. Don’t forget to log into the social media platforms themselves and respond to your followers

My review and experience using Meet Edgar, the awesome social media scheduling application that constantly streams your social media for you. (You can literally set it and forget it – autopilot)Screenshot – Here’s what I had for my starting out categories:

meet edgar review

Screenshot – Here’s a peek at my meet Edgar library

meet Edgar library

Screenshot- Meet Edgar Schedule

meet Edgar schedule

Meet Edgar Pros and Cons – Meet Edgar Review


  1. Social media updates on autopilot
  2. I don’t have to keep scheduling updates
  3. Categories to select from instead of just pulling from one magic hat
  4. Log-in to one account instead of 4,5,6,7…lol
  5. Statistics – shows likes / comments / and shares and reports on gains and losses of followers
  6. Content is easy to manage
  7. Easy to use overall


  1. Limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin (hoping for Google+ soon)
  2. It’s pricey – $50 per month – however, it’s worth it to me
  3. You can’t interact with your followers

It’s only been two months since I started using Meet Edgar and it’s a ROI

I love starting the morning with lots of website traffic, especially seeing a high volume of traffic from twitter and Facebook fan pages, all thanks to Meet Edgar. Meet Edgar has saved me time, gained me traffic, and produced ROI.

You simply get what you pay for. With other social media scheduling platforms (Hootsuite), I still had to schedule my tweets often. Not anymore. I’m so spoiled now with Meet Edgar, I don’t have to schedule my social media. Heck, there’s even an option to try a recommended schedule. It’s super easy and effective.

Easy Peazy

I spent one hour inputting 140 of my blog posts for myself and my clients. I added links with a catchy headline, hashtags and supportive image. This one hour investment of my time building my library of high quality social media ammo has given me peace of mind that my social media management is complete.

However, when I do create a new blog post on my website, I add it to my meet Edgar library. Piece of cake…

Why I choose Meet Edgar

I now appear to “have my social media act together” My online accounts appear to update throughout the day. My online social media presence looks like I’m having a blast sharing my content. Because I have so much content, it always looks new to my social media subscribers.

This can be extremely beneficial if your blog posts are buried deep in your website. For example, if it takes more then 5 clicks to get to an article, most likely your new readers haven’t seen it… When your followers see it appear on social media, it looks fresh!

Final thoughts on Meet Edgar 

For myself and the sake of saving time, it’s worth the $50/month price tag. I justify the price by assuming it pays for itself. I have three clients on “autopilot” and it looks like I’m working doing updates for them when I’m not. It’s also updating when I’m asleep, driving to work, or just working on other bigger projects. Beautiful right?

BTW, I was not paid to write a Meet Edgar Review. I just really love it and wanted to spread the word. Oh, and if you find a promo code for Meet Edgar, please share it in the comments below. I’d like to help the new users out.