How to Get Local Followers on Instagram – 5 Tips

    How to Get Local Followers on Instagram – 5 Tips

    How to get local followers on instagram for your business.

    Check out my top 5 tips to easily grow your local followers on Instagram.

    If you have a small business, you need local Instagram followers.
    It’s truly how you can get local instagram users to notice your business and get them started into your sales funnel or marketing goals.

    How to Get Local Followers on Instagram

    Today I’m sharing a few powerful ways how you can attract, interact, and gain local instagram followers.

    This method is not focused on taking better instagram photos… Pshhh. This tutorial shows you how to take action!

    It’s quick and easy!

    It gets better, 

    You can get local followers for free on instagram. 

    Why You're NOT Getting Traffic from Google

    That’s right. You’re tapping into over 100 million instagram users… there’s defiantly instagram users that are nearby your local business.

    It’s time to gain the benefits of instagram for your local business and get local users’  attention to notice your brand!

    If you’re like most small businesses you probably can’t afford to hire a social media expert.

    That’s OK. If you have ten minutes to spare per day for instagram, I’ll show you how you can get local instagram followers that will help boost your sales.

    Having local instagram followers is beneficial for any small business

    • It helps you gain trust with your customers or potential customers
    • Spreads word of mouth
    • Gets foot traffic to your business
    • Creates a sense of community and branding

    If you have a small business that relies on foot traffic, you need local marketing.


    Ready to get started?

    Here’s five tips how to get local followers on Instagram

    1. Leverage Local Hashtags

    People love using their local hashtags such as their city or exact location in their instagram posts.

    Check out an example, I typed in “#SanDiego” (my city btw I’m using my laptop)

    How to Get Local Followers on Instagram

    How to Get Local Followers on Instagram

    See all the local potential?! Over 13 million posts.

    Check out the most recent Instagram posts for this hashtag and interact.

    Like their photo AND leave a comment.

    2. Interact with the most recent local posts

    Keep your comments professional and start a conversation, perhaps ask a question. You can even just leave an emoji.

    Why should you interact with the most recent Instagram posts?

    I recommend that you interact with the most recent photos because these users are most likely still using instagram or have their phone in their hand. They’re awaiting to see how many likes they will receive or how many comments their photo will earn. (millennials… right?)

    You have a better chance interacting with them, making an impression.

    You want to interact on photos that have no likes or comments, be the first!

    For example:

    How to Attract local instagram followers

    How to Attract local instagram followers


    Let’s click on this photo:

    How to Attract local instagram followers

    How to Attract local instagram followers

    Now let’s follow, like, and leave a comment. Notice other hashtags we can use too? #SanDiegoCA

    3. Leave questions as comments

    Now, you might want to leave a more creative comment than “congrats” Notice the address above the man’s head? Point that out, say 4750? You’re practically my neighbor. We’re an IT company in San Diego. Congrats BTW! :)”

    The best types of coments to leave on Instagram are questions!

    You want to “stir the pot” “create buzz”.

    Your goal in this process is to get the Instagram user to click on your Instagram username to see who you are.

    Time for a fun example….

    Let’s peek into an Instagram user’s mind:

    The local instagram user’s mind might work like this:

    Local Instagram user: “Hey….. who’s liking and leaving me comments on my account?”

    (sees five new likes and one new comment from you)

    This raises curiosity who you are. 

    They will most likely click on your username  to check out your profile and photos before commenting back.

    The point is that you succeeded “getting into their head”

    They now know there’s an IT company in San Diego nearby that follows them. (you’re an IT company in this example)

    Local Instagram user: “I just looked at their profile, they seem ok… I’ll write back.”

    Local Instagram user: “I’m gonna return the favor and like some of their photos now because they liked a bunch of mine…”

    Fast forward months from now

    4. Interact with your Instagram news feed

    Now that you’re following a good amount of instagram users in your area, be sure to like their photos!

    It’s important to continue to like their photos and comment. Eventually the local instagram users you follow will follow you back and interact with you.

    It does take time and you need to be persistent. However, don’t act desperate or be pushy.

    5. Leverage the Geo-locate feature:

    Let’s leverage the geo-locate feature in this Instagram post. The user here allowed Instagram to use his location and include it below his instagram username as circled in red. (example pictured below)

    If this is a nearby business and it has your target market of customers, in this case it’s a car dealership. They attract people with money in the market to purchase a new car. 🙂

    This place is already receiving foot traffic and they’re your neighbor.

    • Click on their location
    • Look for users that recently took photos here
    • Follow them! (in this example it’s mostly the car dealership that populates the “most recent”) However, you’ll find some customer posts.

    instagram geo locate

     6. Follow your local competition’s followers

    This is quick and shameless tip. If there’s a local business that’s a competitor, check out their inastagram account.

    Study what they’re posting, see what’s working for them. It doesn’t hurt to follow their ideas, you can perhaps think of even better ideas, brainstorm with your employees.

    If your competitors have followers, they might be more likely to follow you back since they already like the same type of business.


    Bonus: How to get local business to follow you on Instagram

    Depending on your product or business, you may want to only attract local business owners or local businesses on Instagram.

    Sometimes, that’s more of a bigger client and can be a bigger sale.

    For example, it you’re an IT company, you most likely want small businesses nearby to follow you and hire you for your local IT services. You’ll want to simply search for targeted keywords. Use the city you’re located and add “businessowner” for example, #SanDiegoBusinessOwner.

    Bingo, do a quick search in Instagram for “#SanDiegoBusinessOwner” and 62 posts show:


    How to get local business to follow you on instagram

    How to get local business to follow you on Instagram

    You should follow and interact with the most recent posts. Leave comments and get a conversation started. Connect! Network!

    You can also do a google search for any specific businesses nearby.

    For example, if you wanted to connect with only dentists in San Diego, do a google search “dentists San Diego” Click on their links and website to find their instagram account.


    Thanks for reading “How to Get Local Followers on Instagram.”

    Do you have any tips how to get local followers on instagram?

    Please share your tips in the comments below.

    Still confused about Instagram?

    I have lots more Instagram tips for you:

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    Get more likes on your Instagram photos using this free app

    Instagram hashtags for Selling Jewelry



    How Social Media Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

    How Social Media Can Boost Your Jewelry Business

    Do you have a jewelry business?

    Here’s 5 Benefits of using social media for your jewelry business.

    EASY ways to Boost your jewelry business today!

    Social media is involved in every part of our social media can benefit your jewelry business

    We like, tweet, pin, and post everywhere to share ideas, news, and pictures with our friends and family.

    The social media trend doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, so you should use it to help advertise your jewelry business.

    While social media platforms are a great way to share things about your life, utilizing them for advertisements has become crucial for businesses of all sizes—even artisans and jewelry manufacturers. If your business doesn’t use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other sites to engage with consumers and create an online brand identity, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow.

    One reason businesses refrain from going digital, especially smaller businesses, is that it can seem like a very time consuming and daunting challenge. After all, with so many businesses prevalent on social media, how can your company stand out? After initial setup of your social media profiles, pay attention to popular trends and use them as a way to garner attention and advertise your products. Setting up your social media might not seem straightforward, but if you can tap into what is going on online you’ll see a huge boost for your business.

    5 Ways Social Media Can Benefit your Jewelry Business

    jewelry fans

    1. Content to Show Off Products

    Among the many products available, jewelry is one of the best suited to online marketing through social media. Since these outlets allow you to show off products in a way that traditional online marketing can’t,

    using photos and videos gives you the opportunity to show jewelry pieces from multiple angles so consumers can inspect pieces before they buy. Not only will it give them confidence in the quality and beauty of a piece, but it encourages brand loyalty and makes your company seem forthcoming about product details and specs. After all, as consumers become pickier about what they buy, they will typically return to brands they know they can trust.

    show jewelry pieces from multiple angles

    Don’t use static images to share how your products—platforms such as Vine allow you to create short videos, so you can show off the best parts of your products. You can also post videos of how jewelry pieces are made, how the design process works, and how to pair certain pieces with outfits and hairstyles.

    jewelry making

    how social media can benefit your jewelry business

    2. Engage with Your Customers

    One of the best aspects of social media is the ability for businesses to effortlessly engage with customers. Modern consumers want to feel like their concerns are being heard by the companies and businesses, so using Yelp and Facebook as platforms for comments and messages can help you address issues and answer questions right away.

    Related: # Hashtags for selling jewelry on Social Media

    Hashtags for Jewelry

    Social media is also an effective avenue to engage with consumers for positive reasons too. Encourage customers to engage with your brand by posting photos of themselves wearing your pieces, highlight repeat customers, or host challenges and Q&A forums, will encourage further interaction. You can also promote consumer feedback and reviews that will be posted directly on your Facebook page and your main website. By generating this content on a regular basis, you will create goodwill with your customers and ensure they’re consistently informed of new information and products.

    Social media platforms encourage a more personal sense of interaction, and they are an ideal way to share information from other sources about the latest trends and styles. Twitter is especially useful as a source, as you can give followers a peek at an interesting article or trend and then encourage them to visit your website or blog for the full scoop.

    instagram jewelry

    3. Let Fans Share for You

    Customers are highly influenced by their friends and family when it comes to buying decisions, and word-of-mouth has always been a huge driving force behind sales. You can take advantage of these consumer habits and use them to achieve even more sharing and posting of your products on social media.

    By sharing information about your products on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you are giving customers the chance to learn about your jewelry and share information and images for you. With just a simple button click your customers can pass on the information you’ve shared with them and expose their entire list of family and friends in a convenient, effortless way.

    When it comes to jewelry businesses, Pinterest is by far your biggest ally for sharing product information. Not only do Pinterest keep track of the items they some day hope to buy, but they are more likely to “pin” your products which shares items quickly with all of their friends and family. These pins also easily link back to your main website or other social media accounts to give new customers a better look at what you have to offer.

    jewelry store social media tips

    4. Encourage Visits to your Store

    While this final tip is geared to brick and mortar locations rather than online businesses, using social media as a tool for getting people to come and visit your storefront combines the online and physical stores and gives consumers more options. You can run specials and post printable coupons that are exclusive to your physical store to give your social media followers a reason to come in to visit and ensure customers feel more special for getting access to exclusive deals.

    Once they’ve entered your store, there’s another opportunity for advertisement, as many people also like to tag themselves when visiting locations. By allowing customers to show their friends where they got that new funky necklace or elegant pair of earrings, you create additional buzz for your store and show its location instantly. Offer an incentive for customers visiting your store to ensure they “check-in” on social media and share your store information with everyone they know.

    jewelry store website seo

    5. Take Your Jewelry Business to the Next Level

    Setting up social media extensions for your jewelry business can seem like a hassle, but without a strong social media presence, you could lose opportunities to gain new customers. The best approach to growing your business is expanding your online presence one platform at a time.

    Focusing on one social media platform at a time can keep you from becoming overwhelmed while still allowing you to generate content consumers will be interested in reading and interested in sharing. Establish your online presence with social media to boost your jewelry business and expand your target audience.



    30 Bad-Ass Websites To Find Free High Quality Stock Photos

    30 Bad-Ass Websites To Find Free High Quality Stock Photos

    Stock photography is hella pricey right?

    If you’ve browsed stock photography websites offering high quality photos for $33.00 a pop, you gag.

    Forget those “fancy schmancy” stock photo sites…

    Check out these 30 bad-ass websites with the freshest and 100% FREE high quality stock photos.

    (they’re totally legit and legal too btw.)

    Websites To Find Free High Quality Stock Photos

    I know the struggle…

    If you’re new to blogging and can’t afford paying for stock photos or a subscription, I hear ya. That was once me. Heck, I still love using free stock photography to cut costs. 😉

    It’s crucial your new blog and social media has stunning images that make people instantly want to share your new blog post. Also she a tweet without even visiting your site. (it’s true)


    This is my hand-picked collection of free photo websites that have creative large high quality images you can download for FREE.

    • Large photos – perfect for trending parallax backgrounds
    • Videos – another huge web design trend I’m loving
    • Vector / Illustrations 
    • High Quality 


    (all links tested and working as of 10/1/2016)

    1. PEXELS
    This free photo website has stunning images. They also add 100 new photos every day. This site keeps getting better. I’ve been using it for the past two years.

    2. Pixabay
    This site is my “go to” for downloading free videos for my web design. I mentioned the parallax web design trend, go here. There’s also nice illustrations and vector graphics all for FREE. Yay! I can always depend on this site’s powerful search tool of I can’t find an image anywhere else for free.

    3. Gratisography

    This has some attention grabbing images that are kinda bizarre but cool. Perfect for attention grabbing tweets, pins, and blog post header images. I’ve seen a lot of blogs use this website.

    4. Picjumbo
    I appreciate that this free image site has original photos. All nice big high quality photography. This website has some nice photo categories. I like checking out their tech photos when I blog for an IT company website.

    5. New Old Stock

    If you need vintage photography, this is the website for you! Black and white photos and even sepia colors, you name it. Searching is easy peasy. Fun creative photos to change up the mix.

    6. Snapwire Snaps
    You have to check out the photo collections on this website. I love how it’s organized. Cooking, Coffee, Silhouettes, Smiles, Fitness, Fashion…and so many more! its all nicely organized. Amazing images.

    7. Splitshire

    More creative video background downloads and free photos. Very creative and useful original collections. I highly recommend these photos for your blog. They’re clean and high quality. Very professional looking photography.

    8. Jaymantri

    All these stunning photography were taken by Jay Mantri. Probably the most unique free photo website in this collection. Lots of architecture and close ups of doors,textures… perfect for someone out there.

    9. Stokpic
    Its a great site with easy to navigate categories. Only bummer, you have to register. Worth checking out. I wish they showed more photos per page. I love their fashion collection. I could see these images being used on pinterest.

    10. Unsplash
    Interesting free photo website that keeps growing. Be sure to browse the featured collections, especially the “stock diversity: women” Photos of real women un photoshopped, from all ethnic backgrounds, finally! yay!

    11. ISO Republic

    Another great free photo resource for web designers that need high quality images. I also love their category of free textures.

    12. Picography
    Just a collection of unorganized photos, however they’re high quality. I wish these free photos had categories. Some real weird photos but hey everyone needs a little weirdness now and then right?

    13. Get Refe

    Great photos, I just don’t like the website usability. There’s some really unique images that catch your eye!

    14. Foodies Feed

    If you have a food blog… or as they say foodie blog 😉 this site’s for you! Also great if you’re the owner of a health blog, fitness blog, or just need free food related photography. Great hidden gem.

    15. Travel Coffee Book
    Jaw dropping images of traveling, nature, architecture. Everything is on one long page, sorry no search function. This site has such lovely graphics, you might get inspired to travel too.

    16. Magdeleine
    Lots of elegant images free to use on your blog. I like that it has categories and you can search by color.

    17. JeShoots
    This site is bad-ass for having free mockup photos and free photoshop .PSD files. Great if you need a photo of someone holding an iPhone and you want to change the screen etc.

    18. CupCake
    A small batch of free photography by Jonas Nilsson Lee. Fun to check out. Many scenic photos.

    19. MorgueFile

    This free photo site has tons of photos, all unique. I love how it displays how old each photo is. Check out the most popular / most downloaded images. There’s some great shots. So many images! I searched, typed in “colorful” and was delighted how amazing this site is.

    20. Kaboompics

    Clean, high resolution free photos that are all tagged and easy to find. I love the collection of desks with paper, pencils, phones all neatly placed.

    21. Freeimages

    This website contains a very large selection of photos, but also videos! They offer the opportunity to contribute and get paid for it as well.

    22. Life Of Pix
    I’m happy to find this free photo site, good layout and they even have free videos! Beautiful images I’m sure you’ll want to place some of these images into your blog.

    23. StockSnap

    I thought this was pixels for a second. This has amazing photos… omg. The business category has nice photos. I’ll defiantly be using these in the near future. I love their categories, especially that they share what’s trending. There’s always something good.

    24. FancyCrave

    The best part of this site is that they offer free photo collections! It’s amazing. In the nav, click on photo packs. You can get an entire image collection, perfect for consistency if you want to place multiple styled images on one page for a professional look and feel.

    25. GoodFreePhotos

    If you’re in search for location based photos, this is your ticket. Every country is organized on the left navigation. This website does have images I’ve seen on other free photo websites but this is organized. Many as you know are not organized this nicely.

    26. LibreShot

    Nice big website with a clean layout. They all have some sort of muted tone or styled filter applied to each photo.

    27. Idpinthat
    A great free photo site for bloggers that want to create beautiful pinnable images for pinterest. This website can help everyone build a great pin. The website name says it all!

    28. Negativespace

    This free  photo site just uploaded a ton of free christmas photos. Worth checking out if you’re going to do seasonal marketing.

    29. Stocktookapic

    Lots of beautiful free photography. Just make sure you click on the photos with the little cloud icon.

    30. MMT

    Gorgeous one-of-a-kind photos by Jeffery Bettes. Nice categories. If you like one photo you’ll love them all. Check out his New York free photo collection. Love it!

    31. IM FREE

    Great categories such as Occupation, Icons, Beauty, Fashion, Technology, Business, Recreation, BW, Ambient, People, Templates, Buttons, and more! Check it out already! 😉


    WOW, so many websites to choose from with free high quality photos!

    Which are my faves you ask…?

    Hands down my fav images sites:

    1. – For high quality professional images
    2. – for video

    Here’s some examples of the stunning images you get for free online. Click the image to go to the source.

    free stock image sites


    free photos

    free photography

    I hope you found a new favorite free photo site that’s perfect for your blog!

    Did I miss a great photo site?
    Which is your fav free high quality stock photos website for your blog?

    Please let me know in the comments!

    Jen Ruhman

    Meet Edgar Review

    Meet Edgar Review

    meet edgar review

    Meet Edgar Review

    Are you a Social media manager? This Meet Edgar Review is going to cover everything you need to know including: what it does, who’s it geared for, the subscription price, pros and cons.

    What the heck is Meet Edgar? – Meet Edgar Review

    Meet Edgar is the latest and greatest new social media scheduling application. You can schedule posts for Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

    What Makes Meet Edgar so Special and Unique? 

    meet Edgar reviewMeet Edgar has the most amazing featureit recycles your posts over and over again. You can save all your posts to a library and have them magically reappear randomly. Just specify the category, and you can stream you social media platforms… forever.

    For example, I entered about fifty posts into my Meet Edgar library for my beauty blog. Everyday my followers see what appears to be fresh content. I have about ten tweets a day being published to my twitter, and 2 to my Facebook fan page. My old posts look shiny and new again. For some of my followers that never saw the tweet, there’s another chance for them to check it out and click on it. I also did the same for my client and their posts are on auto pilot. I now have free time and I look like I’m updating often – when really I’m drinking coffee and working on other things. 😉

    Who Should Use Meet Edgar? 

    If you have a website that depends on driving traffic with social media, Meet Edgar is what you need. No matter if you have 300 blog posts or 30. You can store headlines and images to your library and recycle the heck out of them.

    You should typically spend a few minutes and create at least three sexy headlines for each blog post you want to share and store in your library. Plus add an image and hashtags. Mix it up:

    meet Edgar review

    meet Edgar review – screenshot of library

    “How to Remove Split Ends Fast & Easy” #Hair #HairCare #Beauty

    “The Best Proven Method for Removing Split Ends” #DIY #haircare

    “The secret how to get rid of split ends forever” #hair #beauty #beautysecrets

    How Meet Edgar Works

    1. Create your 1 month free trial account here:
    2. Create some categories,  they have good starter ones like “quotes” I made one just called “beauty blog”
    3. Start creating your library and assign which social media accounts you want them streaming into.
    4. Schedule how often you want to update per day. (you can be specific what time) A calendar of Sunday – Monday will appear
    5. Sit back and enjoy your posts on autopilot
    6. Don’t forget to log into the social media platforms themselves and respond to your followers

    My review and experience using Meet Edgar, the awesome social media scheduling application that constantly streams your social media for you. (You can literally set it and forget it – autopilot)

    Why You're NOT Getting Traffic from Google

    Screenshot – Here’s what I had for my starting out categories:

    meet edgar review

    Screenshot – Here’s a peek at my meet Edgar library

    meet Edgar library

    Screenshot- Meet Edgar Schedule

    meet Edgar schedule

    Meet Edgar Pros and Cons – Meet Edgar Review


    1. Social media updates on autopilot
    2. I don’t have to keep scheduling updates
    3. Categories to select from instead of just pulling from one magic hat
    4. Log-in to one account instead of 4,5,6,7…lol
    5. Statistics – shows likes / comments / and shares and reports on gains and losses of followers
    6. Content is easy to manage
    7. Easy to use overall


    1. Limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin (hoping for Google+ soon)
    2. It’s pricey – $50 per month – however it’s worth it to me
    3. You can’t interact with your followers

    It’s only been two months since I started using Meet Edgar and it’s a ROI

    I love starting the morning with lots of website traffic, especially seeing a high volume of traffic from twitter and Facebook fan pages, all thanks to Meet Edgar. Meet Edgar has saved me time, gained me traffic, and produced ROI.

    You simply get what you pay for. With other social media scheduling platforms (Hootsuite), I still had to schedule my tweets often. Not anymore. I’m so spoiled now with Meet Edgar, I don’t have to schedule my social media. Heck, there’s even an option to try a recommended schedule. It’s super easy and effective.

    Easy Peazy

    I spent one hour inputting 140 of my blog posts for myself and my clients. I added links with a catchy headline, hashtags and supportive image. This one hour investment of my time building my library of high quality social media ammo has given me peace of mind that my social media management is complete.

    However, when I do create a new blog post on my website, I add it to my meet Edgar library. Piece of cake…

    Why I choose Meet Edgar

    I now appear to “have my social media act together” My online accounts appear to update throughout the day. My online social media presence looks like I’m having a blast sharing my content. Because I have so much content, it always looks new to my social media subscribers.

    This can be extremely beneficial if your blog posts are buried deep in your website. For example, if it takes more then 5 clicks to get to an article, most likely your new readers haven’t seen it… When your followers see it appear on social media, it looks fresh!

    Final thoughts on Meet Edgar 

    For myself and the sake of saving time, it’s worth the $50/month price tag. I justify the price by assuming it pays for itself. I have three clients on “autopilot” and it looks like I’m working doing updates for them when I’m not. It’s also updating when I’m asleep, driving to work, or just working on other bigger projects. Beautiful right?

    BTW, I was not paid to write a Meet Edgar Review. I just really love it and wanted to spread the word. Oh, and if you find a promo code for Meet Edgar, please share it in the comments below. I’d like to help the new users out.


    Hashtags for Jewelry

    Hashtags for Jewelry

    Hashtags for Jewelry

    Hashtags for Jewelry that will get your jewelry noticed on instagram, twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. If you’re a jewelry designer, marketing your own jewelry on social media with the right hashtags will get your jewelry discovered quickly and lead to increased revenue. This is true no matter how many followers you have. You might have noticed how important hashtags have become lately for every industry and using specific jewelry hashtags will work by finding customers that are actually interested in jewelry or shopping for jewelry. I have helped small and large businesses start marketing their jewelry online by providing them a list of the best hashtags for jewelry and top instagrams for jewelry.

    how social media can boost your Jewelry Business

    Why You're NOT Getting Traffic from Google

    Using the BEST Hashtags for Jewelry

    I have a list of the best hashtags for jewelry you can copy and paste into your instagram account. Bookmark this page.

    On instagram, you can use up to 30 hashtags per post. I recommend you take full advantage of using all 30. You can experiment using these and make them your own by changing some and seeing what works for your jewelry business.

    Using your phone: Touch and hold to copy jewelry hashtags | Paste into Instagram

    The BEST Handmade Jewelry Hashtags:

    (batches of 30 hashtags for instagram)

    (updated 9-2-17)

    #jewelry #jewelrydesigner #jewelrymaking #jewelryforsale #jewelryart #jewelrybloger #jewelryshow #jewelryset #jewelrysupply #jewelrybrand jewelrystyle #jewelryparty #jewelrymaker #jewelrystore #jewelryofig #jewelryporn #jewelryshop #jewelrylove #jewelryswag #jewelrygoals #jewelryonetsy #jewelrysale #jewelrylovers #jewelrygifts #jeweleryfashion #jewelrysupplies #jewelrybotique #jewelrylover #jewelrydesign

    #Jewelry #jewelryjunkie #instajewelry #jewelryforsale #musthave #style #handmadejewelry #Bracelet #Necklace #Gemstone #Beads #metal #accessories #selfmade #design #earrings #handmade #jewelrygram #bling #boutiques #instadaily #sterlingsilverjewelry #Silver #etsy #etsyhandmade #pendant #selfemployed #fashionjewelry #handmadejewelrysale #jewelrystore

    #ringsdaily #sterlingsilverheart #sterlingsilverinitial #accessories #jewels #armcandy #dressedup #crossnecklace #gold #silver #platinum #necklace #lookbook #madeinusa #greenonyx #vermeil #copper #emerald #amethyst #pearls #swarovski #wristparty #ontrend #wirewrapped #wirewrapping #wirewrappedjewelry #labradorite #necklaceoftheday #etsyjewelry #uniquejewelry


    The BEST Engagement Jewelry Hashtags:

    (updated 9-2-17)

    #engagementring #womensjewelry #love #ido #weddingring #bridal #engaged #engagement #marryme #shesaidyes #roundcut #ring #halo#diamond #gold #eternityband  #princesscut #instawedding #wedding #Bride #Bridal #SavetheDate #engagementrings #engagementringideas #engagementringselfie #engagementringparty engagementringinspiration #engagementringgoals #engagementringprincess #haloring


    The BEST Jewelry Hashtags for Watches: 

    (updated 9-2-17)

    #watchesforwomen #watchesrolex #watchesofinsta #wathesforlofe #watcheslover #watchesporn #watchesonme #watchesonline #watchesaddict #watchesoftheday #watchesforsale #watchstyle #watchesforhim #watchessentials #watcheslover #watchesdaily #watchesformen #watchesofig #watchesofinstagram #watches #instawatches #watch #luxurywatch #rolex #rolexwatch #iWatch #applewatch  #rolexdatejust #timepiece #watchstrap

    The BEST Jewelry Hashtags for Earrings:

    (updated 9-2-17)

    #earrings #earringsoftheday #earringsforsale #earringslover #earringswag #earringshop #earringsshop #earringmalaysia #earringsfashion #earringslove #earringsthiland #earringstagram #earringsaddict #earringsogood #earringdesign #earringsfordays #earrigstyle #earringshandmade #studearrings  #dropearrings  #chandelierearrings  #earringtrend #earringtrends #jewelry #jewelrygram #earringsforsale #beadedearrings #diamondstuds #pearlearrings #cuteearrings




    Success for both small and large businesses

    Why use Jewelry Hashtags?

    First of all, hashtags are the “keywords” for social media platforms such as instagram,  twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. Using the best hashtags for jewelry will level the playing field for your small business! You can literally compete with large jewelry stores this way no matter how many followers you have.

    Using Jewelry hashtags on your instagram posts are perfect for anyone selling jewelry. If you have an Etsy store, online retail store, or even a local jewelry shop, you should be using these specific jewelry hashtags. BTW, make sure you place your online store’s website or Etsy page in your instagram profile.


    Top Instagrams For Jewelry:

    using Hashtags for Jewelry Effectively

    Take a look at these people on instagram. Their instagram accounts are properly set up using hashtags geared to their specific type of jewelry they’re marketing on instagram. Study their photos and hashtags because they’re doing a great job.

    @pannlshop – Handmade Watchband

    @jewels_gems  – Handcrafted, heritage jewels

    @pieceofartgs – Handmade bohemian jewelry

    jewelry hashtags marketing

    Hashtag Jewelry Stats as of 2015:

    hashtags for jewelry

    Instagram #Jewelry Hashtag17,097,380 posts

    jewelry hashtags

    Twitter #Jewelry Hashtag: On average 1200 jewelry hashtag tweets per hour (source


    Are you a Social Media Marketer? Top 10 Instagram Facts Marketers Need to Know


    If you know someone that sells jewelry online, please share these hashtags with them. Or if you know someone successful selling handmade jewelry by marketing on instagram, I’d love to feature them.

    As I mentioned earlier, I have been helping many businesses get started on instagram. Not only large retail businesses, but also small local businesses that rely on foot traffic. Th one major business benefit instagram has given my clients, is a welcomed boost in sales and revenue. If you’re serious about using instagram and would like to learn more way to gain likes, followers, I recommend you check out these 10 creative ways to use instagram for business.

    hashtags for jewelry

    how social media can benefit your jewelry business

    Thank you for reading instagram hashtags for jewelry.

    Do you have a small jewelry business / store and need local instagram followers? Here’s how to grow followers and gain foot traffic to your store.

    -Jen Ruhman


    10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

    10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

    creative ways to use instagram for business

    Looking to get inspired with creative ways to use instagram for business? Be honest, take a look at your instagram photos right now and tell me if they’re interesting and grab your attention. If it was a total snooze fest (boring) let’s pump up the jam and get it going on with these top 10 creative ways to use instagram for business.

    If your instagram account needs more pizazz, followers, and likes, take it to the next level with these 10 creative ways your business can use Instagram


    1. Pick a color theme and stick to it!

    You can have the “wow” factor when someone visits your account easily by using a color theme!

    On the left is a green color palette I made for @hyphenet_inc
    On the right is a pretty blush palette by @LaurenConrad

    instagram color themes




    10 creative ways your business can use Instagram

    2. Show us your Desk / Office:

    We want to see your current projects! People are always fascinated how other people live across the globe or what your daily workspace looks like. Here’s a photo of my desk. Just snap a photo what your desk looks like. What snacks are on there? Is there any interesting art hanging on the walls? Birthday cards? Are you messy creative genius or a neat freak? It reminds me of the weird fascination people have looking in your refrigerator. Remember the show, MTV cribs? People that care about your brand will love to see your workflow and where it happens.

    creative instagram ideas

    3. Show how your products are made:

    After all, there is a popular TV show all about it. Show us the different steps of the manufacturing process! Get super creative and post a daily photo showing the next step of the process and keep me coming back for more! Everything from production to delivery. This creative instagram photo idea works for every business. You’re a bakery? Sweet! Show us a video of the giant dough mixer and of course making donut holes, yum. You’re a jewelry designer? Show us the beads and tools you use, perhaps a video of finishing a pair of earrings. You’re a photographer? Show us your favorite lens. Are you a realtor? Show us your favorite kitchen.


    Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

    4. Creatively show off your products:

    If you sell multicolor products, arrange it in a fun creative way. How about arranging them by the colors of the rainbow? Make interesting photos and apply beautiful filters to them. You can always find fabric and textures to place your products on. I like to place products on the grass, wooden table or wooden floor, place onto of a leather jacket, polished stone, granite countertop, on the sand at the beach, in front of a local landmark, you get the idea. Anything is better than just using a boring white background. Also notice if you’re selling a luxury item, place it next to other valuable things such as designer purses or stage it in a formal living room.


    Why You're NOT Getting Traffic from Google

    5. Consumers using your products –  let others do the work for you!

    Your customers have probably used your hashtag or tagged you in a photo using your product. What better incentive, than featuring them in your instagram feed. Use their photo and tag them back. Win win for everyone.

    Use photos of different age ranges using your product. Ask your audience to hashtag a photo of themselves using your product in a unique way. This will also advertise all the amazing uses of your product. Pick the most creative user generated content to share on your instagram. This way, you can pick the best photos.


    6. Make your instagram photos exclusive:

    Only post exclusive previews of products on instagram. Invite users from twitter and Facebook to follow your instagram just for product releases. For example, maybe only your twitter account gives away promo codes, and your Facebook has more editorial photos.

    10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business


    7. Take instagram users with you:

    Are you going to a tradeshow? Walking to the coffee shop? Share a fun moment of your day! A concert? Celebrity sighting? Perhaps the Pope? Take video, now share and tell!

    Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business

    Related: 5 tips how to get local instagram followers

    8. I spy with my little eye:

    Play a game, ask your instagram users to find something in your photo.

    creative instagram ideas


    9. What’s trending?

    Is there a hashtag that’s trending, like “the ice bucket challenge?” Use your company’s branding to put your own personal touch on it. If you’re a marketer, you know how important trends are for launching successful advertising campaingns. There’s also 10 amazing facts social media marketers need to know about instagram.


    10. Go behind the scenes:

    Unlock the mysteries of your business. What’s behind those huge doors? Show us what it looks like getting a large shipment of your product. Let’s see some unboxing of your product. Interview your employees what they’re up to. Show us the fun photo shoot you’re doing. What’s your office decor theme? Show us what it looks like behind the scenes of a press conference, at a star studded event, your company holiday party. Did a customer bring a cute pet with them into your business, show us. Better yet, model the pet with your product.


    creative instagram business ideas


    11. Random weirdness:

    Have fun! Did you stumble upon some interesting architecture? Amazing piece of art at a flea market? Show us, instagram is all about being visually engaged. When we’re amazed on instagram, we notice your username / brand.

    Final thoughts

    There’s so many benefits of using instagram for business and having the most creative and visually appealing photo stream gives your business a competitive edge. Whether you’re just getting your business started on instagram or you want some new ideas to grow your local business, I recommend you take thirty minutes and try taking some creative photos right now and save them for future use on instagram. People are going to love your new creative photos and most likely be intrigued to learn more about you. That’s why it’s very important to make sure you have your profile optimized for instagram. I talk about optimizing your instagram profile in this article for setting up a small local business on instagram.

    Still thinking about getting your business started on instagram? Have a smart phone? Great, download the instagram app today and read my step by step guide for businesses getting started on instagram from scratch.

    Thank you for reading 10 Creative Ways to Use Instagram for Business.

    Jen Ruhman