How to Get Local Instagram Followers

How to Get Local Instagram Followers

How to get local followers on instagram for your business.

Check out my top 5 tips to easily grow your local followers on Instagram.

If you have a small business, you need local Instagram followers.
It’s truly how you can get local instagram users to notice your business and get them started into your sales funnel or marketing goals.

How to Get Local Followers on Instagram

Today I’m sharing a few powerful ways how you can attract, interact, and gain local instagram followers.

This method is not focused on taking better instagram photos… Pshhh. This tutorial shows you how to take action!

It’s quick and easy!

It gets better, 

You can get local followers for free on instagram. 

That’s right. You’re tapping into over 100 million instagram users… there’s defiantly instagram users that are nearby your local business.

It’s time to gain the benefits of instagram for your local business and get local users’  attention to notice your brand!

If you’re like most small businesses you probably can’t afford to hire a social media expert.

That’s OK. If you have ten minutes to spare per day for instagram, I’ll show you how you can get local instagram followers that will help boost your sales.

Having local instagram followers is beneficial for any small business

  • It helps you gain trust with your customers or potential customers
  • Spreads word of mouth
  • Gets foot traffic to your business
  • Creates a sense of community and branding

If you have a small business that relies on foot traffic, you need local marketing.

Ready to get started?

Here’s five tips how to get local followers on Instagram

NEW AWESOME Bonus tip: Follow the business’ next door’s instagram followers!

For example. The BBQ restaurant’s instagram I manage. There is a mechanic shop next door with lots of LOCAL customers following their instagram account. We simply gave the mechanic shop a coupon to share with their customers for 10% off their entire meal. (these customers usually wait around while their car gets fixed)

Let’s give them an incentive to get them into our restaurant! Guess what happened? They posted the coupon on their instagram account. Now all their followers see the deal. And I swoop in and follow all the people that liked the post AND I followed all the mechanic shop’s followers. We now have an extra 100 followers. Skimming through the users, they are all based in San Diego. Awesome!

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1. Leverage Local Hashtags

People love using their local hashtags such as their city or exact location in their instagram posts.

Check out an example, I typed in “#SanDiego” (my city btw I’m using my laptop)

How to Get Local Followers on Instagram
How to Get Local Followers on Instagram

See all the local potential?! Over 13 million posts.

Check out the most recent Instagram posts for this hashtag and interact.

Like their photo AND leave a comment.

2. Interact with the most recent local posts

Keep your comments professional and start a conversation, perhaps ask a question. You can even just leave an emoji.

Why should you interact with the most recent Instagram posts?

I recommend that you interact with the most recent photos because these users are most likely still using instagram or have their phone in their hand. They’re awaiting to see how many likes they will receive or how many comments their photo will earn. (millennials… right?)

You have a better chance interacting with them, making an impression.

You want to interact on photos that have no likes or comments, be the first!

For example:

How to Attract local instagram followers
How to Attract local instagram followers

Let’s click on this photo:

How to Attract local instagram followers
How to Attract local instagram followers

Now let’s follow, like, and leave a comment. Notice other hashtags we can use too? #SanDiegoCA

3. Leave questions as comments

Now, you might want to leave a more creative comment than “congrats” Notice the address above the man’s head? Point that out, say 4750? You’re practically my neighbor. We’re an IT company in San Diego. Congrats BTW! :)”

The best types of comments to leave on Instagram are questions!

You want to “stir the pot” “create buzz”.

Your goal in this process is to get the Instagram user to click on your Instagram username to see who you are.

Time for a fun example….

Let’s peek into an Instagram user’s mind:

The local instagram user’s mind might work like this:

Local Instagram user: “Hey….. who’s liking and leaving me comments on my account?”

(sees five new likes and one new comment from you)

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This raises curiosity who you are. 

They will most likely click on your username  to check out your profile and photos before commenting back.

The point is that you succeeded “getting into their head”

They now know there’s an IT company in San Diego nearby that follows them. (you’re an IT company in this example)

Local Instagram user: “I just looked at their profile, they seem ok… I’ll write back.”

Local Instagram user: “I’m gonna return the favor and like some of their photos now because they liked a bunch of mine…”

Fast forward months from now

4. Interact with your Instagram news feed

Now that you’re following a good amount of instagram users in your area, be sure to like their photos!

It’s important to continue to like their photos and comment. Eventually the local instagram users you follow will follow you back and interact with you.

It does take time and you need to be persistent. However, don’t act desperate or be pushy.

5. Leverage the Geo-locate feature:

Let’s leverage the geo-locate feature in this Instagram post. The user here allowed Instagram to use his location and include it below his instagram username as circled in red. (example pictured below)

If this is a nearby business and it has your target market of customers, in this case it’s a car dealership. They attract people with money in the market to purchase a new car. 🙂

This place is already receiving foot traffic and they’re your neighbor.

  • Click on their location
  • Look for users that recently took photos here
  • Follow them! (in this example it’s mostly the car dealership that populates the “most recent”) However, you’ll find some customer posts.
instagram geo locate

 6. Follow your local competition’s followers!

This is HUGE! This is quick and shameless tip. If there’s a local business that’s a competitor, check out their inastagram account.

Study what they’re posting, see what’s working for them. It doesn’t hurt to follow their ideas, you can perhaps think of even better ideas, brainstorm with your employees.

If your competitors have followers, they might be more likely to follow you back since they already like the same type of business.

Bonus: How to get local business to follow you on Instagram

Depending on your product or business, you may want to only attract local business owners or local businesses on Instagram.

Sometimes, that’s more of a bigger client and can be a bigger sale.

For example, it you’re an IT company, you most likely want small businesses nearby to follow you and hire you for your local IT services. You’ll want to simply search for targeted keywords. Use the city you’re located and add “businessowner” for example, #SanDiegoBusinessOwner.

Bingo, do a quick search in Instagram for “#SanDiegoBusinessOwner” and 62 posts show:

How to get local business to follow you on instagram
How to get local business to follow you on Instagram

You should follow and interact with the most recent posts. Leave comments and get a conversation started. Connect! Network!

You can also do a google search for any specific businesses nearby.

For example, if you wanted to connect with only dentists in San Diego, do a google search “dentists San Diego” Click on their links and website to find their instagram account.

Thanks for reading “How to Get Local Followers on Instagram.”

Do you have any tips how to get local followers on instagram?

Please share your tips in the comments below.

Still confused about Instagram?

I have lots more Instagram tips for you:

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How to Rank Higher on Yelp FREE

How to Rank Higher on Yelp FREE

Here’s my guide for listing higher in Yelp search rankings. 17-step checklist Yelp Strategy for 2023.

Updated: 6-12-2023


Whether you’re new to Yelp or you have a business that’s been on Yelp for years, this guide will help you.

I also wrote a guide below to increase your Yelp search rankings if they dropped and you need to rank higher.

Yes, it’s possible to rank higher in Yelp search results!

My success in ranking my clients higher on Yelp gives me consistent referrals for this monthly service.
One of my clients heavily relies on Yelp for his local print shop. Thanks to my Yelp SEO, he’s ranking in the top position for multiple keywords! 🙂 🥇 

Topics covered:

  • How to log into your yelp business account
  • How to rank higher in yelp step by step 2021 checklist
  • Yelp horror stories
  • Case study 1
  • Example Yelp template to ask for reviews
  • Case study 2
  • Yelp ranking FAQ
  • Yelp ranking slip? How to refresh and maintain top rankings
  • Yelp SEO services I offer

New to Yelp?

Follow these instructions:

Can I rank higher in Yelp?

Yes. Just like Google, Yelp has its own algorithms and updates them from time to time to give their users the most trusted and high quality experience. Ranking higher in Yelp takes a lot of work. Did you get a bunch of bad reviews? Not to worry, it is possible to rank high again if you’ve received some horrible reviews. Please remember this is just the SEO part, you as a business owner need to do your part by creating a great 5 Star customer experience. Now let’s get to the Yelp SEO tips! Yay!

Here’s my 2023 Yelp SEO Checklist:

1: Log into your Yelp business owner account here:
2: Make a list of keywords you want to rank for in Yelp (use them in step 4)
3: Make sure you’re listed in the appropriate business category / correct business address / Business name
4: Naturally write these keywords into your Specialties Section, Image descriptions ( Keywords + City)
5: Constantly ask happy customers for Yelp Reviews regarding the service you provided (keyword)
6: Respond to each Yelp review you receive – (include a keyword)
7: “Thank” each review (thank box)
8: Update your Yelp page at least monthly with a new photo or updated text (use larger images)
9: Add your Yelp button / Link in your email signature and include it on your other social media mentions
10: Encourage Yelp reviews in your store with signage
11: Download the Yelp app to respond quickly to reviews or questions, the faster, the better!
12: Name your images / describe them with keywords
13: Offer a special check-in coupon code
14: Make sure you write a professional “about the owner” description with a real photo
15: Geotag some images
16: Have an image uploaded for each section: the exterior, the interior…
17: hidden (I provide to my clients only as a service)
18: BONUS – Upload a video! Nobody does this, take advantage.


Bonus paid feature that helps your Yelp rankings: Custom profile image selection. If you upgrade your Yelp business account, you can choose your business profile image. This can be your most highest quality image that represents your business services. Sometimes it will change in the free version which can be annoying, especially if it’s an image you don’t like. People tend to click on the Yelp listing that has a very visually appealing profile image!

Yelp SEO Services I Provide

I enjoy keeping Yelp businesses ranking high in Yelp and responding as the business owner to my clients’ accounts. I also do Yelp SEO on a weekly schedule. Contact me today for Yelp SEO services! I provide the client a list of keywords and a bi-weekly report of the keywords. The usual turn around to start seeing results is around one month. I assume you already claimed your Yelp business listing. So make sure you have that done before doing this checklist.

how to rank higher on yelp

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Yelp Horror Stories

Do you have a Yelp horror story? There’s a lot of business owners that claim Yelp has done them wrong. So many business owners that there’s Yelp support groups on Facebook. As seen in the screenshot below, many business owners are upset Yelp hides many 5-star reviews. I have looked into this matter just by talking to many business owners. They all seem to have one scary element in common. The story goes:

“Once you stop advertising on Yelp paying around $400 / month the majority of your 5-star reviews disappear.”

business owners using Yelp

Yelp’s sales reps are relentless

Many business owners complain how often Yelp calls them to advertise! It’s true. A company I worked for years ago constantly received sales calls.

Yelp Case Study Hyphent

Hyphenet currently ranks #1 for managed IT services for San Diego, CA. It wasn’t easy.

I was able to follow steps 1-15 mentioned above.

Here’s a look at some keywords I went after:

For example, my client is a Managed IT service provider in San Diego. They rank in yelp for “managed IT services” in the San Diego, CA location. I included that keyword and other “techie” keywords that are services they offer. The results took time, but they were worth it.

I Naturally wrote these keywords into the Specialties Section

It’s all about the Specialties section. That’s where the magic happens for organic yelp page rank. Write a helpful description sprinkling your keywords throughout the paragraph(s). Try to sound like a human and not a robot lol. Do NOT just make a long list of the keywords. That can flag your account. After many tests, I learned that whatever keywords you write into the specialties section is what gets crawled for SEO. Don’t bother focusing them in the “History” or “About the Owner” section.

I asked the business owner to underline / circle / list the services on the customer invoices = 44% more yelp reviews with keywords.

If your customer says… “Jim did an awesome job…” that’s too short of a review and there’s no keywords.

Now, if your customer says “Jim did an awesome job helping me with computer support and gaining PCI compliance for my business…” that’s 100% better!

Those keywords can help identify to Yelp the services you’re providing and recommend them in future searches.

Sometimes your customer has no idea what the technical services are called and needs to know those keywords. That’s where you can also gently guide them by making sure you provide them with an email letting them know what services were provided. Email / print it to them in a bulleted list so it’s obvious.

Example Yelp template asking for Yelp reviews:

Hey (customer name), thank you so much for allowing (your company name) provide you the following services today:

  • Computer Support
  • PCI Compliance
  • Server Support
  • Add New Printer to Network for Accounting Department

We’d LOVE to assist you again soon!
Can you do us a favor?
We’d greatly appreciate it if you share your experience on Yelp.

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Yelp Case Study – Anonymous business in San Diego

My client does not want to have their business name shared because it’s a highly competitive industry.
They were once ranking high in Yelp and then all of a sudden they dropped from page 1 to page 40! Luckily, the business owner saw this post and contacted me. I was able to analyze the keywords that people are using and did steps 1-17.

Within 30 days, there was an upward spike in traffic and leads. Some of his keywords are now ranking #1 and some competitive keywords have ranked to page 3. If I keep repeating my steps, I’m sure to see a huge improvement. My client is already happy to have this small boost of Yelp SEO.

(still a work in progress) But I thought I’d share some current results:

Yelp SEO
Customer contacted me in April 2020 – improved rankings in the progress!


Have Your Yelp! Rankings Slipped?

If your Yelp listing was on page 1 and now it’s on page 2 or 3 you may want to refresh your YELP search rankings.
An easy way to do this yourself is by uploading a lot of new high-quality photos and rewriting your Yelp content. I would delete old low-quality photos and keep only the good photo you added to your business. For example, has the front of your store’s appearance changed? Take a new photo. New products? Take a photo!

How to Refresh your Yelp Search Rankings:

1. You need Consistent Reviews!

It’s important to have Yelp reviews but it’s more important to have consistent Yelp reviews.
You can have 100 Yelp reviews and have someone outrank your Yelp listing with only 30 Yelp reviews. I’ve seen this happen! You need to have a prominent Yelp sign in your business, coupons, email marketing, and on your website to encourage reviews.

2. You need More Photos!

Your Yelp SEO is a lot like website SEO, you need to increase your dwell time (time users are spending on your listing) By adding more engaging photos. Customers also need to share more photos of their results / photos of your business. So, upload higher quality photos of your business and your team. Refresh your Yelp listing! This also needs to be done consistently.

You can also delete old photos and update them with the new photos.

One weird thing I’ve noticed that Yelp ranking and a correlation to image sizes

Accounts with larger sized photos rank better!

A creative Idea: Entice your customers to take a photo! Have a backsplash with your logo where customers can take a selfie at your business. Here’s me saying “Yes to the dress” when I went wedding dress shopping…

Have a sign that says something snazzy like… “Prove you were here…” or “Please share your experience”…

PRO TIP: This will also help prove your geo-location to Yelp, thus making your reviews MORE credible and LESS likely to be taken down.

creative ideas for marketing your business on instagram

3. Customers need to Check-In/call

Nothing proves to Yelp more that actual humans visit your business than a “check-in”

4. Offering a Promotion or Check-in coupon helps!

If your business is actively offering coupons, it may help boost your presence on Yelp listings. It’s another way Yelp sees you’re an active business. Even if it’s a tiny discount, it’s something to entice a use to drum up business!

Hey, now that you’re ranking higher in Yelp, check out how to rank higher on Youtube. or even rank higher on Google Maps.


How long will it take to rank higher in Yelp

seo rank

It should take as little as 1 month to see improvements. These Yelp SEO tips will defiantly make an impact on your Yelp SEO and you should start seeing results in about one month. If you rinse and repeat steps 4-7 each month, you should see more gradual improvement.

Why are some reviews not showing up in Yelp?

no website visitors

Yelp’s algorithms can cause your reviews to not appear in Yelp. The user’s Yelp account may look fake having the following red flags such as: No profile photo, no friends, only one review, international IP, etc.

How should I respond to a bad Yelp review?

How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online – Complete Guide

You should respond with class and professionalism. Remember, other potential customers will see your reply and judge how you handle unhappy customers. Never be in an emotional state when replying to a bad yelp review. If their review is angry and very reactive, thank them for their feedback and ask them to private message you to provide the solution. This helps prevent a “SCREAMING” argument from them in response. If there’s a simple solution, politely talk to them in the reply offering a solution. Many times, a Yelp reviewer will update or delete their bad review when it’s been answered immediately. In other words, keep your cool! If they delete or update their review, it can have a positive effect on your SEO.

How do you get a high rank on yelp?


Just like any web page, I believe freshness and overall user experience is an overall ranking factor. Quality images that are helpful for the user to make a decision. It’s always obvious whether or not the business owner takes the time to respond and thank Yelp users for leaving reviews. If your Yelp account is receiving a lot of buzz such as check-ins, dwell time on the page, clicks to your website, it can also be a ranking factor. You can achieve this easily by providing a great customer experience, being helpful, professional. and updating your Yelp page with fresh content. Sometimes your Yelp profile photo will change and give you more attention. Follow my 17 point checklist!

Why are my Yelp reviews “not recommended?”

Yelp’s algorithms. flagged the review for several reasons. Yelp receives many fake reviews and wants to put a stop to this since they want to be a trusted platform. Even if the review is from a real legitimate customer, it can become flagged. The user does not have enough friends, reviews, inactive, posting from a flagged IP, user hasn’t posted enough photos, their nor long enough review. This is most common with new accounts. Sometimes Yelp will allow the review to stay for a few days and then remove it. I’ve seen hidden yelp reviews appear again “resurrect”. Another weird Yelp flag is sometimes a review is “too positive” or “too negative” or violates Yelp’s terms. Odd I know!

I hope my How to Rank Higher on Yelp tutorial helps your business as much as my client’s.

Please let me know in the comments section down below or if you have an awesome Yelp page rank tip you’d like to share.

Thanks for reading,

Jen Ruhman

Would you like to hire me to optimize your Yelp listing? Contact me today for a quote! Don’t forget, I’m an SEO expert in San Diego, CA. I can optimize your website to rank higher in Google.

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Top 10 Snapchat Facts Marketers Need to Know

Top 10 Snapchat Facts Marketers Need to Know

snapchat facts

If you’re a marketer, you’ll definitely want to familiarize yourself with these captivating Snapchat facts! The insights you’ll gain from this data are truly astonishing.

It’s essential to consider encouraging your social media clients to stay current and explore Snapchat or delve into advertising on the platform, known as Snapads. Embracing Snapchat’s unique features and user base can open up exciting opportunities for reaching a diverse audience and enhancing your marketing efforts.

Snapchat – Never before have we seen such unprecedented social media dominance.

If you’re an advertiser, I have the updated snapchat facts you need in order to convince your clients to leverage snapchat.

150 million people use snapchat everyday!

Why? What’s the secret to snapchat’s success?

These elements empower Snapchat’s huge growth.

Here’s the Top 10 Snapchat Facts Marketers Need to Know

#1 Over 100 Million people use snapchat everyday

#2 Snapchat’s Video Views Are Now Greater Than Facebook’s

#3 Over 1 Billion snaps are created everyday

#4 60% Of All Smartphone Users Are Now On Snapchat

(Fox News)

Why? When asked, simply because it’s fun and they can express themselves.

#5 Over 10 Billion video views every day on Snapchat

#6 Snapchatters spend on average 25-30 minutes using Snapchat

snapchat marketing facts

#7 60% of Snapchat users are between the ages of 18 and 34 (Fox News)

#8 Snapchat is currently worth $25 Billion (Bloomberg 10/7/2016)

#9 Snapchat stories became so popular, Snapchat released Discover in January 2016

To help publishers reach their audience with their own video editorial.

#10 More people watch Snapchat covered events on Snapchat such as College Football or the MTV video music awards than on television

#11 Nearly twice as many 18-24 year olds watched coverage of the first GOP Debate on Snapchat than watch the debate on TV

#12 On ANY given day, Snapchat reaches 41% of 18-34 year olds in the U.S.

In comparison, the average U.S. TV network ONLY reaches about 6% of the SAME demographic

Ready to advertise on Snapchat? – Get Snapads

Snapchat Advertising Data 2016

Get started advertising on Snapchat! —->


#13 SNAPADS 5x Higher than Average Click-Thru Rate than other Social Media Sites!

And snapchat also does the advertising. Great results for advertisers. Snap ads is a unique combination of branded video advertising and direct response.

What’s a snap ad? It’s a full screen ad on Snapchat that allows Snap chatters to swipe up and interact with these ads and advertiser’s website.

Advertisers have a creative opportunity.

Gatorade produced a lens that produced 165 million views.

What are Snapchat lenses? They’re the fun video filters you can add to your story.

#14 22% of ad execs plan to advertise on Snapchat in 2016

(Fox News)

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#15 Revenue target of $300 million in 2016


Thanks for reading the Top 10 Snapchat Facts

Meet Edgar Review

Meet Edgar Review

meet edgar review

Meet Edgar Review

Are you a Social media manager? This Meet Edgar Review is going to cover everything you need to know including: what it does, who’s it geared for, the subscription price, pros and cons.

What the heck is Meet Edgar? – Meet Edgar Review

Meet Edgar is the latest and greatest new social media scheduling application. You can schedule posts for Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

What Makes Meet Edgar so Special and Unique? 

meet Edgar reviewMeet Edgar has the most amazing featureit recycles your posts over and over again. You can save all your posts to a library and have them magically reappear randomly. Just specify the category, and you can stream you social media platforms… forever.

As an example, I’ve added approximately fifty posts to my Meet Edgar library for my beauty blog. Now, every day, my followers get to see what appears to be fresh content. I have around ten tweets going out on my Twitter account daily, along with two on my Facebook fan page. What’s fascinating is that my older posts are rejuvenated and look as if they are brand new. This strategy provides another opportunity for followers who might have missed the initial tweet to discover and click on it. I’ve also applied the same approach to a client’s account, putting their posts on autopilot. This has freed up valuable time for me, and it gives the impression that I’m consistently updating, when in reality, I’m enjoying a cup of coffee while working on other tasks.

Who Should Use Meet Edgar? 

If you have a website that depends on driving traffic with social media, Meet Edgar is what you need. No matter if you have 300 blog posts or 30. You can store headlines and images to your library and recycle the heck out of them.

You should typically spend a few minutes and create at least three sexy headlines for each blog post you want to share and store in your library. Plus add an image and hashtags. Mix it up:

meet Edgar review

meet Edgar review – screenshot of library

“How to Remove Split Ends Fast & Easy” #Hair #HairCare #Beauty

“The Best Proven Method for Removing Split Ends” #DIY #haircare

“The secret how to get rid of split ends forever” #hair #beauty #beautysecrets

How Meet Edgar Works

  1. Create your 1-month free trial account here:
  2. Create some categories,  they have good starter ones like “quotes” I made one just called “beauty blog”
  3. Start creating your library and assign which social media accounts you want them streaming into.
  4. Schedule how often you want to update per day. (you can be specific what time) A calendar of Sunday – Monday will appear
  5. Sit back and enjoy your posts on autopilot
  6. Don’t forget to log into the social media platforms themselves and respond to your followers

My review and experience using Meet Edgar, the awesome social media scheduling application that constantly streams your social media for you. (You can literally set it and forget it – autopilot)Screenshot – Here’s what I had for my starting out categories:

meet edgar review

Screenshot – Here’s a peek at my meet Edgar library

meet Edgar library

Screenshot- Meet Edgar Schedule

meet Edgar schedule

Meet Edgar Pros and Cons – Meet Edgar Review


  1. Social media updates on autopilot
  2. I don’t have to keep scheduling updates
  3. Categories to select from instead of just pulling from one magic hat
  4. Log-in to one account instead of 4,5,6,7…lol
  5. Statistics – shows likes / comments / and shares and reports on gains and losses of followers
  6. Content is easy to manage
  7. Easy to use overall


  1. Limited to Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin (hoping for Google+ soon)
  2. It’s pricey – $50 per month – however, it’s worth it to me
  3. You can’t interact with your followers

It’s only been two months since I started using Meet Edgar and it’s a ROI

I love starting the morning with lots of website traffic, especially seeing a high volume of traffic from twitter and Facebook fan pages, all thanks to Meet Edgar. Meet Edgar has saved me time, gained me traffic, and produced ROI.

You simply get what you pay for. With other social media scheduling platforms (Hootsuite), I still had to schedule my tweets often. Not anymore. I’m so spoiled now with Meet Edgar, I don’t have to schedule my social media. Heck, there’s even an option to try a recommended schedule. It’s super easy and effective.

Easy Peazy

I spent one hour inputting 140 of my blog posts for myself and my clients. I added links with a catchy headline, hashtags and supportive image. This one hour investment of my time building my library of high quality social media ammo has given me peace of mind that my social media management is complete.

However, when I do create a new blog post on my website, I add it to my meet Edgar library. Piece of cake…

Why I choose Meet Edgar

I now appear to “have my social media act together” My online accounts appear to update throughout the day. My online social media presence looks like I’m having a blast sharing my content. Because I have so much content, it always looks new to my social media subscribers.

This can be extremely beneficial if your blog posts are buried deep in your website. For example, if it takes more then 5 clicks to get to an article, most likely your new readers haven’t seen it… When your followers see it appear on social media, it looks fresh!

Final thoughts on Meet Edgar 

For myself and the sake of saving time, it’s worth the $50/month price tag. I justify the price by assuming it pays for itself. I have three clients on “autopilot” and it looks like I’m working doing updates for them when I’m not. It’s also updating when I’m asleep, driving to work, or just working on other bigger projects. Beautiful right?

BTW, I was not paid to write a Meet Edgar Review. I just really love it and wanted to spread the word. Oh, and if you find a promo code for Meet Edgar, please share it in the comments below. I’d like to help the new users out.

How to get More Likes on instagram for Free

How to get More Likes on instagram for Free

How to get More Likes on Instagram for Free

How to get More Likes on instagram for Free


(2023 strategy)

In today’s digital age, social media platforms have become a significant part of our lives. Among them, Instagram stands out as one of the most popular platforms for sharing photos and videos. Whether you are an individual looking to gain more recognition or a business trying to expand your reach, getting more likes on Instagram can be crucial to achieving your goals. In this article, we will explore effective strategies and techniques that can help you increase your Instagram likes organically, without spending any money.

Creating Compelling and Engaging Content

To attract more likes on Instagram, it is crucial to create content that captivates your audience and compels them to engage. High-quality visuals are the foundation of successful Instagram posts. Use a high-resolution camera or smartphone to capture stunning images that resonate with your target audience. Experiment with different angles, lighting, and compositions to make your photos stand out from the crowd.

Crafting engaging captions is equally important. Use a conversational tone, personal pronouns, and storytelling techniques to connect with your audience. Ask questions, share personal anecdotes, or provide valuable insights related to the image you are posting. Encourage your followers to leave comments, tag their friends, or share their opinions on the topic.

Utilizing Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags play a vital role in increasing the visibility of your Instagram posts. Research relevant and trending hashtags within your niche. Tools like Instagram’s search function or third-party apps can help you identify popular hashtags that are currently trending. Additionally, use a mix of niche-specific and more general hashtags to reach a wider audience. However, ensure that the hashtags you use are relevant to your content to attract genuine engagement.

Engaging with Your Audience

Building a strong connection with your audience is crucial for increasing likes on Instagram. Take the time to respond to comments on your posts and direct messages from your followers. Show genuine interest in their opinions, answer their questions, and thank them for their support. Engaging with your audience not only increases the likelihood of them liking your content but also fosters a sense of community and loyalty.

Participating in Instagram communities such as niche-specific groups or engagement pods can also boost your likes. These communities consist of like-minded individuals who engage with and support each other’s content. By actively participating, liking, and commenting on other users’ posts, you can increase your visibility and attract more engagement to your own account.

Collaborating with Influencers and Engaging in Cross-Promotion

Influencer marketing has gained significant traction on Instagram. Collaborating with influencers in your niche can expose your account to a broader audience and increase your chances of getting more likes. Research and identify influencers who align with your brand values and have an engaged following. Establish genuine relationships by reaching out to them with personalized messages, offering mutual support, and exploring opportunities for cross-promotion.

Leveraging Instagram Stories and Live Videos

Instagram Stories and Live Videos provide excellent opportunities to engage with your audience in real-time. Use Stories to share behind-the-scenes content, sneak peeks, or exclusive offers. Encourage your followers to interact with your Stories by using interactive features such as polls, question stickers, or swipe-up links. Live Videos allow you to host Q&A sessions, tutorials, or product launches, creating a sense of exclusivity and urgency.

Engaging in Reciprocal Engagement

Reciprocal engagement involves interacting with other Instagram users to build relationships and increase engagement on your own account. Like, comment, and follow other users within your niche to establish connections. Engaging with other accounts signals to Instagram’s algorithm that you are an active user, potentially increasing the visibility of your own content. Consider joining engagement pods or groups where members support each other by engaging with their posts.

Timing Your Posts Strategically

Posting your content at the right time can significantly impact its reach and engagement levels. Understand your target audience’s active hours by analyzing Instagram Insights or using third-party analytics tools. Experiment with posting at different times and days to determine when your followers are most active. Consistency is key, so develop a posting schedule that aligns with your audience’s behavior and optimize your content for maximum exposure.

Leveraging User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-Generated Content (UGC) is a powerful way to increase engagement and attract more likes. Encourage your followers to tag and mention your account when they use your products or interact with your brand. Repost UGC on your own account, giving credit to the creators. UGC not only showcases social proof but also strengthens the relationship between your brand and your followers.

Promoting Your Instagram Account on Other Channels

Leverage your existing online presence to promote your Instagram account on other channels. Cross-promote your Instagram account on your website, blog, or other social media platforms. Include social media buttons and widgets that allow visitors to easily follow and engage with your Instagram content. Additionally, integrate your Instagram account with platforms like Facebook or Twitter to expand your reach and attract more potential followers.

Analyzing and Adjusting Your Instagram Strategy

Regularly analyzing your Instagram performance and adjusting your strategy is essential for sustained growth. Utilize Instagram’s built-in analytics tools or third-party apps to gain insights into your account’s performance. Track metrics such as likes, comments, reach, and engagement rate to understand what content resonates with your audience. Experiment with different approaches, hashtags, and posting times, and measure the results to refine your strategy further.


Increasing likes on Instagram requires a combination of compelling content, strategic use of hashtags, engagement with your audience, and smart promotional tactics. By implementing the strategies outlined in this article, you can organically grow your Instagram likes without spending any money. Remember to stay consistent, be authentic, and regularly analyze and adjust your approach based on audience feedback. With time and dedication, your Instagram account can become a hub of engagement and appreciation.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Can I buy likes on Instagram?

No, buying likes on Instagram goes against the platform’s guidelines and can result in penalties, including the suspension or closure of your account. It is best to focus on organic methods to increase your likes.

2. How long does it take to see results from these strategies?

The time it takes to see results may vary depending on various factors, such as the quality of your content, consistency, and engagement levels. It is important to be patient and persistent with your efforts.

3. Should I use all the hashtags available for my posts?

Using too many hashtags can make your posts appear spammy. It is recommended to use a mix of relevant and popular hashtags, ideally between 10 to 15, to reach a wider audience without sacrificing quality.

4. Can I repost someone else’s content without permission?

It is best practice to always ask for permission before reposting someone else’s content. Give credit to the original creator by tagging them and mentioning them in your caption.

5. Is it necessary to have a business account on Instagram to increase likes?

While having a business account provides access to additional features and insights, it is not necessary to increase likes on Instagram. Personal accounts can still implement effective strategies to grow their engagement levels.


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