Today I’m sharing the big secret how to easily rank higher on Google Maps. 

    BTW -This is also a hack how to rank first page of Google! 

    If you have a physical business address, you have a an awesome advantage to show up in the local Google map listing.

    And you know Google maps is located on the first page of Google.

    Not only will this get you on the first page of Google…

    how to rank higher in google maps

    It gets even better…

    You can rank in the top listings above the fold. (basically right under the paid Google AdWords!)

    How AMAZING is that? It’s true.

    You’re welcome, you can give me a high-five later! This should only take you about ten minutes assuming you already have a Google business listed and verified.

    Don’t worry, everything is covered below:

    This is a major advantage if you’ve been trying to organically rank your website on the first page of Google with no luck.

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    I was finally able to rank a very saturated and competitive phrase in Google Maps in less than an hour.

    Keep in mind I had been trying to beat local organic search results for over year. So, instead of ranking the website down below on the first page, I was able to “beat the system” and rank the business #2 in Google maps! This is an amazing accomplishment because Google search only lists the top 3 Google map results. The order of Google’s first page is: (usually) Four Google ad listings, Three Google Map listings, ten organic Google search results, and finally Three Google ad listings on the bottom. It’s a lot of competition to get on Google’s first page, holy smokes!

    how to rank higher in google maps

    how to rank higher in google maps – Here’s my proof

    Alright! Let’s get started!

    How to Rank Higher in Google Maps

    Step 1: Verify your Google Listing

    Hopefully you’ve already claimed your Google+ listing and verified it with Google sending you a postcard in the mail and you entered the verification code. It’s easy. Just do it already…

    Step 2: Select the Right Keyword

    google map rankings

    This is crucial. This is the title that appears in the search listing. People tend to search for the service they need + the city they live.

    For example: I added my target keywords to the company listed as Hyphenet.

    Hyphenet – San Diego Managed IT Services and IT Support
    This step is the secret sauce that ranked me fastest. However, this step only works when you make sure all your other information below is correct:

    Step 3: Complete your business details

    • Enter your business hours
    • Make sure your website is listed
    • Make sure your correct address is listed
    • Make sure you’re using a phone number with a local area code
    • Make sure you’re listed in the correct category. For example, Hyphenet is listed as “Computer support and services.”

    Step 4: Keyword rich reviews

    google map reviews

    You’ll want to ask your customers for a Google review. Ideally upon completion of services you provide; be sure to give your customer a “customer satisfaction survey.” It can be as simple as checking a box with the service you completed and mention you’d appreciate valuable feedback on their choice of Google or Yelp. Your form might say, Mention the service we provided + your experience working with (your company). This helps guide the customer to using your keywords in their review. You want your customers to mention your services. This helps add valuable keywords to the search results.

    Step 5: Add useful images

    Customers appreciate seeing useful photos such as:

    • Photo of the front of the building
    • Photo that show where they can park
    • Photo of inside of office
    • Photo of products
    • Logo
    • Extra credit – photo of employees

    Step 6: Embed the Google Map on your website’s home page

    put google maps in website

    This adds a backlink to google maps and confirms your listing is accurate and useful on your website.

    Thank you for reading.


    Please leave any questions in the comments below.

    How to Rank Higher in Google MapsHow to Rank Higher in Google Maps

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