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How to Rank Higher on Google Maps

How to Rank Higher on Google Maps

 If you have a physical business address, you have a an awesome advantage to show up in the local Google map listing.

And you know Google maps is located on the first page of Google.

Best of all it’s above the majority of search results.

Best case scenario, you rank in google maps and below in the SERPS. (Search engine results page)

So basically, ranking high in google maps is another way to get on the first page of google!

Don’t want to read? I highly recommend you listen/watch Wes McDowell’s video:

how to rank higher in google maps

It gets even better…

You can rank in the top listings above the fold. (basically right under the paid Google AdWords!)

How AMAZING is that? It’s true.

You’re welcome, you can give me a high-five later! This should only take you about ten minutes assuming you already have a Google business listed and verified.

Don’t worry, everything is covered below:

This is a major advantage if you’ve been trying to organically rank your website on the first page of Google with no luck.

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I was finally able to rank a very saturated and competitive phrase in Google Maps in less than an hour.

Keep in mind I had been trying to beat local organic search results for over year. So, instead of ranking the website down below on the first page, I was able to “beat the system” and rank the business #2 in Google maps! This is an amazing accomplishment because Google search only lists the top 3 Google map results. The order of Google’s first page is: (usually) Four Google ad listings, Three Google Map listings, ten organic Google search results, and finally Three Google ad listings on the bottom. It’s a lot of competition to get on Google’s first page, holy smokes!

how to rank higher in google maps

how to rank higher in google maps – Here’s my proof

Alright! Let’s get started!

How to Rank Higher in Google Maps

Step 1: Verify your Google Listing

Hopefully you’ve already claimed your Google+ listing and verified it with Google sending you a postcard in the mail and you entered the verification code. It’s easy. Just do it already…

Step 2: Select the Right Keyword

google map rankings

This is crucial. This is the title that appears in the search listing. People tend to search for the service they need + the city they live.

For example: I added my target keywords to the company listed as Hyphenet.

Hyphenet – San Diego Managed IT Services and IT Support
This step is the secret sauce that ranked me fastest. However, this step only works when you make sure all your other information below is correct:

Step 3: Complete your business details

  • Enter your business hours
  • Make sure your website is listed
  • Make sure your correct address is listed
  • Make sure you’re using a phone number with a local area code
  • Make sure you’re listed in the correct category. For example, Hyphenet is listed as “Computer support and services.”

Step 4: Keyword rich reviews

google map reviews

You’ll want to ask your customers for a Google review. Ideally upon completion of services you provide; be sure to give your customer a “customer satisfaction survey.” It can be as simple as checking a box with the service you completed and mention you’d appreciate valuable feedback on their choice of Google or Yelp. Your form might say, Mention the service we provided + your experience working with (your company). This helps guide the customer to using your keywords in their review. You want your customers to mention your services. This helps add valuable keywords to the search results.

Step 5: Add useful images

Customers appreciate seeing useful photos such as:

  • Photo of the front of the building
  • Photo that show where they can park
  • Photo of inside of office
  • Photo of products
  • Logo
  • Extra credit – photo of employees

Step 6: Embed the Google Map on your website’s home page

put google maps in website

This adds a backlink to google maps and confirms your listing is accurate and useful on your website.

Thank you for reading.


Please leave any questions in the comments below.

Need help getting this done? ✅

Please don’t forget that I’m a San Diego SEO expert and happy to help. Contact me today for a quote!

How to Rank Higher in Google MapsHow to Rank Higher in Google Maps

Top 10 Snapchat Facts Marketers Need to Know

Top 10 Snapchat Facts Marketers Need to Know

2017 is upon us, and looking at the final Snapchat stats for 2016 blow my mind! If you’re a Marketer, you’ll want to learn these new Snapchat facts for 2017. This data will amaze you. snapchat facts 2017 You’ll want to encourage your social media clients to “get with the times” and start using snapchat or start advertising on snapchat. (known as Snapads)

Snapchat – Never before have we seen such unprecedented social media dominance.

If you’re an advertiser, I have the updated snapchat facts you need in order to convince your clients to leverage snapchat. [wp_ad_camp_2]

150 million people use snapchat everyday!

Why? What’s the secret to snapchat’s success?

CREATIVITY, COMMUNICATION, STORYTELLING. These elements empower Snapchat’s huge growth.

Here’s the Top 10 Snapchat Facts Marketers Need to Know Starting 2017

#1 Over 100 Million people use snapchat everyday


#2 Snapchat’s Video Views Are Now Greater Than Facebook’s


#3 Over 1 Billion snaps are created everyday


#4 60% Of All Smartphone Users Are Now On Snapchat

(Fox News) Why? When asked, simply because it’s fun and they can express themselves.  

#5 Over 10 Billion video views every day on Snapchat


#6 Snapchatters spend on average 25-30 minutes using Snapchat

snapchat marketing facts

#7 60% of Snapchat users are between the ages of 18 and 34 (Fox News)

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#8 Snapchat is currently worth $25 Billion (Bloomberg 10/7/2016)


#9 Snapchat stories became so popular, Snapchat released Discover in January 2016

  To help publishers reach their audience with their own video editorial.

#10 More people watch Snapchat covered events on Snapchat such as College Football or the MTV video music awards than on television

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#11 Nearly twice as many 18-24 year olds watched coverage of the first GOP Debate on Snapchat than watch the debate on TV


#12 On ANY given day, Snapchat reaches 41% of 18-34 year olds in the U.S.

In comparison, the average U.S. TV network ONLY reaches about 6% of the SAME demographic

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Ready to advertise on Snapchat? – Get Snapads

Snapchat Advertising Data 2016

Get started advertising on Snapchat! —-> https://www.snapchat.com/ads

 snapchat 2017

#13 SNAPADS 5x Higher than Average Click-Thru Rate than other Social Media Sites!

And snapchat also does the advertising. Great results for advertisers. Snap ads is a unique combination of branded video advertising and direct response. What’s a snap ad? It’s a full screen ad on Snapchat that allows Snap chatters to swipe up and interact with these ads and advertiser’s website. Advertisers have a creative opportunity. Gatorade produced a lens that produced 165 million views. What are Snapchat lenses? They’re the fun video filters you can add to your story.  

#14 22% of ad execs plan to advertise on Snapchat in 2016

(Fox News)

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#15 Revenue target of $300 million in 2016

(Entrepreneur)   Thanks for reading the Top 10 Snapchat Facts 2017.
How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online – Complete Guide

How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online – Complete Guide

Want to learn How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online? Keep reading! I’m taking you under my wing. Blogging 101 super EASY step by step How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online – Complete Guide.

Perfect for beginners.

Come fly with me! Let’s make money and have fun blogging!

Everyone is an expert at something or has a passion that they’re excited to share.

how to start a blog and make money online

Put that passion and expertise to work for you and start making money today.

I have personally sat down and talked 101 with close friends and showed them how to get started. I have also had some speaking engagements presenting my own amazing personal blogging success story. I do a great job inspiring people about starting their own blog. I do have some close success stories of people I’ve personally helped, however, many start and quickly stop. Ugh! WHY? Because they have some personal traits that sabotages their success.

I think it’s very important to understand which traits these people have before you start your own successful blog.

I’m not sugar coating anything and telling you the honest truths you need to hear before you dive in and get discouraged or fail.


I don’t want to sound rude, but I’m very blunt.

I WANT you to succeed. I WANT everyone to succeed and make money by blogging what they’re passionate about.

I’ve sat down with people 101 and showed them step by step how to start a blog and making money online and unfortunately the majority get lazy and don’t go 100% with the steps. Why?

  1. They’re lazy
  2. Don’t MAKE the time
  3. Not Passionate
  4. Unrealistic Expectations
  5. Get overwhelmed
  6. Don’t want to keep learning about blogging tips
  7. Give up too soon

It’s like they expect me to blog for them. It kinda pisses me off when I take time out of my schedule to genuinely help someone and they don’t make the effort back. That’s why
thanks to them, I’m making this blog post instead, that you can just read and follow along.

These are the same steps I take when I create a new blog from scratch and want to monetize it fast. If I can make money from my blogs, do can you.

how to blog and make money online

You really can blog for money, it’s a fact.

Anyone can become a blogger but not everyone knows how to make money being a blogger.

Comments / Excuses I often hear:

“Do people actually make a living from a blog?!”

“Bloggers just sit in coffee shops all day.”

“Who do you have to know to get famous blogging?”

“Why can’t I just quit my job and blog if it’s so easy?”

I don’t have the time to blog…”

“I wish I had time like you… you’re lucky.”

“Blogger?.. so you don’t have a real job?”

It sounds too good to be true but it’s really happening.

I still don’t think people take bloggers seriously. Yet, there’s bloggers out there right now making 100K a month.

If you actually follow these steps and make the time, you’ll make money blogging and become a great blogger

How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online

If you skip the steps and try to take short cuts or get lazy, don’t even bother continuing reading this article. You’re not meant to be a blogger. Go keep complaining how unfair life is and all that jazz…peace.

Still reading? I didn’t upset you?! SWEET!

Let me tell you the BIG secret How people are becoming bloggers and making money

The big secret is that they don’t stop blogging. Why? Because successful bloggers of this caliber blog with passion. I like to refer to them as blogger unicorns. They’re the real deal and take the time going above and beyond to create a high quality blog post.

10 $ Successful Blogger characteristics:

  1. Writes useful information
  2. Includes details and secret tips
  3. Comments back and answers questions
  4. Interacts on social media
  5. Able to take criticism
  6. Includes helpful sharable images
  7. Blogs with passion
  8. Regularly blogs with passion
  9. Has a nice WordPress design
  10. Has SEO knowledge


When you have a passion, you genuinely want to learn and experience everything about it. When you have a passion, don’t you MAKE time for it? Am I right or what?!

There’s nothing more amazing than talking to someone that’s passionate about something, you can see this mysterious and contagious sparkle in their eyes. Have you witnessed this before? It’s mesmerizing.


blogging with passion earns money

You live, eat, breath it. You’re active on your blog not only blogging, but actively responding to comments – connecting with others.

It’s the secret sauce that makes a blog rich with delicious honey, that attracts bees to… sometimes even bears. LOL You want that buzz! It’s called traffic.

Blogging Tips to Make Money Online

how to make money online with a blog

Good traffic generates:

  • An audience
  • Social media shares
  • Authority
  • Making money $
  • Brands wanting to work with you
  • Email newsletter signups
  • Comments

Are you ready to get started blogging and making income?

Ready to get serious and not look back?

Let’s get started.


Here’s the steps to become a Blogger and Make Money Online

1. Identify your passion and expertise!

What are you always eager to learn more about? What gets you excited? When you have passion and expertise, you have the ability to write a large amount of helpful content. The more original and helpful content you create, the bigger your site. The more pages you have ranking in Google, the more related ads you can sprinkled on you site. With more people able to visit so many pages, the more likely users will click on ads and generate monthly blog income. I want to also mention that the more trust you build, the more likely people are to make purchases from your site or click on Amazon Associate links of items you recommend.


2. Choose a name for your blog

(have your category in your domain name for SEO) This should be primarily what you’re going to be blogging about, your passion! For example if you’re a car enthusiast and own a Tesla, your blog posts are going to be about your experiences, reviews, Tesla news, FAQ, Opinions, about Tesla, why not have a fun domain name like http://www.teslarati.com/
Need help deciding a blog name? Leave a comment below, what’s the majority of your blog posts going to be about?


3. Buy a domain and web hosting

I prefer Godaddy (see if your domain is available now) (I’m not being paid by Godaddy)

4. Set up your domain name and hosting

(attach your new domain name to your new Godaddy hosting account)


5. Install WordPress

Install WordPress (the blogging platform onto your hosting account) You’ll install this onto the root of your website -so leave the directory field empty.

Blogging Platform I highly recommend

I highly recommend you use WordPress as your blogging platform. It has the best usability and use of built-in SEO features that will help optimize your post. In other words, WordPress will handle all the HTML and SEO (search engine optimization) for you.


6. Purchase a Professional WordPress Theme

I recommend you purchase a high quality wordpress them if you want to be serious and monetize your blog. A nice responsive theme that has a clean design. This way you can always contact the theme’s support if you have a problem with your blog. I highly recommend using a theme from elegantthemes.com I’m not being paid to recommend this company! They just released Divi 3.0. It’s a  phenomenal WordPress theme that you can use to easily design your blog. It has a WYSIWYG. “what you see is what you get.” You don’t have to know HTML, CSS, or even PHP.


7. Install these FREE helpful plug-ins that set you up for success

Using these plug-ins will help you start blogging the right way from scratch. The better foundation your blog starts with, the more traffic you’ll receive. I’m sharing my holy grail of plug-in you NEED.


8. Insert Monetization Code

Do you often hear these online income blog terms such as:

  • Monetize your blog
  • Google Adsense
  • Amazon Associates
  • Monetize your Youtube channel

You need to add these items to your blog!

Google and Amazon do not just magically send you a check for having a high traffic website. (that would be cool)

You have to contact Google and Amazon, there’s even an application process.Ad Networks to Join to Make Money Blogging

Sign up NOW for Google Adsense:


Sign up NOW for Amazon Associates:

There’s so many ad networks to join to start making money with your blog. Check out my full list you can pick and try out some extras:
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So just how do bloggers make money from blogging is the mystery I’m sharing today. I hope you get inspired and make the effort needed to become successful.  I’m also sharing with you my secret formula I use everyday to create blog posts for other companies that gain them first page rankings. (And if not the first page, the second…)

Even if you already have a blog that’s not earning money, I’ll let you know what you can start doing today and how to make money from your blog. You might have made some mistakes that beginners often make. It could be as simple as installing a wordpress plug-in.

How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online – Complete Guide

9. Craft your First Blog Post with an Excellent Headline

Your success relies on using a catchy headline. Heck, sometimes on twitter, people see a cool headline and just share the tweet regardless! Amazing powerful stuff right?

People click on headlines that tease, build curiosity, sound super helpful, and excite.

Get ideas for sensational headlines by using headline generators.

You can also Google your topic and see what similar successful blogs are doing, just make yours better!


Use one of these headline generators:





10.  Blog Your Heart Out

Blog as much as you want. Go on, let it all out. Blog blog blog! Scream, shout and type it all out. Keep it organized. Be specific. Be weird. Be REAL. Write from your unique perspective. Write useful content!


You WILL be a Great and Successful Blogger if You want to write and share Useful Information

Contribute to the free wealth of knowledge online. Perhaps you figured something out on your own when you couldn’t find any help online yourself.

Chances are, there’s someone else out there like you that’s searching Google for the same problem. There’s moments when you’re dealing with software and you run into a problem, Google it and there’s nothing to help, nothing on a community forum, you even contact the company support with little or no helpful response. Then you somehow after an hour of frustration figure it out on your own. You think…this would really help someone if I just blogged about it with screen shots.

You’re just what the internet needs.

It’s not just about how to blog for money, it’s how to add quality online too. Never forget that.

Count all the times the internet has helped you. The internet has SAVED me so many times with random things. You know what I mean…


11. Pump up the SEO

Get yourself a nice long tail keyword and work it into your headline.

Wait, what’s a long tail keyword?

They’re the search term people type into Google’s search bar. For example, a keyword could be “Computer repair San Diego” lots of competition for this popular keyword if you’re an IT shop in San Diego. So you should use a long tail keyword that’s less popular and more specific. An example would be “Lenovo laptop repair San Diego” or even longer “Lenovo laptop keyboard repair San Diego” Now we’re targeting a brand of laptops and location for laptop repair. This is an easier search term to rank for.

When you’re using the Yoast SEO plug-in, be sure to place this long tail keyword onto your title tag as well as url. See my example below:

How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online – Complete Guide

This ranked the page #1 in the organic search results.

Work this keyword and variations of the keyword naturally into the content. Make sure you name the images this long tail keyword and also the alt tags.

12. Submit your blog post to Google

Using Yoast SEO plugin will help you with your SEO.

13. Self Promote

Share your new blog post on your favorite social media platforms. I highly recommend that you unleash the magic of Pinterest. Make a sharable image you’d like to see on Pinterest. I recommend http://www.idpinthat.com for newbies that want to use free images combined with a free image editor online. Using the free SumoMe will allow your website visitors to hover over the image on a desktop computer or click on the image on their mobile device to share on Facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

Add stunning images! Websites To Find Free High Quality Stock Photos

I made a list of websites that offer free high quality stock photos for your blog and social media posts.

When you self promote and you’re new… you should do the 80/20 rule. Promote your posts only 20% of the time and promote similar high quality content 80% of the time. This will help give your audience helpful information.

If you’re new and don’t have established social media accounts, create them now and join http://viralcontentbuzz.com

This is a site where you can submit your blog post and people will share it on their social media posts in exchange for points. You earn points when you share someone’s post. It costs you points to get your article shared. Get it? It’s a win win.

Email your blog post to your friends and family. Why not? Maybe you have some friends that are natural influencers.

You can even put your social media accounts on auto pilot using Meet Edgar.com (paid) or Buffer.com (free)

I prefer Meet Edgar (I’m not paid for promoting this)

meet Edgar review

Read more: Meet Edgar review

14. Make Improvements / Update Content

What do your friends think?

Have you read it a few times and think you forgot something? Maybe more helpful graphics? Share updated information that can make the content even more relevant. Perhaps adding more related images can help make the content less boring.

15. Internal Linking

Sprinkle links of related blog posts you’ve written into your new blog posts. Mix the fresh with old. This can help the click through rate of you site and keep your visitors on your site. This helps your page rank. Google will see your site as more valuable and want to rank it higher in search results. You want a site that keeps visitors engaged reading, learning, commenting.

16. Rinse and Repeat 

Wow, you just went on a trip and a journey with me. Did you learn anything new? (I hope) Perhaps you already have a blog and you learned some new tips that can help you earn more money with your blog. Great! Which tips will you use on your own journey now?

Thank you for reading. I honestly hope you will get inspired to start a blog and make money starting today!


17. Your blog needs Patience, Persistence, Passion! 

Congrats!!! You know how to get your blog started, monetized, and promoted. NOW you need to use your passion and keep motivated to blog!

This is how you need to picture blogging success

Starting a blog is like planting a seed.

Developing your brand, domain name, topic, installing your blogging platform, this is like planting a seed. Soon, your blog sprouts and it’s a new seedling, it needs water.

growing your blog

Blogging makes content and that content is your water. Without water, your seedling will dry up and wither away.

Soon you develop lots of content and a healthy young tree. Lots of time passes and your tree begins to produce fruit and shade. Branches – backlinks from other websites. The shade attracts life.

Your blog gets bigger and attracts visitors. The fruit is your revenue. Keeping your tree plentiful of  juicy fruit requires lots of watering.

18. Keep the momentum going 

Once you become this unstoppable blogging machine that blogs their heart out with passion. You become an authority of your topic. People become interested in your opinion. You’re eager to share new things you’ve learned and share what works and what does not. You’re sharing that passion with others.  There’s no magic number of blog posts you need to start making money.

Your content has these key factors

  • Original
  • Good photos
  • Has helped people solve a problem
  • Has helped people make a purchase based on your unbiased review
  • Has long tail keywords and phrases that people have searched into Google
  • High quality – valuable information
  • Other blogs have linked to -backlinks
  • Has been interesting enough to get shares on social media
  • Creates buzz

19. Don’t be a cry baby blogger

How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online – Complete Guide

What the hell does that mean? It means, once you start a blog you don’t just blog ten articles and call it a blog and stop. Don’t wimp out. Keep going. It can take a year before you see thousands of daily visitors.

It took me about one year to start making BIG money from one of my blogs. I started seeing 7k website hits per day. It took time to build an audience, trust, and useful content. Because I blog with passion and it’s a rewarding process in itself, making money from my blog is a bonus.

However, when making money from a blog, people lack patience!

Most people wimp out too early and never make a successful blog.

These are always their cry baby reasons why they stop:

Blogging takes too long…”  – If it takes too long you probably don’t have the passion

I just wrote a new blog post and it’s not making money… this doesn’t work, you lied…” – It takes a long time to start seeing massive daily traffic.

I have five blog posts, they’re good but they’re not getting traffic…” -However your blog posts are less than 400 words and it’s low quality

You don’t just wake up one morning and say… “uh… I’m bored blogging about cooking…” “I’m gonna blog about dogs instead…””

You also don’t wine that you’re not getting traffic or making money

Blogging should never be solely for the sake of just quitting your job, that’s just the benefit of a successful blog

Blogging should ALWAYS be for sharing useful quality information

Why You’re Not Getting Search Engine Traffic

Read More: Why your blog is not getting website traffic

Time for some frequently asked blogging questions

How often should you blog?

Blog as often as you can make high quality content! Websites that have fresh content receive more traffic. However… never blog when you’re not feeling into it. Your readers can tell when a blog post feels forced. Google loves fresh content and as an incentive, Google rewards you with frequently sending google bots to your site to check for new content. You also gain an increase on your search rankings, (SERPS).

how often should i blog for my business

Read more: How often should I blog for my business?

How long should each blog post be?

Ideally, the longer the post, the higher it will tend to rank. It’s seen as having more valuable content. Try looking at the top ranking blog posts for a random search in Google. If you can go 2500 words, do it!

How to keep your blog posts ranking high?

Once you get a highly successful blog post that ranks on the first page, you want to keep its place.

  • Frequently publish more high quality blog posts
  • Update the content of the aging blog post
  • Add internal links to old posts within your new posts
  • Continue to promote the old blog posts on Social media

The number one fault I see on blogs that causes their rankings to slowly drop

Many bloggers don’t make improvements or keep up with Google’s algorithm changes. For example, Google had a responsive website update. Google rewarded websites that used a responsive website design. This is one of Google’s many quality content guidelines.

Read Google’s 160 page .PDF of their search quality rating guidelines

This can help you understand how Google rates a website’s quality. (released March 28th, 2016)

Thank you for learning about blogging and how to get started making money from your blog.

Now get creative and start blogging!


Do you have any questions about blogging, WordPress, Online marketing, or monetizing your blog? 

Please leave a question in the comments!

Thanks for reading: How To Start a Blog and Make Money Online.

30 Bad-Ass Websites To Find Free High Quality Stock Photos

30 Bad-Ass Websites To Find Free High Quality Stock Photos

Stock photography is hella pricey right?

If you’ve browsed stock photography websites offering high quality photos for $33.00 a pop, you gag.

Forget those “fancy schmancy” stock photo sites…

Check out these 30 bad-ass websites with the freshest and 100% FREE high quality stock photos.

(they’re totally legit and legal too btw.)

Websites To Find Free High Quality Stock Photos

I know the struggle…

If you’re new to blogging and can’t afford paying for stock photos or a subscription, I hear ya. That was once me. Heck, I still love using free stock photography to cut costs. 😉

It’s crucial your new blog and social media has stunning images that make people instantly want to share your new blog post. Also she a tweet without even visiting your site. (it’s true)


This is my hand-picked collection of free photo websites that have creative large high quality images you can download for FREE.

  • Large photos – perfect for trending parallax backgrounds
  • Videos – another huge web design trend I’m loving
  • Vector / Illustrations 
  • High Quality 


(all links tested and working as of 10/1/2016)


This free photo website has stunning images. They also add 100 new photos every day. This site keeps getting better. I’ve been using it for the past two years.

2. Pixabay

This site is my “go to” for downloading free videos for my web design. I mentioned the parallax web design trend, go here. There’s also nice illustrations and vector graphics all for FREE. Yay! I can always depend on this site’s powerful search tool of I can’t find an image anywhere else for free.

3. Gratisography


This has some attention grabbing images that are kinda bizarre but cool. Perfect for attention grabbing tweets, pins, and blog post header images. I’ve seen a lot of blogs use this website.

4. Picjumbo

I appreciate that this free image site has original photos. All nice big high quality photography. This website has some nice photo categories. I like checking out their tech photos when I blog for an IT company website.

5. New Old Stock


If you need vintage photography, this is the website for you! Black and white photos and even sepia colors, you name it. Searching is easy peasy. Fun creative photos to change up the mix.

6. Snapwire Snaps

You have to check out the photo collections on this website. I love how it’s organized. Cooking, Coffee, Silhouettes, Smiles, Fitness, Fashion…and so many more! its all nicely organized. Amazing images.

7. Splitshire


More creative video background downloads and free photos. Very creative and useful original collections. I highly recommend these photos for your blog. They’re clean and high quality. Very professional looking photography.

8. Jaymantri


All these stunning photography were taken by Jay Mantri. Probably the most unique free photo website in this collection. Lots of architecture and close ups of doors,textures… perfect for someone out there.

9. Stokpic

Its a great site with easy to navigate categories. Only bummer, you have to register. Worth checking out. I wish they showed more photos per page. I love their fashion collection. I could see these images being used on pinterest.

10. Unsplash

Interesting free photo website that keeps growing. Be sure to browse the featured collections, especially the “stock diversity: women” Photos of real women un photoshopped, from all ethnic backgrounds, finally! yay!

11. ISO Republic


Another great free photo resource for web designers that need high quality images. I also love their category of free textures.

12. Picography

Just a collection of unorganized photos, however they’re high quality. I wish these free photos had categories. Some real weird photos but hey everyone needs a little weirdness now and then right?

13. Get Refe


Great photos, I just don’t like the website usability. There’s some really unique images that catch your eye!

14. Foodies Feed


If you have a food blog… or as they say foodie blog 😉 this site’s for you! Also great if you’re the owner of a health blog, fitness blog, or just need free food related photography. Great hidden gem.

15. Travel Coffee Book

Jaw dropping images of traveling, nature, architecture. Everything is on one long page, sorry no search function. This site has such lovely graphics, you might get inspired to travel too.

16. Magdeleine

Lots of elegant images free to use on your blog. I like that it has categories and you can search by color.

17. JeShoots

This site is bad-ass for having free mockup photos and free photoshop .PSD files. Great if you need a photo of someone holding an iPhone and you want to change the screen etc.

18. CupCake

A small batch of free photography by Jonas Nilsson Lee. Fun to check out. Many scenic photos.

19. MorgueFile


This free photo site has tons of photos, all unique. I love how it displays how old each photo is. Check out the most popular / most downloaded images. There’s some great shots. So many images! I searched, typed in “colorful” and was delighted how amazing this site is.

20. Kaboompics


Clean, high resolution free photos that are all tagged and easy to find. I love the collection of desks with paper, pencils, phones all neatly placed.

21. Freeimages


This website contains a very large selection of photos, but also videos! They offer the opportunity to contribute and get paid for it as well.

22. Life Of Pix

I’m happy to find this free photo site, good layout and they even have free videos! Beautiful images I’m sure you’ll want to place some of these images into your blog.

23. StockSnap


I thought this was pixels for a second. This has amazing photos… omg. The business category has nice photos. I’ll defiantly be using these in the near future. I love their categories, especially that they share what’s trending. There’s always something good.

24. FancyCrave


The best part of this site is that they offer free photo collections! It’s amazing. In the nav, click on photo packs. You can get an entire image collection, perfect for consistency if you want to place multiple styled images on one page for a professional look and feel.

25. GoodFreePhotos


If you’re in search for location based photos, this is your ticket. Every country is organized on the left navigation. This website does have images I’ve seen on other free photo websites but this is organized. Many as you know are not organized this nicely.

26. LibreShot


Nice big website with a clean layout. They all have some sort of muted tone or styled filter applied to each photo.

27. Idpinthat

A great free photo site for bloggers that want to create beautiful pinnable images for pinterest. This website can help everyone build a great pin. The website name says it all!

28. Negativespace


This free  photo site just uploaded a ton of free christmas photos. Worth checking out if you’re going to do seasonal marketing.

29. Stocktookapic


Lots of beautiful free photography. Just make sure you click on the photos with the little cloud icon.

30. MMT


Gorgeous one-of-a-kind photos by Jeffery Bettes. Nice categories. If you like one photo you’ll love them all. Check out his New York free photo collection. Love it!



Great categories such as Occupation, Icons, Beauty, Fashion, Technology, Business, Recreation, BW, Ambient, People, Templates, Buttons, and more! Check it out already! 😉


WOW, so many websites to choose from with free high quality photos!

Which are my faves you ask…?

Hands down my fav images sites:

  1. Pixels.com – For high quality professional images
  2. Pixabay.com – for video
  3. fancycrave.com

Here’s some examples of the stunning images you get for free online. Click the image to go to the source.

free stock image sites


free photos

free photography

I hope you found a new favorite free photo site that’s perfect for your blog!

Did I miss a great photo site?
Which is your fav free high quality stock photos website for your blog?

Please let me know in the comments!

Jen Ruhman