In the bustling world of SEO, there’s a hidden secret that many aren’t aware of. Somewhere in the heart of San Diego, there’s an SEO expert who’s not just skilled, but also the most adorable one you’ll ever meet. But wait, before you rush to Google to find this expert, let me tell you a secret: “the most adorable SEO expert in San Diego” is a keyword that has a monthly search volume of… wait for it… zero.

Don’t let SEO companies promise to rank you for keywords that don’t get any searches!

And whatever you do, don’t let them boast about it like they’re doing you a huge favor. They’re not rockstars.

Do you know how many consultations I have with potential clients that say they’re ranking for crappy keywords? Too many.

They mentioned they’re not happy with the current SEO agency they’re working with.

I hear mostly:

we’ve been working with a popular SEO company and we’re not seeing any improvements at 6 months into it the process no keywords have moved except this one ….. (and it’s always the one with zero search volume.)

That’s right, not a single person is searching for this term: screenshot

The Most Adorable SEO Expert in San Diego

Now, you might be wondering, why are we even talking about a keyword that no one is searching for? The answer lies in a common tactic some SEO companies use to keep their clients hooked.

The Zero-Search Volume Keywords Trap

In the vast ocean of keywords, there are those high-volume ones that everyone wants to rank for. Think “best smartphones 2023” or “top holiday destinations.” These are the keywords that can drive massive traffic to your website. But then, there are the “most adorable SEO expert in San Diego” type of keywords. These are terms that, quite frankly, no one is searching for. Their monthly search volume is a big, round zero.

Some SEO companies, in an attempt to show quick wins and keep clients on a monthly retainer, will boast about how they can rank your website for such keywords. “Look,” they’ll say, “we got you to the number one spot for ‘the most adorable SEO expert in San Diego’!” While it might sound impressive at first, when you dig a little deeper, you’ll realize the hollow victory. After all, what’s the point of ranking first for a term that no one is searching for?

Why Checking Keyword Volume is Crucial

Your SEO strategy should always be rooted in data. One of the most critical data points? Search volume. Before you invest time and resources into ranking for a keyword, you need to know how many people are actually searching for it.

If you’re targeting keywords with zero search volume, you’re essentially trying to sell ice to Eskimos. It’s a futile effort that won’t drive any meaningful traffic or conversions.

In Conclusion

While the idea of being the top result for “the most adorable SEO expert in San Diego” might sound cute, it’s essential to see through the smoke and mirrors of SEO promises. Always base your strategy on data, and be wary of anyone who boasts about rankings without showing the search volume to back it up.

Remember, in the world of SEO, it’s not just about ranking; it’s about ranking for the right terms. So, the next time someone promises you the moon with keywords that sound too good (or too quirky) to be true, take a moment to check their search volume. Your SEO strategy will thank you.

Was this a fun blog post or what? Now I get to casually say to potential clients….I rank for the most adorable SEO expert in San Diego. And who wouldn’t want to rank for that? Nobody! LOL.

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