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👋 Hey friends! I know a lot of you reach out to me because you want tips on how to rank your website yourself. If you have the time to read 30 pages of full-color fun visual learning with screenshots and my step-by-step notes 📝, this ebook is for you! Best of all this SEO ebook is easy to understand! I don’t talk technical and I wrote it myself, so the language here in this post is just like what you’d expect to read in this super duper cool and helpful new SEO ebook. You’ll learn how to effectively leverage your blog to rank higher in Google searches! Who wouldn’t want that?!

  • 1 case study from a real client
  • How I ranked their blog post to outperform the competition
  • Selecting keywords, formatting content
  • Visual screenshots step by step + lists (Full Color)
  • Proof of results from Google search console


Here’s how to UNLEASH the POWER of blogging for ranking your website higher in Google Search. 30 pages of SEO (search engine optimization) guide for beginners packed with screenshots and step-by-step tutorials, + a case study you can apply to your own blog. I LOVE doing SEO and if you’re excited about SEO and the power it has to change lives, this EBook is perfect for you. I wrote it myself for beginners in SEO like you. Ebook download begins after checkout.

6 reviews for SEO Your Blog Ebook

  1. Jesse

    I didn’t realize how SEO was ACTUALLY done until I read this. It’s a lot of info but I see what she does and the proof was there at the end that it all worked out.

  2. Brent Adams

    so i can actually see myself doing this strategy but it will take time. I don’t have a whole lotta time but I will pass this along to my employees so they can execute this strategy faster than I can.

  3. Sarah B.

    I have been waiting for Jen to write a guide of such for a long time and she actually did it! WOW. This is awesome. I did learn a lot and I can see SEO is not easy. However, I can grasp the concepts she explained and showed. I will definitely take a look now at my own blog and get the ball rolling with getting more traffic. Thanks Jen 🙂

  4. David

    I got a little confused. Let’s be honest, SEO is confusing if you’re new to it. Will I read it again? Most likely yes.

  5. Lisa

    YES! THIS is exactly what I needed to read and flip though. I need to get myself blogging NOW asap…..THANK You! LOL

  6. Samanth H.

    No bad at all. I think …I mean I now KNOW what’s going on with my website now better than ever.
    This ebook was to the point and I appreciate the screen shots because I’m a visual learner. Thank you Jen!

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