SEO is not Fast Cheap or Easy

Yes, I too get spam from random people promising me fast SEO services at a fraction of the price.

Keep in mind, I do SEO every day and these people don’t research who you are, they just scrape (tech term) your information off the internet and send out a massive email blast that looks legit.


Dear (your name here) I am writing because I offer SEO services and I noticed that your site: sitenamehere is not ranking in google search results. Please reply promptly because we rank websites fast in google for a very low price. Would you like to be #1? Google attracts customers to your website and provides revenue and new business oppertunities…..

So for someone as seasoned as I to hear these offers, I know for a fact they’re too good to be true.

This really hit me hard. But… 😒

Today I’d like to share a story about a former client that was fed this big fat promise from some random SEO person on the internet. Unfortunately, they took the bait. My former client was promised fast SEO results in as little as a month for less than $100.

  1. That’s crazy was my first thought.
  2. My second, was wow what a big fat lie.
  3. And my third…. people actually fall for this?! 🤡 

Ouch, it hurt to hear my former client was going to tip-toe away with this “thief in the night” other SEO company.

Well, all I could do was get back to work for my other SEO clients and live my life.😎

All roads lead back to Mrs. Wonderful… Hello! 👋

Six months roll by fast and guess who’s calling me to see if they can come back as my client again.

That’s right. So I ask what happened with the “hot shot” SEO guy? Well, that guy and he did SEO for 6 months and nothing happened. I said wait a minute… that guy promised you fast results in a month?! Well….? Ya that was all talk to get him to take the bait. And that’s what I thought.

Keep my name out of your mouth other SEO company dude…

This other SEO guru extraordinaire… actually had bad intentions to look up my clients and lowball them. (Taking legal action) They slandered my good name and promised ridiculous results at warp speed. (those results that never 👎 happened.)

OK, that being said, feels like a rant blog post. However, I want this to be helpful.

Key 🔑 Takeaways

  1. SEO is not fast – it’s a strategy that needs consistency.
  2. SEO is not cheap. It takes tedious hours and hours. There’s no SEO secret “thing” someone can do to get instant results.
  3. A reputable SEO expert will not contact you by throwing another SEO company under the bus.

If you are interested in SEO services, your best bet is to search for an SEO professional yourself. Good SEO companies have established clients for themselves and are usually busy working. People find or are referred to them. Research them!

If you have SEO companies cold-calling you, they’re not busy doing SEO. They should be doing SEO for themselves so they can get their own organic website traffic and clients right?! They should be receiving inbound leads, not working desperately trying to steal other SEO companies’ clients.

Who am I anyway?

Hey 👋 Thanks for reading this blog post. I’m Jen, ( the lovely woman that’s on many pages of THIS site. Yes, I’m an SEO expert in San Diego, California. I really love doing SEO and that’s why I started my own SEO company in San Diego. The freedom 🇺🇸 to travel all around this beautiful city where I can stop by my local clients’ businesses for a meeting or grab a coffee with them is enough for me to never turn back to working for someone else in a stuffy office ver again. Woo-hoo. I do have a great work ethic and I wouldn’t be here standing strong if I didn’t.