WOW! Chat GPT blew my mind the first time I used it and I know I’m not alone! 🤩 😱

chat GPT

This is pretty exciting for someone such as myself that optimizes content – because now there’s going to be a TON more content online. Meaning there’s going to be more competition in ranking this fun new content in google searches. And you know I do SEO, so this is really a fun new chapter in digital marketing!

My main concern is if the content produced by AI will be able to get and stay indexed in Google because they don’t like auto-generated content – and can even consider it as spam. This is worrisome to many because we want to use Chat GPT – but will Google ditch the efforts using this fun new tool? We need an official answer from Google.

How do I feel about Chat GPT content?

You can listen instead of read:

I think it’s awesome! As long as Chat GPT is creating helpful content for users! Google wants to index content that is helpful and I’m anticipating that this new quality content is extremely helpful! Especially when SEO experts enrich the content with supporting images, formatting, and SEO!

To make sure you’re not causing more harm than good, please take a look at the tips below!

GPT-generated content can be indexed by search engines, such as Google, just like any other content. However, the content generated by GPT may not always be optimal for SEO. While GPT is capable of generating high-quality, human-like text, the algorithms used to generate the content may not always be optimized for SEO.

To ensure that GPT-generated content is optimized for SEO, it is important to follow best practices for SEO when working with GPT. This includes:

  1. Using relevant keywords: When training GPT, it’s important to use relevant keywords that are related to the topic of the content being generated. This will help search engines to understand the content’s relevance and increase the chances of it being indexed.
  2. Make sure the generated content is unique: GPT-generated content should be unique and not a copy of existing content. Google penalizes duplicate content, so make sure you don’t use GPT to spin existing text.
  3. Properly formatting the content: Proper formatting and structuring of GPT-generated content can help to improve readability and make it more attractive to search engines. This includes using headings, bullet points, and other formatting elements.
  4. Creating an XML sitemap: A XML sitemap gives web crawlers a road map to all the important pages of your website and makes it easier for them to find and index your content
  5. Use of meta tags: The use of Meta tags like title, description, and header tags are important for SEO because they help search engines understand what the content is about, this will also help it to be indexed.

It’s also important to monitor how your content is ranking in search engines and update your strategy accordingly.

Make sure the content you’re creating in Chat GPT is actually getting indexed!

Do yourself a favor and look at your google search console. There you can see which pages are getting indexed – and which are NOT!
If the content generated by Chat GPT is not getting indexed, consider adding more natural words to the articles. Chat CHP is “perfect” text that sometimes does NOT come off as sounding natural. Be careful of this.

Keep in mind that SEO is a continuous process and Google’s algorithms are updated regularly, so make sure you’re keeping up to date with best practices.

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