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Top 10 Instagram Facts Marketers Need to Know

instagram facts

Instagram facts that marketers needs to knowInstagram is a free app and powerful visual media platform every marketer should be using. After reading these amazing 10 instagram facts, be sure to read the top benefits of instagram for business. Here’s the latest instagram stats for September 2015. If you’re a marketer please read more: Top 10 Instagram Facts Marketers Need to Know.

Top 10 Instagram Facts Marketers Need to Know

Intagram Stats Septemeber 2015

  1. Instagram photos that have filters applied are 21% more likely to be viewed + warmer tones get more comments. Source: dailyMail.co.uk
  2. Instagram currently has 2.5 Billion daily likes. Source: instagram/press
  3. Photos with faces receive a 35% increase in likes. Source: Mashable
  4. 68% of instagram users are women. Source: BusinessInsider
  5. Instagram currently has 300 Million monthly users. Source: instagram/press
  6. Intagram users share on average 70 million photos each day. Source: instagram/press
  7. 90% of instagram users are under 35 years old. Source: dailypastime.net
  8. Instagram has more active users on mobile phones than twitter. Source: digitalinformationwrold
  9. 25% of Fortune brands are on Instagram. Source: thenextweb
  10. The most popular hashtags on instagram are #love and #selfie. Source: postplanner

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Instagram Facts Marketers Need to Know

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