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    Here’s 5 Benefits of using social media for your jewelry business.

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    Social media is involved in every part of our social media can benefit your jewelry business

    We like, tweet, pin, and post everywhere to share ideas, news, and pictures with our friends and family.

    The social media trend doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon, so you should use it to help advertise your jewelry business.

    While social media platforms are a great way to share things about your life, utilizing them for advertisements has become crucial for businesses of all sizes—even artisans and jewelry manufacturers. If your business doesn’t use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other sites to engage with consumers and create an online brand identity, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to grow.

    One reason businesses refrain from going digital, especially smaller businesses, is that it can seem like a very time consuming and daunting challenge. After all, with so many businesses prevalent on social media, how can your company stand out? After initial setup of your social media profiles, pay attention to popular trends and use them as a way to garner attention and advertise your products. Setting up your social media might not seem straightforward, but if you can tap into what is going on online you’ll see a huge boost for your business.

    5 Ways Social Media Can Benefit your Jewelry Business

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    1. Content to Show Off Products

    Among the many products available, jewelry is one of the best suited to online marketing through social media. Since these outlets allow you to show off products in a way that traditional online marketing can’t,

    using photos and videos gives you the opportunity to show jewelry pieces from multiple angles so consumers can inspect pieces before they buy. Not only will it give them confidence in the quality and beauty of a piece, but it encourages brand loyalty and makes your company seem forthcoming about product details and specs. After all, as consumers become pickier about what they buy, they will typically return to brands they know they can trust.

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    Don’t use static images to share how your products—platforms such as Vine allow you to create short videos, so you can show off the best parts of your products. You can also post videos of how jewelry pieces are made, how the design process works, and how to pair certain pieces with outfits and hairstyles.

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    how social media can benefit your jewelry business

    2. Engage with Your Customers

    One of the best aspects of social media is the ability for businesses to effortlessly engage with customers. Modern consumers want to feel like their concerns are being heard by the companies and businesses, so using Yelp and Facebook as platforms for comments and messages can help you address issues and answer questions right away.

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    Social media is also an effective avenue to engage with consumers for positive reasons too. Encourage customers to engage with your brand by posting photos of themselves wearing your pieces, highlight repeat customers, or host challenges and Q&A forums, will encourage further interaction. You can also promote consumer feedback and reviews that will be posted directly on your Facebook page and your main website. By generating this content on a regular basis, you will create goodwill with your customers and ensure they’re consistently informed of new information and products.

    Social media platforms encourage a more personal sense of interaction, and they are an ideal way to share information from other sources about the latest trends and styles. Twitter is especially useful as a source, as you can give followers a peek at an interesting article or trend and then encourage them to visit your website or blog for the full scoop.

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    3. Let Fans Share for You

    Customers are highly influenced by their friends and family when it comes to buying decisions, and word-of-mouth has always been a huge driving force behind sales. You can take advantage of these consumer habits and use them to achieve even more sharing and posting of your products on social media.

    By sharing information about your products on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, you are giving customers the chance to learn about your jewelry and share information and images for you. With just a simple button click your customers can pass on the information you’ve shared with them and expose their entire list of family and friends in a convenient, effortless way.

    When it comes to jewelry businesses, Pinterest is by far your biggest ally for sharing product information. Not only do Pinterest keep track of the items they some day hope to buy, but they are more likely to “pin” your products which shares items quickly with all of their friends and family. These pins also easily link back to your main website or other social media accounts to give new customers a better look at what you have to offer.

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    4. Encourage Visits to your Store

    While this final tip is geared to brick and mortar locations rather than online businesses, using social media as a tool for getting people to come and visit your storefront combines the online and physical stores and gives consumers more options. You can run specials and post printable coupons that are exclusive to your physical store to give your social media followers a reason to come in to visit and ensure customers feel more special for getting access to exclusive deals.

    Once they’ve entered your store, there’s another opportunity for advertisement, as many people also like to tag themselves when visiting locations. By allowing customers to show their friends where they got that new funky necklace or elegant pair of earrings, you create additional buzz for your store and show its location instantly. Offer an incentive for customers visiting your store to ensure they “check-in” on social media and share your store information with everyone they know.

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    5. Take Your Jewelry Business to the Next Level

    Setting up social media extensions for your jewelry business can seem like a hassle, but without a strong social media presence, you could lose opportunities to gain new customers. The best approach to growing your business is expanding your online presence one platform at a time.

    Focusing on one social media platform at a time can keep you from becoming overwhelmed while still allowing you to generate content consumers will be interested in reading and interested in sharing. Establish your online presence with social media to boost your jewelry business and expand your target audience.



    Amy Trotter is a jewelry designer and freelance writer from Los Angeles, California. Combining over 15 years of experience in the jewelry industry, she has worked with many business and provided custom jewelry designs for her clients. When she is not busy working, she enjoys painting and reading.