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SEO Facts Business Owners Overlook

SEO Facts Business Owners Overlook

Here’s my Top SEO Facts Business Owners Overlook. Many business owners need to know these SEO facts that will set the record straight.

It’s 2020 and a LOT has changed in SEO.

There’s no way to expect business owners to keep up with Google’s updates.

Business owners are busy running their businesses.

The majority I meet do not know much about SEO or have been burned in the past. So here are my personal favorite 8 SEO tips I discuss with business owners:

1. SEO is NOT a One-Time Purchase

SEO is like playing a game of chess but it’s a game that never ends!

To play chess, one must learn the rules and how each chess piece moves across the board. Your first time playing chess will be difficult because it takes a long time to master. Just like SEO, there are rules and strategies. You know chess is NEVER a fast game. SEO is not a fast process and requires a lot of skills, work, and strategy. There are novice chess players and seasoned experts. I hope this analogy helps. (I like to play chess can you tell)

SEO Facts Business Owners Overlook
SEO Facts Business Owners Overlook

Overall, SEO is a long term strategy. If you quit updating your website, building domain authority, building quality backlinks, and optimizing your website – Your competition will outrank you.

2. SEO is NOT a Luxury Service – it’s a Requirement for Success

If your website is not working on its SEO, it will fail. Your competitors most likely have an SEO expert working on their website. You, on the other hand, do not and therefore can expect to never have your blog articles discovered.

SEO Facts 2020

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3. You Cannot Simply Publish a Blog Post and Expect it to Rank

Post and pray simply does not work anymore.

You have to promote your content. Your website needs to be shared on social media and it needs backlinks from quality websites. In fact, if your website does not have domain authority, your content will most likely not appear in first page results. This is where SEO comes in strong, you need to optimize your site and earn Google’s trust. You should put as much time into promoting your content as you did to create your content. Over time, your content will rank once the page has strong authority. It’s not an overnight process. If you blog, make sure you’re promoting – otherwise it can be a waste of time. When you’re ready to make some updates to your SEO, I have also written some SEO Tips that Work on ALL Websites.

For example, this post:

  • I will place it on related SEO tip blog posts as related content
  • Email it to subscribers
  • Share it in social media platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram
  • Use the right hashtags in social media for example hashtags to promote your jewelry business
  • Share on web 2.0 sites
  • Contact other bloggers to add a backlink
  • Share it again as stated above
  • Work this into future blog posts
  • Make a YouTube video (I made one and embedded it into this post / share the video / do YouTube SEO)
  • Could make an infographic (see mine below) – share it on Pinterest – other social media
  • Include it in your email signature
  • Update this blog post with new information
  • Respond to blog comments

4. Blogging needs to Be Lengthy – No weak 300-word Blog Posts

Think about the last time you Googled how to do something – or a product review. Most likely the post has over 1200 words and goes in-depth. Meaning it will rank for multiple keywords about the topic. Let’s say I look up a review for a Tesla Model S, I want to know what it’s like owning one – features I’ll love – photos – etc. 

SEO Facts Business Owners Overlook

5. Your Keywords Need to Be on Your Website

Many business websites do not have enough text on their pages.

My favorite of the SEO Facts Business Owners Overlook! This is something I always have to educate my SEO clients about. People will want me to optimize a website, but they might not like the text I add to the website. You can’t just have an image and a tiny paragraph. It might look pretty but Google needs more info if you want to compete with other websites. Check out your competition.

You simply can’t just have a page that says you are a surfboard shop in San Diego. You need to point out what makes your surfboards the best – how you’re different – show the process of how your boards are handmade, have testimonials from local surfers – video of your boards in action! – go in-depth, more content is needed! The perfect landing page must entice the user and convert them. Google needs text to understand what the page is about. And your keywords along with related keywords need to be there. I can’t rank a page if your keywords are never there. Also, it’s important not to keywords stuff your articles. That being said, only an SEO expert will know how to properly optimize your website. 

6. Speed-Up Your Site

There are over 200 ranking factors and website speed is high on the list! Think about it from a user’s perspective. If the site is slow, they’re hitting the back button faster than you can say “bananas”. So, please be sure to optimize your images, use a CDN, and the W3 WordPress plug-in. Here’s how to speed up your site.

how to make website fast loading

7. Get an SSL Certificate

Many web browsers will show frightening caution screens before entering an unsecured website. NOT a good impression for your readers and potential customers! There are free SSL certificates from Cloudflare. Many hosting companies will talk you into spending a TON of money on their SSL certificates and will call you about them often.

cloudflare ssl

8. SEO is Not Cheap

As mentioned, SEO takes a LOT of work. You have an entire chessboard game in action. You can hire a novice or an expert. Just like playing a game of chess, it’s usually the expert that wins the game! I’m transparent in the industry, providing my SEO pricing here.

BONUS SEO Facts below the info graphic!

Thanks for reading: My TOP SEO Facts Business Owners Need to Know

SEO Facts Business Owners Overlook

Copy and Paste this code to embed this inforgraphic:
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Kudo for you scrolling down to see the bonus SEO fact:

9. SEO is a Profitable Long-Term Strategy!

OK, SEO is not cheap – however it’s cheaper than paying for every click from Google ads.

You would much rather spend money on SEO and gain long-term traffic than quick short-term traffic.

Once you have an established blog or even a blog post that has gone viral, thus gaining quality back-links, you’ll be profitable in the long-run.

You may create evergreen content that is better quality than your competition and makes you an authority in your industry.

Are there any SEO tips you recommend to add to this list?

Want to see more SEO tips for 2020? Check out Brian Dean’s – SEO in 2020: The Definitive Guide. It’s a great read!
Let me know in the comments.

How to Make Website Fast Loading

How to Make Website Fast Loading

how to make website fast loading

How do I speed-up my website for free?

I recommend you do the following:

Look at my results on the Pingdom Website Speed Test! https://tools.pingdom.com/

First setup your Cloudflare CDN:

Follow the steps on this website:

Speed Up Your WordPress Website in 5 Minutes.

CloudFlare is a 100% FREE CDN that makes your website warp speed FAST! + FREE SSL Certificate. 😮

Let’s make your website faster than a NASCAR….for FREE! Yay! 😁 😄 😀

It’s totally true and it’s how this website is now faster than ever before.

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I recommend you run over to Cloudflare.com and sign up.

All you need to do is log into your hosting account and update your name servers. They make it so ridiculously easy. Copy / paste, wait a moment for your site to update, and you’re done.


You also get a “https://” secured aka encrypted website!

Everyone has been crying tho their momma about making sure their website is https://

Don’t worry, your kids are safe on my website 😅

cloudflare ssl


What I LOVE about Cloudflare:

  • It’s FREE (who doesn’t like that? Come on!)
  • My sites are now encrypted
  • Fast CDN (content delivery network)
  • Cloudflare has helped me save 2 GB in the last month
  • Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website
  • They’re making the internet safer
  • A fast solution for my clients seeking “a little lock”🔐 on their website

You will also want to install the plugin: Really Simple SSL

This ensures your website is coming up with the SSL certificate and helps rewrite any http urls to https. This way you don’t end up with mixed content and a broken lock on your url.

Not ready to make the switch to a “https” website?

I wish you’d make the switch, but hey I got ya. There’s some nifty (who uses the word nifty anymore?) WordPress plugins that can speed up your WordPress website.

Try these free wordpress plugins to speed up WordPress sites page load time under 2 seconds. No matter what host you use and without using a CDN. No paid Services.

Free Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Website for faster page load time and SEO that actually work and they’re easy to use.

Fun fact: Speeding up your website will make it rank higher in Google

This is the quickest method how to speed up your wordpress blog using free WP plug-ins. This will only take you under ten minutes and you will see improvements in speed of your wordpress website.

First of all, congrats on making an effort to fix your slow website. There’s so many slow websites out there that drive people crazy. If your blog is using the WordPress platform, it’s not uncommon to experience a gradual slow down in page load time and responsiveness. The bigger your website becomes and your bad habit of constantly installing new plug-ins, WordPress can get cray sluggish.

However, every WordPress website needs a little maintenance for page load time. Here’s how to get your slow blog back up to speed. Ideally, you want to have a WordPress site that loads fast under 2 seconds. Let’s make it happen. 😉

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Next, install W3 Total Cache

Follow all these steps: https://bloggingwizard.com/w3-total-cache-cloudflare/

Remove plugins you don’t need! The less the better!

The types of plug-ins that slow down your site are usually: Jetpack, and most related content plug-ins.  Delete them if you can handle it. Don’t be a wimp.

Gzip Compression

Gzip compression makes a noticeable difference.

Enabling Gzip compression is as simple as copying / pasting some code in your .htaccess file found here: https://varvy.com/pagespeed/enable-compression.html

You will need to have access to your .htaccess file found on your root directory

Speed up your Website NOW

Now that we’ve stripped down and cleaned up your slow dirty website, now we can place the right plug-ins and get to action. Install these now.

Free Plugins to Speed Up Your WordPress Website:

  1. W3 Total Cache
  2. WP Optimize

There’s lots of posts that claim to speed up your WordPress website, however you only need to install these four to see a big difference. Remember, overall the less plug-ins you have, the faster your page load time.

After you install the plug-ins, test you page load speed at http://tools.pingdom.com/

Thanks for reading more about Free plugins to speed up your WordPress website.

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Ready to make your website lighting fast? I can help you. Don’t forget, I’m an SEO expert in San Diego, ready to help optimize your website. Contact me today for a quote.


You Need to Be Collecting Email Addresses

You Need to Be Collecting Email Addresses

Email marketing is still a must for business websites and even blogs.

There have been many claims email marketing is dead but guess what?

In fact, email marketing is still alive and doing well.

Heck, email marketing is still kicking butt for many businesses.

You Need to Be Collecting Email Addresses

Why should You Collect Email Addresses?

Numero uno – your email marketing is the only platform YOU have 100% control.

That’s the sad truth. If you’re familiar with all the wonky algorithm updates on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you know it’s true.

Second, an email address is still a great piece of contact information to reach your audience. Many people still check their email in the morning simply by skimming, deleting, reading, and opting to read later. Guess what? Just seeing your brand in their inbox rents a few seconds in that person’s mind.

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Many people that visit your website are simply in research mode and not ready to be a customer – you need to keep in touch with them and reel them back in with email campaigns.

People don’t even need to read your emails for them to be effective.

They see them, think about you and carry on – or engage with your email. It’s a win-win.

As long as you’re not spamming them or being annoying with daily emails, email marketing is effective!

Heck, I get emails daily that I subscribed to years ago, some as way back to ten years ago. Do I unsubscribe? Yes but only if they’re annoying! Honestly, I don’t mind an occasional email. It shows your brand is alive and “keeping relevant”.

Third, people are not ready to do business with you. They subscribe because they like your services or products online, but they’re not ready to go forward. They’re waiting for a coupon or waiting to learn more; they’re simply in research mode. It can take as little as a few emails or even a dozen to get an email subscriber to convert into a lead.

How Do I Collect Email Addresses?

I recommend you use one of the following 100% FREE platforms using WordPress, you can add: Sumo Email Capture (the one I use on this site) or Bloom Email Optin by Elegant Themes. These two options simply help you collect email addresses in a pretty and functional platform. Design options such a popup that appears in the lower screen, content unlocks, ebook signups, and more! Next, you’ll need a place to create emails, especially automated emails hence the next step…

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1 -Example of SUMO email capture
2 – Example of Bloom’s email capture
3 -Example of MailChimp’s email capture

How Do I Send Emails to My List?

My recommendation is the 100% free MailChimp. You can use this as an all-in-one email marketing solution by also using it to collect emails like Sumo and Bloom, but they’re not as pretty…yet! MailChimp is great at sending pretty emails using templates anyone can easily use. You can create an automated email response that drips scheduled emails. Or you can simply send out an email blast. Even better, have an automated email sent to your subscribers when you publish a new blog post.

What Do I Send to my Email Subscribers?

Sales – coupon codes
HOT New items for sale
Brand new blog posts
Updated features added to your products / services
How-to guides for your products
News about your business
Happy Birthday Deals
There are so many possibilities


Do not ever buy an email list!
NEVER send emails every day!

The reason, you’ll get flagged for spam! This can affect your future emails!

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Looking to hire someone to get your website started collecting emails?

I’m happy to help add email marketing to your website! I can set up a beautiful email opt-in, set up automated emails, a list of drip emails and more!

Final thoughts

Email is here to stay. You Need to Be Collecting Email Addresses! Don’t rely on social media alone! We have no idea what their platforms algorithms have planned. You’re showing up one day, the next day – you’re nowhere to be found.

How Often Should I Blog

How Often Should I Blog

how often should i blog

How often should I blog?

Frequently, but updating your blog posts is better in my opinion!

I get asked this daily question:

Or,heya Jen, how often should I update my blog posts?

Most common question I’m hearing for SEO in 2020.

The simple truth:

The more frequently, the better!

This tip is crucial for SEO in 2020.

Blogging frequency is so important, I included it in my Top 5 SEO Tips.

If you’re not updating old content, you’re missing out on traffic.

It really is plain and simple as that!

Why I now prefer updating my old content than posting new blog posts

You put a lot of time writing your blog posts and not all, but many are your bread and butter for getting traffic on your website! These top ranking blog posts slowly lose their appeal in google search results.

Perhaps you’ve had a blog post that was getting a thousand views a day from google search results, but now it only receives less than thirty! You can  refreshen these blog posts and make them great again!

It’s actually easier than thinking 🤔 of new content for a new blog post.

Besides, the blog posts that were getting a lot of traffic were from posts you put a lot of effort into and probably enjoyed writing,

Here’s my analogy of blog freshness

Did you know your blog freshness and SEO go hand in hand?

You need lots of great high quality content and it needs to be pruned like a rosebush 🌹 by updating the content, adding new information, not just creating new blog posts.

Don’t let your rosebush become overgrown and uncared for 🥀 .

(Did you like my analogy? Hopefully if you do have rosebushes and a green thumb, you go out and tackle that chore today too. – wear gloves🧤)

If you want to drive traffic to your site I’ll tell you the trick for combining blogging frequency for SEO benefits. (below) 😃

how often should i blog for my business

It’s true, blog posts that rank well in Google have these five traits in common:

  • Blog updated often
  • High-quality content
  • Sharable content
  • Fast loading
  • Mobile friendly
  • In-depth content
  • Great user experience

If your blog has all 7 of these characteristics, your blog is going to be booming with traffic! Unfortunately, these 7 traits take a lot of work to make happen.

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Just getting “into the mood for blogging” can sometimes be your biggest obstacle!

Just dive in there 🏊‍♀️ already!

Content to add to old blog posts:

Just adding new content is great. 👍 Adding updated content that’s newsworthy is even better! The recommendations below not only update your content but also enrich it for a better user experience. I recommend you add some of the following that may apply to your blog post or page:

  • Images – maybe an update on your progress using a product
  • FAQ Schema – Adding new related questions with answers
  • In-depth content – Naturally sprinkle in related keywords
  • Videos – Embed your Youtube Videos into the related content
  • Add a story – If appropriate write why you wrote this post
  • Add related links to higher authority sources
  • Add bullet points – such as what you’re reading 😉
  • Add H2, H3, H4, tags to break up your text and add readability
  • Freshen up the Meta description

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You need to blog as often as you can (keeping quality in mind)

Don’t blog for the sake of having a new post

As a matter of fact, STOP publishing short blog posts. Google calls short blog posts “thin content”. There’s not much text for google to “grab on to” and analyze. Adding more text creates a more in-depth blog post, making you look like an expert! Not only that, but your content also becomes more trustworthy too!

When someone finds your blog post that answers their question and many more related questions, they may actually bookmark and share your page.

If your blog post does not have all five traits, you’re just going to be wasting your time and your dedicated reader’s time. Your blog post most likely won’t rank well in google either.

When you take the time to write a new blog post, you want to make sure it lands on google’s first page. Taking your time to write a well-written blog post that someone will actually learn something from and want to share – that’s your best bet. If you can make this happen, run wild and update daily! If you can’t, take your time with your blog post, even work on it throughout the week to develop the blog post into that high-quality slam dunk.

How often you should update your website's blog

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The trick for combining frequent blog post updates For SEO benefits

It can be overwhelming cranking out a fresh new blog post every day, so don’t! Just rewrite/update the old ones. I have some tips on how you can combine a frequent blog post strategy for maximum SEO benefits.

  • Blog about one main keyword and naturally add long-tail keywords – Let your blog post have one specific question and answer it from all aspects. This helps you concentrate on one topic rather than getting overwhelmed about sub topics.
  • Link to related content in your blog post – If you have a blog post about “How to use instagram for your local business” write another blog post “10 Creative ways how to use instagram for your business.” Now link these blog posts together and you’re cooking with fire!
  • Go “in depth” on one topic – As you see on this blog I have many posts about instagram, this casts a wider net for SEO. The more content I have about the topic, gives me my website authoritative points for being a social media maven.
Why You’re Not Getting Search Engine Traffic

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Websites that update often, (once a week) sends a ranking factor to Google to come back and crawl your content regularly. This can help your other blog posts gain momentum and boost their ranks. I have also experimented by slightly rewriting an old blog post and republishing it – changing the time stamp. The blog post that was once old was new again and gaining lots of blog traffic like it once did.

Stale content?

Yuck! 🤢 Who left that blog post in the refrigerator for two years?

Ya, it’s kinda like that. Joking. Ok I admit that analogy was lame.

You need to take those blog posts out of the refrigerator and make meals out of them or throw them away (delete them if they’re outdated and not helpful)

Blogs that have not updated in a long time (1 year or more) usually see a decline in blog ranks. However, this is not the case if your content is being shared on social media! If you’re constantly promoting your content, you might even see an increase in traffic.

I hope I helped answer how often you should blog for your business. Remember, the more high quality content you have, the better chances you have receiving organic google traffic to your website. Having a blog that has hundreds of high quality posts also ensures you gain a boost in website traffic. Overall, a good rule of thumb is to publish/update at least one high quality blog post a week.

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Difference of opinion

There are many set blogs that recommend publishing new posts daily. Sure it seems amazing, but may not fit with your website. If you have a news website such as a health news site, yes you should update often. However, if you’re a small mom and pop donut shop, you’re probably not going to update daily.

“But I don’t have time to be blogging or updating old content.”

Well guess what? I do have the time to update your blog posts… hire me already! (I’m an SEO expert in San Diego.)

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BTW. Thanks for reading.

Got questions? Leave me a comment down below!

How to Promote a Jewelry Business on Social Media

How to Promote a Jewelry Business on Social Media

How to Promote a Jewelry Business on Social Media

Got a jewelry business?

Here’s How to Promote a Jewelry Business on Social Media.

Social media marketing is a popular way to get leads and make more sales for different types of businesses. It can be a great opportunity for a jewelry business to reach the right audience as well. In this post, you will read a few tips on how to promote your jewelry business on social media.

1. Find The Right Platform

There are many social media networks, and each one has a different audience. Also, they may require a different type of content. The first thing you need to consider is where you can find your existing customers. You can simply ask them or do your research on different platforms. If you are a beginner in this business or don’t have enough information, you can check the profiles of your competitors on social media.

how social media can boost your Jewelry Business

The most popular platforms on the internet that work well for B2C are:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

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You can consider video-based platforms like YouTube and TikTok. However, you want to focus on one platform at a time, and it would be a good idea to start with the one that you can find the most customers in your area. Then, you can target people with similar demographics with your content or any advertising campaigns.

jewelry on instagram

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2. Create Your Profile

The next logical step is to create a business profile. You can use the name of your business or a personal account, but you need to make people understand that you promote your jewelry business. 

You will need:

  • A small description
  • Images of your brand
  • A link to your website or store page

If you will create content in your niche or engage with other people, some users will check your profile. They should be able to learn more information. For example, if you have a Facebook page, you can fill in the requested information of Facebook. In platforms like Instagram and Twitter, just say a few words about your business and add a link to your profile. Every platform will give you some space to write a few words.


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Hashtags for Jewelry
Copy / Paste Hashtags you can use on your jewelry posts

3. Publish Content

Your followers want to read your updates and your content, so it’s an opportunity to add value and promote your products.

People expect to check a few available products and learn information relevant to this niche when they follow a brand in the jewelry industry. It would be best if you had a combination of posts that add value and promotional posts.

Your followers must not feel that you only try to sell.

The two most important factors of a successful social media marketing campaign are the quantity and quality of your posts.

It takes good quality and regular posts. Users on social media networks see hundreds of posts on their feed every day.

By increasing the number of these posts, you have more chances to get their attention. Of course, the quality of a post increases the chances of getting more engagement and clicks.

jewelry photography

4. Engage With Your Audience

Social media is not only about posting your content and your promotions, but you need to communicate with your audience and build relationships with your followers. There are two types of engagement that will help you to get better results in the long-term.

First, you need to go to other people’s posts that are relevant to a jewelry business and do a few likes, share interesting posts, or leave comments to start a conversation. When you have a new account, it is a powerful way to get some attention. 

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If you are active on social media, many people will check your profile, like your posts back, or follow you. It’s a game of numbers.

The more you engage in other people’s posts, the more people will visit your profile. Creating a daily routine that you invest some time in making a few likes, and leaving a some comments would be a great beginning.

The second type of engagement is to reply to any comments on your posts, make mentions of followers, or thank them for following you.

You need to reply to every comment that makes sense. It makes your posts look more active and can motivate more users to take a closer look.

5. Create Offers Only For Social Media

If there are potential benefits for your followers, it’s more likely for your account to attract more followers and motivate them to read your posts. There are many types of offers that could help in this part.

jewelry hashtags marketing

For example, you may give a few coupons with discounts or make contests with a freebie. Contests work very well on the internet because people love free things. In many cases, there are requirements for the participants like following your account, sharing a post, mention a few friends and more. They can help you to advertise your brand and get more engagement at the same time.

6. Watch Your Competitors

The best way to stay updated with the new trends and adopt a successful social media marketing strategy is by checking your competitors regularly. You can visit the best social media accounts in the jewelry niche of your city, and check their strategy. 

They can give you important information like what types of content work well, what products they promote, and how they communicate with their followers. The chances are that if something works for a competitor, it can work for you as well. Of course, you don’t want to steal their posts, but you can create new ones on similar topics.

how social media can boost your Jewelry Business


Social media marketing can help you to increase jewelry sales. However, you need some consistency in your actions. The best approach would be to decide how many hours you can create content and engage with other people per day. Then, just follow the plan.

Soon, you will start getting more followers, engagement on your posts, and clicks on your links. Lastly, you can consider getting a few tools that could help with the scheduling of your posts or hiring a social media manager to handle some of the tasks.

Thanks for reading How to Promote a Jewelry Business on Social Media. If you have any questions, please leave me a comment.