About Me

jen ruhman

Hi, thank you for visiting my website. It’s my pleasure that I can help you learn something new online or answer any questions you “Googled.” I’d love to help you with your blog’s design, SEO, and social media.

My background

Upon graduating from Platt College, I have been working in the beautiful city of San Diego as a graphic and website designer for the past ten years.

Fortunately I have had great opportunities working for large and small companies where I acquired many skills and achieved many professional goals. I am truly thankful for my journey and always having the luxury being able to work from home.

I have many creative hobbies including photography, photo editing, baking, makeup artistry, trying new restaurants, gardening, floral arrangements, creating beauty products, video production, creative writing, watching stand up comedy, and I love technology. I’m always using my skills for creative problem solving in the tech realm for coding and developing websites.

My hunger for knowledge has enabled me to become a successful blogger. I enjoy writing both technical business articles for Hyphenet, and I’m also a beauty blogger at EleganceandBeautyReviews.com and vlogger. You may have seen me featured in The New York Times and Platt College.

I’m passionate about helping people with their websites and social media!